Friday, June 23, 2006

IG Report on DHS' Appalling Catch and Release Statistics

I was reading the Minuteman site tonight and they had posted the Inspector General's 'Detention and Removal of Illegal Aliens' report. It was discretely released with no press release on a Friday.

You can read the PDF here. I am amazed no mainstream media has reported the shocking facts in this report. Catch and release is still HUGE. It's a disturbing document and a shame it has received very little coverage.


Always On Watch said...

My computer balked at downloading the pdf file, but I found this at a related article at Front Page Magazine, referenced at the Minuteman site:

The report reveals that 45,008 aliens from countries on the U.S. list of state-sponsors of terror (SST) or from countries that protected terrorist organizations and their members (SIC) were released into the general public between 2001 and 2005, even though immigration officers couldn’t confirm their identity.

Even worse, “it is not known exactly how many of these SIC and SST aliens were ultimately issued final orders of removal and actually removed, since such data is not tracked” by the Detention and Removal Office of Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE), the report said.

The report estimated that 85% of those released aliens “will abscond,” even if deportation orders are issued.

Do the math. That means that more than 38,000 individuals from Iran, Iraq, Syria, Pakistan, Saudi Arabia, and Yemen, whose identities could not be verified and who could be working for terrorist groups, are today roaming the streets of America.

Oh, that's just wonderful! We have no idea as to who or how many fifth-columnists are within the borders of the United States?

Cubed © said...

I just don't get it. There's something about Bush that just ain't RIGHT!

Given that he wants to create the North American Union, I understand why he refuses to secure the borders; I HATE it, but at least I can understand it.

But the plan for the NAU was supposed to include a security perimeter around Canada, the US, and Mexico precisely to prevent such things as - 45,000, you say? aliens of dubious motivation from entering any of the three countries.

You'd think that even Vicente would see the need for that, but NOOOOOOO, they're streaming into Mexico from everywhere, and now they are here. Somewhere.

Well, Bush gave his word to Vicente in March during their little planning session for the NAU that he would not secure the borders, and that's that. He's a man of his word.

What really makes me think Bush must be a bit addled is that when something good happens, like the death of Zarqawi (and several other deserving individuals), and people are just beginning to say, "well, maybe he's OK after all," then we hear that he has been sitting on something like the discovery of all those WMDs.

If that hand had been played right, he could have gained a lot of poll points. But NOOOOOO, he just seems to shrug it off as a big, fat, "so what. Old news."

Well, YEAH, "old news" to him, maybe, but it would have been nice to share with the rest of us in a timely manner.


Something about that man just ain't RIGHT!

friendlysaviour said...

In the UK, Ministers have lost their jobs over exactly the same issues.
This came about do to the publicity given when the Government were asked about prisoners released from jail,..foreign nationals, many of whom went on to re-offend, including the worst of crimes.
Usual white-wash followed, but some newspapers did make the public aware at least.

Always On Watch said...

I voted for GWB twice. But look at his stance on immigration! So I'm with Cubed: Something about that man just ain't RIGHT!