Tuesday, June 27, 2006

Islam and Human Rights don't mix

This report should come as no surprise, at least to those in the know... Malaysia, which in the memorable words of Mark Steyn, is one of the 'least worst' Muslim states on the planet, has an awful human rights record.

AFP -- Malaysia's human rights record has not improved since Prime Minister Abdullah Ahmad Badawi came to power three years ago, despite his promises of reform, the country's leading rights group said on Friday.

Suaram said that while hopes had been raised with initiatives such as an investigation into the much-criticised police force, there was no political will to tackle corruption and abuse at high levels.“ This is the third year of Prime Minister Abdullah Badawi's administration but his promises for democratic reform have not been translated into real substantive change,” it said in an annual report.

“Under the weight of multiple restrictive laws, there has been little substantial improvement in the fundamental rights to free speech, assembly and association.”

Suaram said that the royal commission into the police force, which heard allegations of torture of detainees, had simply fizzled out and that none of its long list of recommendations had been implemented.

“Despite the government's pledge to reform the police force, unlawful detention, use of detainees in custody, corruption and other forms of police misconduct remain extensive,” it said. “Deaths in police custody and deaths by police shootings continue,” it added. “The response by police officials has made them a laughing stock of the nation.”

Suaram highlighted the continuing misuse of the draconian Internal Security Act (ISA), which allows for indefinite detention without trial and which the government says is a crucial tool against terrorism.”

The ISA continues to be used against 'deviant' religious groups, document forgers, and threats of ISA detention have been raised against bloggers and even diesel smugglers,” it said.

The international watchdog Human Rights Watch also blasted Malaysia this week, accusing it of hypocrisy for calling for the closure of the US Guantanamo jail while holding scores of detainees without trial.

It called on Malaysia to either charge or release those held under the ISA, including alleged members of the regional terrorist group Jemaah Islamiyah (JI) which has been accused of a string of attacks in Indonesia.

It's all proof positive that Islam and Human Rights don't mix, and never will, no matter how well intended the alleged 'moderates' and other supposed reformers are. Islam is a rotten, twisted belief system that perverts and eventually destroys all that it touches. Malaysian maladies are but symptoms of this undeniable truth.

But don't expect the usual Human Rights chowderheads in Dar-al-Harb to pay much notice of Malaysia's massive hypocrisy. They're way too busy slamming the evil Bushitler and holding endless press conferences on Guantanamo.


Always On Watch said...

The double standard of the left is getting damned wearisome.

What will it take for the civilized world to wise up as to what Islam really is?

Denny said...

The more I learn about Islam, the more it scares the crap out of me. This religion seems bent upon conquest, just as it has done in the past. The bible talks about "doctrines" of Demons. I am persuaded that Muhammad received such help.

junn_yun said...

malaysia as you describe the "least worse" islam coutry in the world is because of it's large numbers of non-muslim supressing muslim. 60% of the population in malaysia is muslim. but they own only 15% of the economic pie...now you can imagine malaysia without non-muslim, nothing better off than other muslim countries.. oh ya,malaysia is NOT a islam country but a secular country by right. but DR.M self proclaim it is a islam country.

The Anti-Jihadist said...

Malaysia is secular? Hardly. The majority Malays are forever enslaved to tyranny (Islam) by accident of birth. They are supposedly 'guaranteed' freedom of religion in the constitution, but this is denied to them in allegedly 'secular' Malaysia. I have Malay friends, and I can assure you, not all Malays are enamored to the UMNO racist-supremacy system that holds sway in this country.

Malaysia the 'secular' state is not a free country. No freedom of religion for its majority, no freedom of speech, expression, or consciousness.

'Secular' or not is really a mute point. Malaysia is not a free country and Islam is largely responsible for that.