Thursday, June 01, 2006

It's Israel's Fault....

Late last night, I happened to catch a panel presentation by "Negotiators" for the Palestinians on CSPAN. It was a weird mix of Muslims and anarchists explaining why the Palestinians are in the mess they are in...It's all Israel's fault. You see, when Israel left Gaza, that caused all the chaos, the greenhouse destruction, the brewing civil war. All of it. Why they hardly mentioned Hamas at all. I think these guys work for the PLO or the PA, and they avoided the "Hamas problem" completely. It was like a circus. The anarchists would get up and babble stringing together euphemisms that have no meaning. In the end, they concluded Israel is to blame for the Palestinian corruption, murders and chaos. Yep, all Israel's fault that the Palestinians are murderers, thieves and slaves to Islam. Not a single questioner asked how these people even represent the Palestinians since they are NOT appointed by Hamas. It was truly pathetic. There is no negotiation partner in Palestine, just some clowns and murderers pretending they are legit. Where's the hook when you need it? Disorganized, deceptive, and an organizational wreck. That is what this group has become. Oh, and it's all Israel and the US' fault in case you were wondering.

I found the link page on CSPAN for the presentation, but when you try to link to the video, you get a page not found.

The Palestine Center Forum on Middle East Peace Process
A panel presents the Palestine Liberation Organization's political position on Israeli Prime Minister Ehud Olmert's efforts for peace with Palestine. Panel speakers include Maen Areikat and Khaled El-Gindy among others.
5/31/2006: WASHINGTON, DC: 1 hr.


European Kafir said...

This is exactly what I was refering to in one of my comments to Marks post (A warning to Osama bin Laden: Heed the lesson of history!).... just blame everything bad on the USA or Israel. How convenient.. since they are not going to burn flags (as a start for further, more violent actions...)...

Cubed © said...

"The role of victim is very convenient because it frees the self-declared victim from any responsibility, while providing a posture of moral superiority."

I saw this quote from Fleming Rose's article over at Liberty and Culture.

It's such an excellent illustration of Islam's eternal whining about how "It's not my fault."

Another resource on the whole "It's not my fault" tack ALWAYS taken by the poor, victimized Muslims is found, in great detail, in Daniel Pipes' book "The Hidden Hand: Middle East Fears of Conspiracy." He discusses the role of conspiracy in the Muslim mindset, and how it is conspiracies (directed by the Jews and carried out by their American puppets, of course) that keep them impoverished and unproductive.

Well, since it's a sin to look too closely at Islam as a source of their problems, they have to find something, or someone, else to blame for their failure as a society.

dag said...

Most Westerners can sit back and watch a million Sudanese starve to death because the Sudanese are "faceless." They don't register in the mind as real people in any deep emotional way because Sudan is off-limits to all but the most organised or slippery traveller. It's nearly impossible to enter Sudan to meet the people unless one is a member of an approved NGO. So who'd care about those people starving in Sudan?

The Palestinians, on the other hand, are everywhere, junkets in and out like flies. It's nearly impossible not to go to the West Bank if one has any desire at all. They will pay you to go and stay. Oh, the Pal.s are great friends. They'll fall all over you if you like them. And if you don't? Well, then it gets even better. More good treatment, more good stuff, more tours and junkets. They can't do enough to make you like them. And they become known, and well-known. Most people, watching the Pal.s on TV couldn't sit back and watch them starve to death the way we do with the Sudanese. We have to "help."

But the funny thing is that if you're there and you see people starve you get used to it right quick and it doesn't mean the thing. Some ideologues go to Palestine to establish their credentials and come back to establish a face for themselves with photos in hand of "friends." But they don't care about those people any more than I do. It's a dirty game they play on the Western public. Nobody likes more than a few dozen people. But everyone can hate a whole nation.

Let the Palestinians starve, even the children, and do nothing. They are the garbage people of Humanity, thanks in large part to the game the ideologues have played them. It's not a game of loving the oppressed, it's a game of looking good and having some adventure and makeing a name for oneself at the expence of those who are now so psychotic we must let them die out.

Let them starve. We'll get used to it.

friendlysaviour said...

Dag,.. so true!
The Sudan can perish and we pay no heed.
Our journals and newspapers are flooded with hand-wringing apologista for the Paleastinian "cause."
This makes us feel better as we cuss Bush and Blair for Iraq, and Israel for Palestinians mess. This makes us feel better as we fill our cars with mid-east oil, and tolerate the rising tide of anti-western pollution.
How can so many educated writers, deceive themselves and the public so much, and for so long?
What happened to the old saying, "you can only fool all the people.."