Friday, June 30, 2006

Latest taqiyya from Teheran--"Islam bans WMDs"

Anybody out there still worried about those irritating Iranians and their nattering nabobs of nukes? Well now, you can all relax! Some Iranian minister says that Islam bans WMDs, so no nukes for the jihadists of Iran. Golly, he said it, so it MUST be true! Now all us infidels can breath easy, right?

Iranian minister: WMD outlawed in Islam

JAKARTA, Indonesia (AP) -- An Iranian minister told Indonesia's vice president Tuesday that his country has no plans to develop nuclear weapons because Islamic law outlaws the development of weapons of mass destruction.

"Islamic doctrine does not allow us to produce mass destruction weapons or nuclear ones and the Iranian state is based on that principle," Zahedi told a news conference after meeting with Indonesian Vice President Jusuf Kalla.

He questioned why countries that have developed or used nuclear weapons continue to oppose Iran's nuclear research and development.

He called on developing countries to fight hand in hand against what he called "scientific apartheid."

Whoa, "scientific apartheid", now there's a soundbyte of propaganda par excellence. It's such a nifty term, plus it sounds a lot like Israel's so-called "apartheid wall", so it should really go over well with the "progressive" types and Iran's other friends in the west. Goebbels himself would be proud.

So, is this Iranian minister going to bother telling his brothers the Pakis that their nukes are a supposed "violation of Islamic principles"? Don't bet the farm on it.


Pastorius said...

Those guys are brilliant at knowing just how much they have to lie so that the leftists of the West can feel like they have cover for their anti-Semitism and anti-American hatred.

One of these days they will all come out of the closet. I'm looking forward to that day, even though it will be terrible in many ways.

MK said...

The Israeli's build a wall to keep from being blown to bits, Apartheid is cried, next thing, the leftists are crying, mean jews for protecting themselves.

This scientific apartheid thing will ring well with the sheehan/anti war crowd. It fits in with their 'rights' mentality, and soon they'll start braying, why can't the Iranians have Nukes, afterall Bush is the No 1 terrorist!!

I wouldn't be surprised if the buffoons will start calling for aid to support the iranians.