Saturday, June 03, 2006

The New Canuck Girls

How many of these canuck girls live off the state? Now with their husbands and brothers going away for a long time, the Canadian taxpayer can take care of them. Nothing like a little jizya with your plotting to murder the najis infidels.


friendlysaviour said...

Since 9/11, across the world,..instead of the mask of islam slipping off,.. we see the mask of islam , slipping on.
Now we are faced on a daily basis with images of masked faces, and mostly belonging to "cultural invaders" with the notion that they are innately superior.
It is creepy and sickening to have enemies of our heritage, (which they publicly state so many times) masked as a religion.
I have observed these masked women, who are supposed to represent their cultures "spirituality," and they and their consumer instincts are the same as any mid-riff showing European girl. They are symbols of their "religious Leaders" desire to oppress the host nation with confusing signals,that entrap and mislead. It is sickening to the soul, to see such false piety.
At least genuine hedonistic, un-religious behaviour is more honest.

eyesallaround said...

I saw some of these creatures shortly after 911 at the local park. I couldn't believe it. It was pretty shocking. I STARED and STARED and STARED, along with my 2 barking dogs. I believe it is important whenever you see something like this to make them feel ostracized and uncomfortable in any way possible without getting into trouble with the law:>) They need to know they are not welcome. Don't do business with them, smile at them, or talk to them.

friendlysaviour said...

e a a,..exactly.