Thursday, June 22, 2006

The Power of Lies--the Bernama Brigade

Bernama is the official Malaysian Government "information service". The following story is taken verbatim from their website's line commentary is necessary on this one. Read it and judge its merits, or lack thereof, for yourself:

American Media Asked To Dupe People, Destroy Islam, Says Expert

KUALA LUMPUR, June 13 (Bernama) — The American media is controlled by certain groups which plan to destroy the Islamic world, according to an American media expert.

Michael Collins Piper said a group of family and financial interests people in the United States were using the media to control government policies. “They will not be satisfied because Islam is the last religion standing in the way of the new world order,” he added.

Piper is the author of “The Final Judgment”, a book which provides evidence in support of the theory that former US President John F. Kennedy was assassinated in a combined Mossad/CIA operation.

He said all the major broadcasting networks, newspapers and magazines were controlled by tightly-networked families and financial interests people who had a global network and worked for the Bush administration.

Piper, who is also founder of the American Free Press website and The Barnes Review, said the war on terror was actually a war against Islam.

He said he wanted to be the “bridge-builder”, to show that not all Americans supported the Jewish-controlled Bush administration policy. He said the media in the US did not report true stories. For instance, the story of William Rodriguez, a former maintenance worker at the World Trade Centre in Manhattan, as it would open up a whole new perspective of the Sept 11 terror attack on the US in 2001.

During the press conference, Piper, a Puerto Rico-born, said the victims’ families were now forcing the government to conduct fresh investigations to find out the real truth of the tragedy.

On the fateful day, Piper said Rodriguez was talking to his supervisor when he heard a huge explosion from below the building believed to be from the mechanical room
where pumps, generators and air-conditioners were located.

“It was so powerful that the walls fell on us. Then, suddenly within minutes, another bang on top of the tower, the one where the plane crashed into the WTC, but it sounded totally different. “Two separate events, one at the basement and one on the top. I’ve been working there for 20 years, I know the difference between what comes from the bottom and the top,” he had said.

He said the two explosions showed there was an initiated plan to create what he believed a tragedy that was synchronised.

“I believe they had a plan to bring the building down at the same time the plane crashed into the tower. They wanted to weaken the base for that to happen.”

In the incident, Rodriguez, who had the master key to the North Tower staircases, unlocked the doors and led fire-fighters up the stairwell, aiding in the evacuation of hundreds of people who might have otherwise perished.



John Sobieski said...

We live in world of deception and there is no end to the deception. It's a joke on the West.

friendlysaviour said...

I can't buy this at all. I cannot believe that he hijackers and the CIA or whoever, where in such clo0se collusion to be able to pul;l this off.
Look, some dumbass Saudi gets just enough piloting skill to know how to fly in a straightish line, and to turn on and off the auto-pilot and the transponder.
Hew is flying towards the Towers at hundreds of miles an hour at very low level.
At that hight and speed it would be like driving a large ship, very
difficult to steer.
So here is this sorry fool whizzinga long at 500 miles an hour or so,..he suddenly sees his target and he has a few SECONDS to align the plane at ONE of the Towers, ..which one,.. any of them he can steer towards.
The second plane and pilot just have to hit the other Tower.
So was the pilot in the first plane in contact by radio with his CIA handlers, who steered him on in? pah!
Was the pilot telepathically controlled by psy-ops? pish!
Was ther someone at the end of the control links to the huge explosive charges need to demolish such a behemoth of a building?
AND, if the basement bomb went off BEFORE the plane hit, WHO the hell Synchronised the bomb then the crash? pish again!
If Dick Cheney is that CLEVER, he would not have to work for a living.
I can't buy that guys story. Such devastating events play tricks with the mind.