Monday, June 19, 2006

The Power of Lies

Another gem of truth about our enemies in the "Islamic Jihadist Republic of Palestine" from StrategyPage:

...Fatah, while out of power, is not out of ideas. Fatah has convinced most of the Hamas leadership to go along with a deal where would say it believes Israel has a right to exist. But then, as Fatah has done for over a decade, Hamas could continue to preach to its core supporters the need to destroy Israel. Fatah has shown that if you deny the lie loudly and often enough in English, the Western aid donors will ignore what is being said in Arabic. Until recently, Hamas insisted on saying the same thing in English and Arabic. Fatah has convinced them that this is foolish and counterproductive. Lying works much better.


friendlysaviour said...

The wonder of this, is not that Hamas and Fatah collude to pull the wool over our eyes, but that we never seem to recognise whats going on. They must think our politicians are dummies.

mts said...

I hate to tell you this, but our politicians are dummies. And since we live in a representative republic, by extension we can say that the general public is mostly composed of dummies.

If this sounds harsh, mind you that a tv show (which had quite a long run, for a game show on a second tier network) called Street Smarts stopped people on the street, asked them obvious questions, and had these people come up clueless.

Some say half of kids can't find India or China on a globe, and many have a problem finding the Pacific Ocean!

Hamas and Fatah can easily tell that if you give Yanks their X-box and singing competition shows, they won't care what else happens in the world. Our newspapers are in danger of extinction not because they're obsolete, but because Americans read headlines, and not the articles anymore.

And for this, we are dumb enough as a society to have the wool easily pulled over our eyes. Same reason they can fake an Israeli attack on a beach (with their own real bombs, killing their own poor slobs), then not worry about an outcry, since people's attention already moved on to who won today's ball game. We have gotten to have the attention span of a spastic Golden Retriever.

God help us.