Wednesday, June 07, 2006

Should Australia MSM Print Mo Cartoons?

Martin the crazy socialist/communist/anarchist that operates the IslamophobiaWatch site has been very successful flooding an Australian poll.

Should an Australian newspaper publish the Prophet Mohammad cartoon?
Vote here

Posted on Wednesday, June 7, 2006 by Martin Sullivan in Resisting Islamophobia, Australia | Comments Off

Here's is the poll results as of 1:30pm June 7th.

Now how did that poll get so lopsided? I guess all those Muslims sitting around at their PCs collecting the jizya have nothing better to do.

Vote if you want by visiting the wacky IslamophobiaWatch post here.


dag said...

Thjat's pretty funny. It looks like over 700,000 concerned people voted against the cartoons. Or, maybe one very neurotic jihadi. Well, if you can't get a date, why not vote a lot with that other hand.

Dinah Lord said...

You are pretty darn funny yourself, dag!

"if you can't get a date, why not vote a lot with the other hand?"

The neurotic jihadis strikes (or should it be strokes?)again.

Cheers - Dinah