Thursday, June 15, 2006

The West’s problems with Islam exacerbated by Bush’s determination not to identify the enemy!

9/11, a day that will go down in history as a ‘day of infamy’, should have marked a turning point in our dealing with the Islamic world. Alas, no such ‘turning point’ came about.

Instead, the President of the US, George W Bush, insisted that the US was not at war with the Islamic world. I dare say it was true – to a point. What he failed to say was its corollary: namely, that the Islamic world was at war with America, and by extension, the West!

That this was so should have been made clear to all Americans, and to all Westerners alike. It wasn’t. The result of this is that we now have fuzzy thinking on the war we are engaged in, fuzzy thinking on the problems we face, fuzzy thinking on the growth of Islam in the West, fuzzy thinking on how to tackle our enemy: Islam!

Make no mistake about it: Islam is our enemy. Islam represents all that is abhorrent to the West: coercion, lack of religious freedom, totalitarianism, and much else besides. But, as the West was built up on largely Christian principles, it is also the negation of the notion that Jesus Christ is man’s Saviour, man’s Redeemer. They say that Jesus Christ was not the Son of God; we say that He was! The West, as a civilization, has been built up on that notion.

No problem, you say. Let them believe what they will. Wrong! You are wrong, so wrong, to take this viewpoint.

Muslims have principles. Indeed, it may be said that they have very strong principles. And they fight for them. How many of YOU have principles that you will fight for? It would appear that Westerners have few principles they are willing to fight for; indeed, many Westerners are not sure what their principles are! And therein lies one of the major problems we face today: not knowing what the West stands for; and, by extension, not knowing what we must fight for.

Yes, all right, we have some vague notions of freedom and democracy. But let’s face it, they are just that: vague notions! How many people truly understand what freedom is, still less what democracy entails? Do we really understand both concepts? Freedom is not just being able to go on your favourite foreign holiday when you please; democracy isn’t just about voting for this handsome guy, or that one. No! It’s about more than that. Much more!

How is the West going to deal with the onslaught of Islam when Westerners don’t even know what they should believe in? In years gone by, Westerners knew exactly what they should believe in: in Judeo-Christian principles. But as churches have emptied, many people now know sweet little about Judeo-Christian principles, and care still less about them.

It may be said, in no uncertain terms I have to say, that we ignore our Judeo-Christian heritage at our own peril! Islam is knocking on our door; in fact, we have already let it in. And the religion is growing apace in the West; and make no mistake about it: it is DIAMETRICALLY-OPPOSED to EVERYTHING we stand for; and it is only biding its time to take us over. The sickness of out time is that ordinary folk have no understanding of what is going on!

It is my belief that George W Bush must shoulder a lot of the blame for this ignorance. For, in stubbornly refusing to apportion blame for the atrocities of 9/11 on Muslims, he has also brought confusion into the minds of many Westerners. Westerners, as a result, have little understanding of what motivates Muslims. To be fed the nonsense that Muslims are our friends is a lie. A damn lie! And Bush, unless he is stupid, knows that very well. Islam is our enemy. It has to be, for it seeks to destroy us.

Make no mistake about it: Islam is waiting in the wings; it is just ready to take us over. Do you think that Muslims don’t realize and understand that Westerners have little stomach for a fight? Have none of it! They perceive YOU as WEAK! Really weak! After all, look what we are allowing them to get away with!

Only this week, it has come to our attention that our bankers are allowing the ideas of Shari’ah banking to be put in place here in the West. Now, in the United Kingdom, Shari’ah banking is to be made available to Muslims and Muslimahs across the United Kingdom, on every high street. Imagine the uproar in the UK in the 1940s with headlines such as Nazi banking to be made available to Nazis by all high street banks across the United Kingdom! It would have been totally unacceptable to people then; and it should be totally unacceptable to people now, too.

In the States, shrines to Islam, our enemy, are to be built by the US Marines. Just how stupid and naïve is that? How many shrines to Christianity are there in Saudi Arabia? We are giving these people an importance above their station!

A war – and George W Bush tells us we are at war – has to be fought from a position of strength. Furthermore, for a war to be successful, it has to be fought in the right atmosphere. The enemy has to be - yes, wait for it – demonized! I make no apologies for the use of that word. We are either at war with an enemy, or we are not! It’s as simple and straightforward as that!

No war in history has been fought like this ridiculous war! We are trying to fight a war without demonizing the enemy. It cannot be done! Either we are at war, or we are not. To say that we are at war with some vague notion of terrorists is nothing less than absurd. Terrorism equates to the Jihad. Indeed, the Jihad is terrorism unadulterated. The Jihad is nothing more and nothing less than terrorism used for the furtherance of the cause of Islam. It is used to Islamize your country and mine. Make no mistake about that!

I am reading a very good book at the moment entitled Defying Hitler. In it, the author , Sebastian Haffner, talks about how the enemy was demonized during the Great War. He talks about France’s “lust for revenge”, England’s “commercial envy”, and Russia’s “barbarism”. That’s how to do it, folks! You cannot win a war when everything has been sanitized. Everything, today, must be‘sanitized’! No war has ever been so won! No war will ever be so won! Either we are at war; or we are not. It’s as simple as that! If we are at war, then we have to demonize the enemy.

President Bush, the day after 9/11, came on TV, almost embracing the Qur’an, stating that the US was not at war with the Islamic world. What he should have stated was that the Islamic world was at war with America and the West. And it still is. Indeed, the war has been intensified. Had he done this, we wouldn’t today be seeing the growth of Islamic banking in the West, the building of shrines to Islam in the US Marines, and we wouldn’t be in such a mess with Islam in general. President Bush! You have failed! You have failed miserably! You’ve had your chance, and you’ve blown it. Move over, Sir! Let someone else try and clear up your mess!

©Mark Alexander


John Sobieski said...

I wish Bush would read intelligent books on Islam rather some John Esposito novella. Of course he is surrounded by viper advisors like Fort, Norquist.

Until we have a President who reads and comprehends we are going to have a real problem with leadership.

Mark said...


I couldn't agree with you more!

friendlysaviour said...

Mark,.. another tour de force.
Our political leaders are so embroiled with the mid-east with regard to oil and finance, that they are unable to make clear-cut decisions and they remain vacillating in the face of mortal danger.
Will islam wait until we are prepared for their knock-out blows. No they won't. Never.
How big a step is it from Bradford uk? Where several known, and several unknown moslim youths mixed toxic chemicals in the bathtub, and then went on to kill themselves and over FIFTY innocent people with their simple but deadly bombs, on the London underground and bus transport system? Just a year ago. Many hundreds remain traumatised, or limbless and disfigured, and still no follow up arrests of those that helped these murderers.
Because moslims protect their own, because they all know that, even if they have a tiny bit of concience about the deaths these brutal nazi- moslim thugs did,.. these supporters of the armed and dangerous jihadic war against Democracy, (yes, right here in our midst,)... then these good moslims know that what these damned and despicable cold-hearted brutal killers did, was all part of the advancement of islam.
And so these black-hearts remain silent, and will do so again and again.
Wake up Britain, these are not the ira,.. a military political organisation with some set of rules of engagement, (although callous,and now renounced of their bombing campaigns,), these good moslims are capable of the most heinous of acts against humanity and are willing and able to die in their acts of barbarism.
We have to address our foolish beliefs instilled by our politicians, that islam is "all about peace.)
islam is all about blowing our Society to pieces, both in word and deed.
Now towns in Britain are twinning towns with those in Palestine!
Now we witness the "soft-campaign" as the mosques have open-days to show us stupid idiots that they are just like us,..nice and welcoming, why they even believe in Jesus!

Fools, fools,.. thats just what our leaders are teaching us to be.
The intellectual back-bone of the political elite, diseased as it is with so-called Socialist ideals and human-rights notions that only apply to those that it chooses, needs to be seen for what it is.

A sham. A dud. A load of codswallop.
Outdated commie-socialist apologists for terrorism.
Some talk tough, like David Blunket, Bush and Blair, but then go on to kiss the arse of the devils at the heart of the invasion of this new "Fifth Column," and then invite a few hundred thousand more unknowns into our midst by failing to secure the borders of our lands.
We are at war, but few know it.
If our leaders know it, they dare not say it.
Yes I can here some think that this is all racist hatred of a religios minority, well folks, have you got some catching up to do.
Just how much more killing will it take, on you doorsteps, to react with self-worth?
Didn't we all see those "peaceful" moslims with their placards last year, London!
"Behead the infidels"
"We are coming for you"
"Islam will be your master"
"Death to unbelievers"
Isn't it proof enough what the intention of moslims is?
THese banners carried by moslims, mostly youths, are the future, just as youths are the future, anywhere.
Do we believe that just because the police have temporarilly silenced these protesters, that they have gone away for good?
These youths are growing up, and growing stronger and may even be your neighbour.
And do they smile and say hello?
Of course a few older and more integrated elders, will have become settled with living amongst us,.. but are they the future? No of course not.
They are the past of islam.
Militant islam is on the rise and will use every method available to con us into believing the "peaceful"
We ignore the signs at our peril.

Always On Watch said...

I'm glad to see that Mark has also posted this excellent essay here!

Always On Watch said...

Addendum: Excellent comment from BLD!

Mark said...

Thank you, Always. And yes, isn't that comment from Bld wonderful?

KAOSKTRL said...

great stuff
can we figure out how to trade links or something?

Mark said...


Glad you liked it! :-)

Actually, I have your link on my website. It's been there for ages! Please take a look: A New Dark Age Is Dawning

Perhaps you'd be so kind as to give me a reciprocal link.