Friday, June 16, 2006

Who is Kofi kidding?

Shabbat Shalom to all our Jewish readers. Appropriately enough, I found an article today about Israel and the international double standard (not to mention daily rocket attacks from Gaza) that this embattled democracy must endure on a daily basis. This article by Gary Bauer is about the recent "beach massacre":

United Nations Secretary-General Kofi Annan is once again laying the blame for unrest in the Middle East at the feet of Israel after that nation responded to a series of rocket attacks from the Gaza Strip. During the Israeli retaliation, seven members of an Arab family vacationing on a Gaza beach were killed, and Annan was quick to condemn Israel, even though there was no confirmation of Israeli responsibility for their deaths.

Here is the text of his statement: “The Secretary-General is deeply disturbed at the killing of civilians, including women and children, on a beach in Gaza earlier today, reportedly by Israeli forces, and calls for a full investigation. He extends his condolences to the bereaved families of the victims. “The Secretary-General reminds all concerned of their obligations under international humanitarian law to avoid placing civilians in danger, while urging the utmost restraint to avoid further escalation and bloodshed.”

This statement is a total joke, but, unfortunately, Kofi’s not kidding. Surely, the secretary-general does not expect terrorists to abide by “international humanitarian law,” so that comment can only be directed at the Jewish state. Once again, there is zero mention of the context in which this tragedy occurred, and, once again, Israel is urged to show “the utmost restraint to avoid further escalation and bloodshed.” Where is the concern for Jewish women and children who are being subjected to random barrages of rockets launched by Muslim terrorists from Gaza ? Where are his condolences for the Israeli victims of Palestinian/Islamic terrorism?

Last month, American Daniel Wultz, a 16 year-old high school student from Florida, died of injuries he sustained in a Tel Aviv homicide bombing while visiting Israel with his family during Passover. Islamic Jihad proudly took credit for this attack, yet Israel is urged to “avoid further escalation and bloodshed.” The double standard is disgusting. No sovereign state would hesitate to respond to such barbarism, but Israel is forced to endure repeated calls to “exercise restraint” and to “stop the cycle of violence.” By the way, the Israeli government is pledging a thorough investigation, but Palestinian officials reportedly are not cooperating. As is often the case, the truth may not be so useful in the propaganda war against Israel. Nevertheless, the evidence now strongly suggests that this tragedy was the result of a straying rocket from some Muslim Palestinian terrorist group aimed at Israel!


Mark said...


There seem to be double standards evrywhere these days. Look at how the West allows the construction of mosques all over, yet in countries like Saudi Arabia, no church may be built. The same goes for schools, and propagation centres for the death cult that is Islam.

We are being ruled by double standards. But in answer to your question, 'Who is Kofi kidding?', the short answer is nobody with an ounce of intelligence. Alas, I fear he is kidding many just the same!

The fact is that Muslims are getting away with far more than they should because the powers that be in the West fear the prospect of even higher oil prices, and the loss of lucrative contracts from countries such as Saudi Arabia.

dag said...

Most members of the public in the West are still afraid to speak up in public to denounce Islamic terrorism. It's nearly impossible for the average Western citizen to bring himself to say out loud in a public place that Palestinians are murdering scum-bags who should be starved to death en masse. No, it's worse: most people can't even begin to think in the privacy of their own minds that Palestinians are so worthless that we shouldn't even care if they all die out.

Palestinians are a fad, a proxy used by some elitists to beat the public, and in short, Palestinians are garbage people none of us should give a damn about.

Screw the Palestinians.