Tuesday, June 20, 2006

With 'friends' like Pakistan, who needs enemies?

Asia Times Online recently ran this piece about what that alleged US ally in south Asia has been up to lately--namely stoking up support yet again for the Global Jihad:

This correspondent entered one of the shops (in Pakistan), where an action movie with noisy background songs was playing. The scene showed some Middle Eastern-looking youths with long beards surrounding a convoy and firing bullets and rockets.

"What are you watching?" "Jihad," replied one of the kids. "What?" (The reply was not immediately comprehensible.) "Jihad, jihad. Do not you understand 'jihad'?" asked the shopkeeper incredulously.

No word could better sum up the situation in this volatile area than "jihad".

The movie these Pakistani future jihadists were watching is shown above. Read the rest of this article here.


friendlysaviour said...

Well this article tells it all.
When the bearded old men say it's playtime, the AK's and Kalashnikovs come out of the cupboard, get oiled up and start shooting at anything Western.
Around the world, there is only one call that moslims all know. The call to arms, it is the same as the call to prayer.
They are interchangeable.
There will be only one solution eventually, fight them or perish.
The jihad knows no boundaries of State or Religion. The boys of Pakistan, Londinistan (spit) Afghanistan and now Egypt are quick and ready to respond to the words from the old mans crooked teeth, "jihad, jihad."
Take a look though at what OUR lazy coca-cola filled kids play on their X-boxes... War games killing terrorists,.. games like Grand Theft Auto, ..games that resemble being in a civil war!
moslim kids rehearsing their jihad, ..Western kids rehearsing the approaching war of survival.
When the coca-cola stops making our kids fat, and the power for their phones and X-boxes is no longer so assured, then perhaps they will look to their survival. They have been practicing long enough.

European Kafir said...

all i have to say is: hitlerjugend! instead of raising aryans, nazis... now 70 years later they are "producing" jihadists = terrorists.

some people never learn....