Sunday, July 09, 2006

BBC Bans the 'Dhimmis'

So what are we going to call them now? Traitors? Fools I think it is time to read 1984 again. It sounds so 'Orweillian' how the press has become the ally of the enemy.

From Islamophobic blog site.


Theway2k said...

Evidently speaking the truth about the enemy is "hate speech." 1984 indeed lives within slanted left thinkers.

Nazhif_Yusoff said...

I support the BBC in their decision to ban such erroneous hatred promulgated by their ignorant readers who really try to spread hatred rather than engage in constructive, productive, and thought-provoking debate. Of all the news networks that I watch or log-on to, BBC World is my first choice.