Sunday, July 23, 2006

The Criminal State

Funny and ironic, how states run by criminals are called 'Police States'.

I don't think Pedestrian Infidel has ever tackled the North Korean issue until now. The world's attention may be firmly fixed on the Middle East, but we should not forget the NoKo's and their charming prison state.

StrategyPage has an article from 2003 that still aptly sums up everything you need to know about the NoKo criminal state:

Heroin, atom bombs, ballistic missiles and counterfeit cash.

Plot elements in a schlock spy thriller? Actually, they're North Korea's premier exports, the tawdry trade items of a poverty-wracked nation whose ruling clique lives quite well on the profits of drugs, weapons, bribery and plain old criminal fraud.

At its iron and evil core, Kim Jong Il's North Korean regime is a criminal syndicate with a million-man army and now crude nuclear weapons.

It's also a frightened clique, whose latest nuclear tantrum has nudged its Asian neighbors closer to accepting the U.S. view that the regime cannot be reformed and a "containment and negotiation" strategic approach to Pyongyang simply gives the regime more time to deploy weapons of mass destruction. South Korea's "sunshine policy" of "generous engagement" was an utter failure, merely a cash cow for the North Korean regime.

North Korea's heroin escapades demonstrate the regime's calculated depravity -- and why it ultimately has no place in 21st century Asia.

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