Thursday, July 13, 2006

Jihad Resurgent

It's been an active week in the war, and the forces of Islamofascism are busy. Bombs in Kashmir and Mumbai, Operation Summer Rain in Gaza, and Hezbollah's assaults on Israel, with the Israeli counterstroke now in progress.

Those open minded and informed enough about the Global Jihad can see the common threads in all of these seemingly unrelated tales. Hamas, the Muslim Brotherhood, and Al Qaeda are acting in concert with the Shia side of the Jihad, namely Hizbollah and its sponsors, Iran/Syria. It's an operational alliance, a murderous union of Sunni and Shia thugs and murderers waging war against their enemies, the infidels, and specifically Israel.

Could the connection be any clearer? Gaza is under siege by the IDF, so the Shia of Hizbollah, the owners of southern Lebanon and a wing of the Iranian Jihad, launch a second front on behalf of their Palestinian brethren. Even the tactics are the same--rockets and the kidnapping of soldiers.

Now as Israel fights back on two fronts, the clock is ticking...on Israel. The longer Israel continues its counteroffensives in Gaza and now Lebanon, the greater the pressure on it from the US and the "international community" to implement a cease-fire and broker a deal (i.e. a prisoner swap) with the terrorists. If Israel can find, snatch and grab its kidnapped soldiers, namely through a commando-style operation, Israel can convincingly declare victory in this round of combat and pull back its forces. This would be the best outcome, for Israel and hence for our side in the war.

I hope Israel can manage this...and if any nation's armed forces can pull off a commando master stroke, it's Israel. But time is limited. The longer this situation drags on, the more the odds grow against the Jewish state.

Say a prayer for Israel tonight. Israel fights for its freedom and our own as well.


Always On Watch said...

What unites these various terrorist organizations is the ideology.

Meanwhile, "the international community" wants Israel to calm down. Of course, any such calming down would be appeasement. Israel already played that appeasement game, and we saw the results, which were escalating, before Israel finally decided to fight back.

John Sobieski said...

Bomb 'em back 100 years, not 20 Israel. It is the only thing the Muslims understand.

Always On Watch said...

Right! Muslims want to bomb us infidels back to the Stone Age.

Conan said...

Nuke Mecca. Nuke, well no not Terhan as there are lots of good people there...ah make it Damascus, I never like Syrians. Do it before Iran does it to Israel