Tuesday, July 25, 2006

Screw the UN

John Sobieski’s most recent post on the United Nations, and the cartoon I borrowed from Gates of Vienna, "United Notions", illustrate the UN's inherent anti-Semitic bent quite thoroughly. Those who hate Israel and those who detest the US are usually the one and the same. Once such basic truths about the UN are understood, it’s clear that the UN, as well as ‘reforming’ it, are hopeless causes.

Screw the UN. The UN started as a noble idea over 60 years ago, but it has been permanently subverted by tyrants, petty dictators, and above all, by Islam. The US and all freedom-loving countries desperately need an alternative mechanism or organization to advance the causes of democracy, human rights, and freedom around the world. Such an organization must exclude dictatorships (like China and Russia) and must also necessarily exclude any countries that possess majority Muslim populations and/or Muslim governments (like Turkey and Malaysia).

To this end, I call for a more-or-less permanent (and for the lack of a better name) “Coalition of the Willing”. For this Coalition, I hereby nominate for membership Japan, India, Australia, Israel, the United States, and Great Britain. The nomination of Great Britain is somewhat problematic. Great Britain used to be great and could be great once again. However, if the UK succumbs to the dhimmitude that is currently subverting its government, society and culture from within, the UK’s membership in the Coalition would have to regrettably withdraw.

This proposed Coalition’s primary mission would have to be the acknowledgement and the defeat of the Global Jihad, by any means necessary.


Conan said...

Wonderful idea. This is no pipe dream. I think about this a lot...just get out and start over. Kick the anti-Semites and crooks out of NY!!

niconoclast said...

Who needs the United Nazions?