Sunday, July 30, 2006

Why The Cheapest Methods To Protect America Are Ignored

It's sad really. Our political correctness and multicult disease dictates that we do not control our borders, that we name a war after a tactic, and insist Muslims be allowed to immigrate to America; in fact, they should be given preference for our past 'imperialism.'

Here we are protecting ourselves from complex incoming missiles and fight huge multibillion dollars wars to 'enlighten' the Muslims about 'freedom' and 'democracy.' Both have been follies, just like jizya 'aid' to Pakistan, Middle East, Indonesia, and Palestine. Much of it is stolen or used to fight against us and promote hatred of us, the despised infidels. At the same time,we let thousands of Muslims immigrate here to hate us, deceive us, plot against us, to breed, to spread da'wa to the disenfranchised or those with perceived grievances against society (prisoners, blacks, ignorant poor people and the 'elite' nihilists), set up milyets (Dearborn), and use our kindness and charity and government welfare and equal opportunity 'prefence' and job 'race quotas' to disproportionately infiltrate our government and institutions to plot against us.

It is so easy to create a massive terror event by only a few people who wish us great harm. I have thought about what a single person could do to create death and terror, and some ideas I came up with are downright scary. But we let them in because multiculturalism is better than survival of our way of life and society unity and identity. The West has a nihilistic mental disease - as Hugh Fitzgerald at JihadWatch says "Who are you gonna believe, me or your lying eyes?"

When we have a terrorist attack and they are found out to be let in through our inept and corrupt immigation system or they just walked across the border, I will know who to blame. I blame Bush. I'm a Republican, but Bush has turned out to be a Democrat liberal when it comes to immigration and protecting the identity of America.

It will happen again because our politicians refuse to control our borders and have an immigration system that discriminates against Muslims and the crud of the world.

Immigration to America and citizenship should be a privilege, a privilege you must work hard for, only for the best of the world, who aspire to be successful and assimilated, not the parasites and evils of the world by quota or just showing up for amnesty citizenship after sneaking across the border or overstaying their visa.

And to think, these reforms don't cost a red cent. They would save money. But they are not politically correct. It really is sad.


felix said...

As a start, any individual determined to be a radical islamist should be denied entry and, if already here and not a citizen, legally deported. Radical Islamists can no longer be allowed freedom of movement in the country. It is too dangerous. If legislation needs to be enacted to accomplish this then so be it.

We would have to define radical islamist--say an individual who believes in violent jihad and wants to establish sharia law for muslims living in the country.

Public discussion should focus on staight talk about the problem. Radical islam is something that is too big for our criminal justice system. We are at war with radical islam and we are afraid of this movement.

TempleofDiana1874 said...

Sometimes an individual can sum up a complex set of issues that are incomprehensible to the "ordinary" man in the street.
Sometimes an individual speaks the words that can condense and distill truth from the dross of deception and irrelevance of the popularist- politician's explanations of the shit a Nation can find itself in.

The Anti-Jihadist said...

Islam is the problem, not just radical islam. Wherever Islam exists, so will 'radical islam'. Non violent Muslims provide cover and concealment for their jihadist brethren simply by existing. Furthermore, these supposed non violent Muslims are really part of the problem. All Muslims tacitly support the Global Jihad in one or more of the following ways:
-They ignore it (head in the sand technique)
-They sympathize with the Jihadist cause, openly or in secret
-They apologize and make any number of excuses for their co-religionist thugs (blaming the victim like Israel is a time-honoured tactic)
-Actual collaboration, willing or otherwise.

Islam should be regulated and controlled, not like a 'religion', but like the violent, aggressive, and seditious social-political totalitarian movement that it truly is. If the government can make that intuitive leap and act accordingly, our odds in the fight go up dramatically. However, sad to say, I'm not optimistic.