Thursday, August 24, 2006

Anti-dhimmitude in UK courtroom

A welcome development from the UK.

UK Court Rejects Muslim Group Bid Over Arms Flights To Israel

LONDON (AP)--The U.K.'s High Court Wednesday rejected a Muslim group's assertion that the government had breached international law by allowing U.S. military planes carrying weapons to Israel to land at U.K. airports.

Judge Duncan Ouseley said the Islamic Human Rights Commission had failed "by a very long way" to establish its case.

The commission had sought an injunction against the government, saying the U.K. had aided "acts of terrorism" by Israel in its campaign against Hezbollah in southern Lebanon.

Bravo, your honour.

Oh, and one more thing in this article--another howling contradiction in terms--"Islamic human rights".


fredistar said...

There are so many half educated "human rights" lawyers coming out of British law schools now.
They have to be just about given their degree (out of misplaced Liberal PC condecension) but then they find out that they haven't got a clue about how Justice and the Law Courts wourk.
Hi to all the P.I. "Zionist Overlords"
We know how you love to distort the truth about these poor people.

hutchrun said...

fredistar:`We know how you love to distort the truth about these poor people.`

Me engrish kno gud, Can make simpl talk anser u betr.