Monday, August 21, 2006

Are Those Chips In The Wall of Denial?

That wall that seemed invincible is beginning the show the smallest of chipping? You see Rep. King being very blunt about profiling, there is more indepth MSM articles about Koranic verses, especially Ch. 9 (of 9.5 notoriety, although the references are fleeting compared to a complete absence of MSM print prior is welcome. America must become informed about the threat of Islam and begin to face the music - Islam is here to destroy us.

Unfortunately, Britain and the EU continue to stay in denial as there is now discussion of making a 'European Islam.' I know, it's hard to keep from laughing. They keep thinking that all the 'yute alienation' can be solved through more 'opportunities' and European indoctrinated imams. I just don't know how much longer Europe can be in denial.

At least in America the truth is getting much wider coverage than anywhere else. I'm sure it has CAIR running frantic, putting out those press releases attacking critics. They should hire more staff.


B0Z said...

Great observations....

Keep up the good work.

The Anti-Jihadist said...

I'd be curious to hear exactly what this Rep King is talking about, since the anti-Jihad movement is (at the very least) completely ignored in this part of the world. Terrorist profiling is an idea whose time has not only come, its way way overdue.