Thursday, August 17, 2006

Dhimmi Bush Bows To His Saudi Masters - No More 'Islamic Fascists'

Can you believe how STUPID Bush is? What does he achieve by doing this? Scorn? What a pathetic excuse for a President? He is just beyond clueless about Islam? What other explanation is there? Saudis put that bitch in her place. Ann Coulter always defends Bush. Wonder how she is going to defend this? It it wasn't so pathetic and dangerous to us all, it would be laughable.

FROM AP VIA DhimmiWatch -

August 16, 2006
Bush declares war against "individuals"
"Islamic fascists"? Never mind. Oh, and in other news: to avoid offending Germans, President Roosevelt has announced that he is dropping all reference to the "National Socialist German Workers Party," and will henceforth refer not to our war against the Nazis, but to our war against "individuals that would like to kill innocent Americans to achieve political objectives."

Archdhimmitude in Washington, as Bush bows to his Saudi masters: "Bush drops reference to 'Islamic fascists,'" from AP, with thanks to Andrew Bostom:

STATE DEPARTMENT President Bush has avoided repetition of a term that angered Muslims.
Responding last week to the foiling of an alleged plot to blow up flights between Britain and the United States, Bush said, "This nation is at war with Islamic fascists."

That triggered immediate objections from the Council of American-Islamic Relations, and another objection today from the government of Saudi Arabia.

In a statement after its weekly meeting, the Saudi Cabinet "warned against labeling Muslims with accusations of terrorism and fascism."

Bush didn't repeat the reference to "Islamic fascists" at the State Department today, referring instead to "individuals that would like to kill innocent Americans to achieve political objectives."


Voyager said...

I do prefer "Koranic Imperialists" or "Wahabbi Weirdoes" or even "Mohammedans"

The Anti-Jihadist said...

I knew it, I knew a retraction was forthcoming as soon as Gee Dub uttered the words "Islam" and "fascists" in the same sentence. ARGH!!

Mark said...

How ridiculous! How absurd! How disturbing! How sickening!

Always On Watch said...

I'm going to try to control my language....

Damn! This REALLY pisses me off! And after I spent an entire morning last week in sending a copy of THIS to every media outlet I could think of. I also sent a copy to the White House and to all of my elected representatives.

ARRGGGGHHHH!!! The damned dhimmitude of our leaders!

Mike's America said...

Now, what do you expect? Every time President Bush uses the most direct and clear language to describe the enemy he gets slammed by the press and hardly a whimper of support from our side.

If we want a leader willing to do more than just occasionally utter the truth about our enemy we have to do more than complain when he or she doesn't do it correctly.

Less than three months to go and we each have a choice: Do we support this team, or hope that the gang led by Nancy Pelosi and Harry Reid will do a BETTER job???

Always On Watch said...

The Dems do a better job? Of course not! But for GWB to cave in to the Saudi Cabinet? That really galls me! I expected better of the man for whom I twice voted!

Mike's America said...

I was surprised, and happy, when he said it the first time.

I wish he would have stuck with it, but he no doubt got more heat than praise and he's only human.

Debbie said...

I noticed that he only used the phrase once or otwice. Then CAIR had a hissy fit and 'whhooops', Islamic Facism is out of the vocabulary. It disgusts me. How can you defeat an enemy you won't even call by its name? Islam!

Right Truth

Mike's America said...

At the Counter Terrorism Center President Bush said:

"a war against a extremist group of folks bound together by an ideology, willing to use terror to achieve their objectives."

But at least he called them "the enemy" in a previous paragraph.

Ogre said...

Mike, I think we need a leader with big balls -- big enough to tell the truth and not give a damn who complains about it. We need a leader who won't care one whit about what the press says, nor about what other terrorist countires say. It's a damn war, we need someone to lead us in that war.

Always On Watch said...

I had to blog this information. My article is here. I cited Pedestrian Infidel, of course.

It's a war, all right--one brought to US. And our President is not naming the enemy!

Now, I'm coherent enough to fire off a letter to the White House!

Theway2k said...

Still considering the alternatives to Bush, he is the best man for the job (as of 2004 anyway). It is a good thing Bush has to give way to another Republican in 2008, he is shooting the image of tough on terror and rogue states all to hell. I am deeply disappointed to read that Bush apologized for using one point of actual clarity - Islamic fascists.

On the other hand I suspect a Democrat might try to sell Michigan to Saudi Arabia or Iran as Appeasement for calling off the Islamofascists dogs.