Sunday, August 06, 2006

An Encore Presentation

For all those who may have never run across this blog before today, or if you are one of our regular readers, I highly recommend you all to read the personal testimony (if you haven't read it already) of one of the bloggers on the PI team, who goes by the moniker "Avenging Apostate".

"Avenging Apostate" is indeed an apostate (in secret) from Islam, an ex-Muslim, and a resident of several Islamic countries in the heart of Dar-al-Islam. Earlier in life, he came very close to volunteering himself for the Global Jihad, but a twist of fate has led this man down a very different path. And his journey from barbarism (Islam) to humanity is a powerful and moving story of hope and love where little of either is evident. And it's also a true story. If you haven't read it before, I strongly urge you to read Avenging Apostate's story, "From a Jihadist to a Human".

In fact, I feel that this testimony is so important, in the light of current events, that I'm putting a link to this testimony in the PI sidebar until further notice. This six-part story is now all linked together, so now you can just click at the end of one part to move to the next part, and so on. Less hassle that way.

Let's get the word out--AA's story needs the widest possible audience. Thanks for your help and support.



AlanDP said...

What a story!

I've just linked to it from my blog. Hope it helps spread the word.

George Mason said...

Wow! May I reprint this, with proper attribution, of course?

Avenging Apostate said...


Thanks. The more the people know the better.

George Mason (PBUH),

You may, of course.

Always On Watch said...

Thank you for reposting this!