Tuesday, August 15, 2006

Europe, this is your future

Taken in July 2006 in Vienna, Austria, this photo shows the Eurabia that even now is becoming a reality. (hat tip European Kafir)

Cry, cry, for the beloved continent. Europe is in a state of unbecoming and will soon be no more.


John Sobieski said...

Looks like Dearbornistan.

paracelsus said...

I view these demographic events as similar to macro scale conflict of Bacteria within the Earth's biosphere, which is increasingly dominated by Man.
Bio-yoghurt puts back the good bacteria such as Lacto bacillius acidopholus, which controls the formation of dangerous bacteria by displacing their living quarters within the bowel.
It seems to be working in reverse, though.

Mark said...

I can verify this photo. I was also recently in Austria. Many Austrian cities are teeming with Muslims! They are also protected from criticism by Austrian law. Say too much about this state of affairs and you'll end up in an Austrian prison, I was told!

TempleofDiana1874 said...

For Europe to survive, it is esential that the reality of the situation is fully comprehended.
Then it is necessary for a Government of strength to gain foothold in several European countries.
Then we may see some reaction from the guests that will justify the measures needed to resolve the situation.
With so much reliance on mid-east oil etc, Europe is becoming slave to the Islamic mandate of conquest.
There are several situations that may help delay the inevitable, and one of them is the mass migration Westerly of people from Eastern Europe, many of whom have stronger convictions and identity than host Nations such as Britain.
We are watching the creation of a situation which will be no win, if we do not watch out. It would then require immense conflict to resolve.
Our gutless halfway-house politicians are mere puppets of destiny.
Immediate and strong control of mideast etc immigration is needed.
I say let all the Poles, Slavs, Rumanians etc, come in.
They provide a dilution of our own racial heritage but at least they also bring a dilution to the burgeoning demographics of the cuckoo-like visitors.
What a bird that is, first it throws out the eggs of the host bird, then it lays it's own egg, and subsequently the host birds rear the alien creature without knowing how they have been deceived by the nature of this arrangement.
What strange irony, the greatest civilisation in the history of the World, about to fall by the oldest of natural feignts.
Many viruses display similar curious activity. Exploiting vulnerabilties that have hencetofor been the very essence of survival and dominance.
Still we must appreciate that all natural processes are capable of interuption and diversion throughthe appliance of science.

felix said...

I recall there were laws against mask wearing in public. Had to do with the Ku Klux Klan in 1920's. Let's reinstitute that policy now.