Monday, August 14, 2006

French Army sniper tactics

With the mighty French Army enroute to Southern Lebanon to supposedly enforce the latest hudna, I thought a photo of French troops would be appropriate.

Here the mighty French army sniper corps is seen in training. The look on the face of the, ahem, 'sniper rest', is priceless.
UPDATE-- I have been informed that this photo may not actually depict French troops. PI regrets the error...and this photo is still as funny as hell.


paracelsus said...

"I could have been a taxi driver"
"This just isn't worth 300 Euros a week."
Nice rifle. Would demolish a small animal at two miles;.

Czarivan said...

indeed it looks like very gay

this is why this is.... british army (as shown by the britshit battle-dress used and the insigna on the left side of the beret unlike in the French army where it is worn at the right side)

yes britshit, you know ? the yankee poodle

Bien à toi crétin du Mississippi,

your biological french father