Friday, August 11, 2006

Fulfilling the Will of Allah

A man gets up in the morning, takes a bath, combs his hair and beard, and puts clean clothes on. He walks down the road, enters a mall and then promptly self-detonates, taking an untold number of innocent lives with him. In the ensuing investigation, people who knew him tell the police that he was a normal guy--that he had a sense of humor, he was polite to his neighbors and that he wasn't violent. When the investigators can't find any apparent explanation as to why the man became a suicide bomber, all they can come up with is, 'He was suffering from a mental disorder'. Case closed.

What is it that makes a man so depressed that he ends up killing himself? What is it that gives someone so much hope about the afterlife that this life, to him, seems so worthless that he doesn't care if he ends it? Is that kind of a person really insane? He picks his target, he knows how to use bombs, he knows how to fire a gun and he knows who he has to kill. Is such a person insane? No, he's just fulfilling his duty.

We didn't call the Nazis insane--we instead put them on trial and punished them for the crimes they committed. We tried to uproot the evil! We didn't chant 'Nazism is peaceful; it has just been hijacked by Hitler and the gang'. We had our eyes opened, but only after many millions paid the price with their lives.

Today, it isn't the Nazis that are the aggressors. What we face today is far bigger and even more dangerous than the Nazi party of Germany some 60 years ago--it goes by the name 'Islam'. But today again, our leaders have been blinded; 'Islam is a religion of peace' they tell us. Some of the survivors of the Holocaust are still alive, but we have forgotten the price they paid the last time we chose to be blind to sheer evil. Now we're committing the same errors all over again.

The difference today though is that now the enemy is among us. If a Muslim is seemingly peaceful, normal, and jolly one day, but shoots six women (one of them pregnant) the next, what guarantee do you have that your next door Muslim neighbor won't do the same? I can tell you, as a former Muslim, that if it doesn’t happen today, there’s absolutely no guarantees that it won’t happen tomorrow. And then your supposedly ‘peaceful neighbor’ who just happens to follow a certain religion will be the one committing mass murder in the name of one and only one thing, Islam. Are they misguided? Yes. Do they misunderstand Islam? No. One or two people can misunderstand, but one billion?

To Muslims, nothing is as important as fulfilling the will of Allah. Mohammed gave two explicit orders on his deathbed--'the only religion on the Arabian peninsula should be Islam' and that 'the jihad will continue until the whole world is Muslim'. Muslims all over the world are still marching to those orders to this very day.


Theway2k said...

Good call!

The problem the West is having with recognizing the evil that is Islam is the status of religion.

Americans in particular are raised to honor Liberty of conscience. The problem is Islam is not your typical global religion looking for the peace of the individual. The Islamic goal is to convert or kill. As Pedestrian Infidel has said it is the paradigm delivered on Mohammed's death bed.

The West must set aside its typical thoughts of religious Liberty when it comes to the Islamofascist followers of Mohammed.

John Sobieski said...

It is really the problem. Islam with that veneer of 'religion' is Nazism perfected. Formidable and can destroy the West from the inside.

European Kafir said...

how many innocent people have to get killed? how many airplanes have to be blown up mid-air? how many wtc`s have to be destroyed? how many market places, schoolbuses, discos, hotels, trains have to be attacked by suicide bombers? how many soldiers have to become kidnapped? how many katjushas have to be fired at civilians? how many lies are allowed being spread by muslim/arab propaganda all over the world? ..... the answer is not blowing in the wind... the answer is right here: it will all stop as soon as our (western) governments are going to take off their pink glasses about peaceful islam, as soon as they will stop being cowards, as soon as they will stop their hypocricy.... it`s up to us to make them wake up... since they are too dumb to see it.
the more i get to know about islam, the ... the sicker i get.

The Old Nail said...

Then who will take the first step?
Who is prepared to fight fire with fire?

Increasingly it seems that the west is playing a game by some academic set of moral or ethical rules that simply do not exist in Islam.

Liberty is a western concept, one that must be guarded with the utmost vigilance, but what we are seeing and witnessing today is the erosion of that liberty by alien hands, yet Where are the massed protests?
Where on the streets are the defenders of our culture?

They are sat home watching TV and not overly concerning themselves with what they see, that raise in interest rate or the dishwasher that has just broken are far more important to them.

Pastor niemoller turns in his grave!