Wednesday, August 16, 2006

Hez v. Israel

The Hez v. Israel war has stopped, mostly, at least for now. Hez has managed to foist off a Hudna (courtesy of the usual idiots at the UN) and get a chance to regroup, rearm and reload for the next round.

Both sides can and are declaring 'victory'. Israel managed to kill off an unknown number of Hez operatives, and destroy Hez infrastructure, especially their weapons. It will take years for Hez (and lots of money from the Syria-Iran axis) to recover.

Meanwhile, Hez gets to declare victory because they 'stood up to the evil Zionist entity' and actually managed to somewhat survived the war, even in a diminished state. This is due more to Israel's bewildering reluctance to engage in a full-blown invasion of Hezbollahstan, rather than any tactical skill on Hez's behalf. In the perverted Arab-Islamic view of the world, this actually counts a victory, since the accomplishment of Arab armies is so pathetic. Especially against Israel.

Bottom line? The latest round of Jihad v. Israel is a draw. And the only thing a draw guarantees is another round of fighting in the future. Kinda like the way the ending of the First World War (a ceasefire) guaranteed an eventual, even worse Second War.


TempleofDiana1874 said...

AJ, a draw maybe, but cetrtainly a guarantee of more to follow.
Perhaps you are optimistic about the time it will take to rearm hzbully.
The biased condition of the news especially bbc, is a never ending mantra of appeasment.
Interviews give full voice and credence to the vanguard of darkness, but apart from a few astute politicians, little is made of the suffering of those on the other side of the war, it is almost as if israeli suffering and loss is discounted three to one.
Such duplicity and outright lies, sometimes it makes one feel like the Euros deserve everything they will reap from their cowardly backsliding.
If there is a war on terror, then I can't see much battle going on, just "aggressor operative management," that is, the occasional arrest of people on the verge of doing some heinous act.
It convinces me more and more that it will take a huge, huge blow to shake the drunken-monkeys from their orgy on the rotting fruit in the pear-tree.
The liberal press and it's addicted followers, just can't wait to rub Israel in the dirt.
It behoves much tribulation, and boy, are their some folk willing to dish it out.
When an event of the proportions of the one they have just(hopefully) foiled, does take place, I hope it will be the kill or cure sickness that will prompt the West's immune system into belated activity.
Some hope, but one lives in hope, or as the SexPistols sang there's "No Future."

Cubed © said...

Are you curious about why Israel lost to Hezbollah, even though it was obviously capable of winning? Or about why the U.S. hasn't had a victory since WWII? Or why the character of war has changed so that "winning" isn't the goal any more?

Ever heard of the "Just War" theory? The Just War theory is real, and it's in the textbooks of West Point and all our other military schools; it has infested the entire western world (but obviously not the Islamic world).

The Just War theory is a bunch of Politically Correct crap that, if applied, guaranteed that Israel would lose the recent "conflict" with Hezbollah, and if we in the U.S. continue to hold to it, as Bush and Condi do, and as presidents ever since the inception of the UN and the end of WWII have done, it will guarantee that we will lose to Islam as well.

If you want a little more about it, go here .

If you want even more, the blog has a link to a journal article about it, and the names of two books about it.

It's such a crock! But Our Leaders have bought into it, and so has Ehud Olmert.

The Anti-Jihadist said...

I don't think Israel lost. I think our side of the blogosphere's hysterical rants about Israel 'losing' this war (or Hez winning) is just that, hysterical ranting, without cause or reasoning behind it. Doom and gloom seems to be the order of the day for the counter-jihad movement, and I for one refuse to submit to all the pessimism.

I'm sticking to my guns on this. This was a draw, a stalemate. This 5 week engagement only kicks the can down the road, which very likely leads to a more deadly and destructive conflict.