Saturday, August 19, 2006

I refuse to give up

When I started blogging, I did it because I wanted to show the world what Islam truly stands for, to show the darkness that it really is, and to show the evil that proceeds from it. But that isn't the only reason I started blogging. I wanted to make a difference. I thought that if someone, by reading my posts, decides to leave Islam or decides not to convert to Islam or someone who thought of Islam as a peaceful religion starts looking at it in the light of facts, my mission is fulfilled.

I have been blogging for a while now, and I still feel the same. I "know" that I can change people, I believe that firmly, and there is nothing that can change that. I am surrounded by Muslims, a lone (secret) infidel in a hostile Islamic sea, but I refuse to give up. I refuse to surrender because I know that even if one Muslim reads my article and changes his mind about Islam, that's a victory.

The world's leaders can choose to be as blind as they want, they can bend over for Muslims all over the world--it matters not to me. I will keep writing for as long as I can and I will keep on fighting against Islam, however possible, as long as Islam exists as one of the biggest religions in the world.

This task seems impossible, but I have hope. Some might call me foolish, but that doesn't sway me from my steadfast conviction that I can do what I came on here to do--and that is to fight Islam until "we" are victorious.

The terrorists are just looking for any sign of weakness in us infidels. It we show that we're weak, depressed and a bunch of hopeless losers, they count that as their victory. And I can't stand that.

They can tear down everything I love, they can burn American and Israeli flags, they can burn the churches in Indonesia and Pakistan and all over the Islamic world and they can set fire to a thousand Bibles--they will not be able to destroy me. If someday I am surrounded by a mob of Muslims, who give me a choice to convert to Islam or die, I will choose death, and I will die with my hopes still high. Because I know, they only option we have is to win, and we can't do that if we feel we are defeated.

The key to our survival is hope and vision. These are the values the West taught me. The world around us may go down the drain, but if we refuse to surrender our faith in ourselves, we will gain our victory.


hutchrun said...

More important perhaps is to first put a stop to the non-muslims believing muslim lies.
I have been on that job for sometime now and have achieved quite a bit of success. And when you look at it, those will continue to spread the new truth to their other associates it`ll be binomial expansion.
The world is awakening to muslim lies no matter how much the muslims do their `taqiya` devil`s dance.

Nilk said...

God bless you and stand with you, Avenging Apostate.

Your work is a lot more difficult than what we infidels living in kaffirland deal with, and you have a lot more courage than many of us.

Look after yourself, and know that if I can read your words from my lounge in Australia, there will be others closer to home reading.

European Kafir said...

avenging... you are giving ME hope that there might be others like you.... so there is hope left for the world being saved from islam.. especially extremist muslims. hope to talk to you again.
be safe

Anti-musèlement said...

Avenging Apostate you are certainly a special envoy from God.
I am a daily reader of your blog and this one touch me profoundly.
I'm with you at 1,000,000%.
I work as a purchase manager in a college in Montreal where nobody,a couple of years ago, seem to notice how liars, hypocrites, viscious and more those "musèlement" are.Since then,thanks to people like you,you would be proud of me to see how my co-workers have begun to realise that something is strange about this fucking death cult.
Don't ever stop to inspire me, this shit is the cancer of the whole world.

Cubed © said...

". . .I refuse to give up. . .The world's leaders can choose to be as blind as they want. . ."


I think there's increasing reason for hope. Thanks to the unremitting efforts of people like you, more and more people are beginning to look at what the Muslims are doing in a realistic light. They are more willing than ever to believe that maybe the critics of Islam have a point, all the way to "Oh, my God, you guys have been absolutely right all along!"

We have been held prisoner by the "Just War" theory ever since WWII, but we're beginning to emerge from that nightmare and consider the possibility of WINNING for a change!

It may give you even more encouragement to read Lt.Col. Ralph Peter's most recent assessment of where we are going in his op ed in today's (20 Aug) NY Post. He ends his piece with "Things are going to get uglier east of Suez. And we"re going to win."

European Kafir,

I have had many a Blue Funk about the direction we've been going in under the heavy hand of PC, but since the most recent Hezbollah-Israel fiasco, with all the missiles, Iran's "progress" in the region, the loyalties of the Lebanese turning away from the castrated Lebanese government and towards their Hezbollah "benefactors" (and while we're at it, we might as well throw in North Korea's plans to conduct an undergroung nuclear test), it seems that a lot of people (I emphasize "people," not their governments) are beginning to wake up to the fact that the threat from Islam is (gasp!) REAL!

So you hang in there; we're going to make it. It won't be easy, because when some of Our Leaders wake up, they will have waited until the very last minute, giving us almost no time to protect ourselves. The cost will be high, but we will win in the end.


Hang in there. I think there are a lot of "us" who are beginning to come out of their hiding places!

B0Z said...

All I can say is... Amen....

European Kafir said...


thanks, good to hear this!!!! the more of us waking up.. the better!!!


Ronald Barbour said...

Well said!

Hear! Hear! The Man!!!