Thursday, August 03, 2006

Islamic Nations call for genocide

Normally I don't copy straight from Little Green Footballs, a leading if not the leading star on the right side of the blogosphere. Most people can simply head straight over to LGF if they want to to check out this frequently-updated site.

However, today I must make an exception. Because today, not too far from where I reside here in the Islamic Republic of Malaysia, the ugly visage of Sheer Evil is raising its ghastly head, and no one dares to raise a hand to stop it. Even mere words against such a monstrosity are banned.

The evil plot is this: the Islamic Nations, represented by the anti-Semitic, Jihad-embracing OIC, lead by Malaysia, meeting in nearby Putrajaya yesterday, are calling for Israel's destruction. Not negotiation, not "an end to occupation" or some sort of other double-talk. They wish for Israel and its residents to be annihilated.

From LGF:

We should note that Iranian madman Mahmoud Ahmadinejad and his genocidal rhetoric are not being disavowed by the world’s Islamic nations. The Organization of the Islamic Conference did not issue one word of disapproval following his call to destroy Israel, at their meeting in Malaysia—not even a pro forma public relations statement.

In fact, Ahmadinejad is a star.

PUTRAJAYA, Malaysia (Reuters) - Iran’s President Mahmoud Ahmadinejad and other Muslim leaders demanded a halt on Thursday to Israeli attacks on Lebanon and Gaza and said they wanted to strengthen U.N. peacekeeping forces in the area.

Wary of restive populations back home, and aghast at the toll in heavily Muslim southern Lebanon, a special session of the Organization of the Islamic Conference also called for an investigation into Israel’s “violations” of international law and demanded the Jewish state pay compensation.

But it was Ahmadinejad, his hardline views on Israel reinvigorated by public backing from Iran’s supreme clerical leader, who animated the emergency meeting as it strove to get the Muslim world’s voice heard above the diplomatic din. [By calling for genocide? —ed.]

“Although the main cure (to the situation) is the elimination of the Zionist regime, in this stage an immediate ceasefire should be implemented,” Ahmadinejad, who previously has said Israel should be wiped off the map, told the closed door meeting.

“Britain and America, as the main associates of the Zionist regime in its offensive to Lebanon, should compensate Lebanon’s damages. Those governments should answer for their crimes in Lebanon,” he said in his speech, a copy of which was made available by Iranian diplomats. And he urged Islamic and Arab nations to cut all political and economic ties to the Jewish state. ...

Ahmadinejad has clearly struck a chord [a murderous, Jew-hating chord. —ed.] in parts of the Muslim world. He was treated like something of a rock star during a recent visit to Indonesia, particularly on college campuses.


European Kafir said...

The hypocricy is so obvious here that I can`t feel anything but disgust.
Treating a madman like a hero, a star even! This kind of "audience" is showing so much ignorance, stupidiy, evilness... that one must ask: who is sicker (madness) here: That madman (monkey) from Iran or the "audience", that is celebrating a "star"??


Ein or said...

EK, do you seriously think that the majority in Iran has as much access to the media as we do?

The only difference we can make, especially here in our neck of the woods, is to discuss it, to raise awareness and show people that it doesn't do to stand idly by while madmen like Ahmadinejab attempt to burn down the world, or we will return to where we already were once, 60 odd years ago. I for one do not think he plans to stop with the "Zionist regime" in the long run...