Sunday, August 13, 2006

The Malaysian court case you need to know about

Malaysia braces for ruling on Islam conversion

(Reuters) - Malaysia is expecting a court ruling any day now that could shake society to its foundations: does a Muslim have the right to convert to another faith?

A Muslim by birth, Lina Joy decided to become a Christian, marry and raise a family. But in Malaysia, where Islam is the official religion, this is an affair of state, not conscience.

The 42-year-old has asked the Federal Court, the country's highest civil judicial authority, to acknowledge her decision to convert to Christianity and is now awaiting a verdict.

Constitutionally, freedom of religion is guaranteed (in Malaysia). But in reality, conversion out of Islam comes under the ambit of sharia or Islamic courts. And under sharia law, renouncing the Islamic faith is punishable by fines or jail. It isn't an option.

Renouncing Islam is also punishable by death under Sharia, but don't expect al-Reuters to tell you that little detail.

Now, listen to the hysterical Muslims as they argue against Lina Joy's case. They can't help themselves but to issue threats, veiled or otherwise.
A court victory for Joy could be explosive."It's political dynamite. It will create instability," Abdul Razak said. "For decades, the position of Malays and Muslims have been guaranteed.

"It will open the floodgates. Now you see Malays are going to convert and the government sanctions that. Definitely there will be a huge backlash and PAS is going to town with it."

Parti Islam se-Malaysia (PAS), the country's biggest Islamic opposition party, agrees."It will be a bad precedent," PAS deputy chief Nasharuddin Mat Isa told Reuters. "It will create some uneasiness in the Malay community. It could lead to demonstrations."

In other words, it WILL lead to demonstrations, and worse. Boycotts, riots, and violence are all cards in PAS's unsavory toolbox, and ones certainly to be played if the Federal Court doesn't go along. PAS, the party that best embodies the Malaysian wing of the Global Jihad, is guaranteeing it.
The influential Angkatan Belia Islam Malaysia, the Muslim youth group once led by former deputy premier Anwar Ibrahim, wrote a letter asking the Federal Court to dismiss the appeal. "Allowing Malays to leave Islam automatically will erode the status, the rights and the privileges of Malays," it said.

What rubbish. To Muslims, coercing people to stay within a religion they consciously reject is a 'right' and a 'privilege'. Total nonsense. But what else can we expect Muslims to say?


MaoBi said...

Thats the state of Malaysian policitcs for you. In 1969 when the Muslimns in Malaysia rose up and slaughtered their Chinese neighbours (largest minority group and ethnica group with smallest percentage of Muslims) the world stood by.

Then the government rewarded the Muslim people by giving them preferential quotas into schools and jobs etc. In a nation where people get rewarded for using extra-democratic processes to obtain their desires, it is no surprise that these Muslim moneys will try again.

Congratulations, almost every policeman and civil servant is a Muslim as a result of the last round of mob rule appeasement. Lina Joy's case is the end of a very long and sad story of a nation driving itself into the ground.

The Anti-Jihadist said...

Maobi, have you written anything or done any research on the Malaysian 'race' riots of 1969? I have always suspected that it was more religious in nature and was more like a Jihadist impulse.

If you write about these riots, I'll link PI to it. These riots are something the outside world needs to know the truth about.

sri said...

Malay Muslims misbehaving? Offcourse, they just dont like to talk about it.

Here's a couple of links to start with.

1664 in Singapore


"On 21 July, 1964, about 25,000 Malays gathered at Padang, Singapore to celebrate the Prophet Muhammad's birthday. After the speeches, the procession went on to Geylang. Along the way, a group that was dispersed was asked to rejoin the procession by a policeman. Instead of obeying the orders, the group attacked the policeman. This incident led to a race riot after the group of Malays attacked Chinese passers-by and spectators."

And from :

"The May 13 Incident is a term for the Chinese-Malay race riots in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia on May 13, 1969 which left at least 184 people dead."

sri said...
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sri said...

sorry did not intent to post 3 times.

Joe Noory said...

More common and more putrid: what the wannabees at a information outfit like Reuters are up to is even more blindingly stupid.

Always On Watch said...

So much for "There is no coercion in religion." Is that one of the abrogated verses in the Koran?

Isaac Schrödinger said...

The government-approved Islamic textbooks in Malaysia state that the punishment for an apostate is death: A letter from a concerned mother.

I linked to that in this post.