Tuesday, August 01, 2006

Mitch Romney is Right. Iraq is a TARBABY

OK, Mitch Romney called Iraq a tarbaby. So what? According to the MSM, by using the term 'tarbaby', Mitch Romney has committed an unforgivable sin. As I and mnay others have lamented many times, the political correctness hall monitors have latched on and won't let go. Here is what I think. Mitch Romney is one of the few Republican candidates, maybe the only one, that reads JihadWatch. Why do I think that? Because Hugh Fitzgerald uses the term tarbaby all the time to describe the mess President Bush has created by his insane 'light unto the Muslims' strategy to fight the war on the tactic 'terror.' Now the liberals, who hate truth and blunt talk, see this as an opportunity to vaporize a Republican Presidential candidate. Several days ago when I read a portion of Romney's speech where he said 'tarbaby' I thought to myself, 'The liberals and the MSM will latch onto this and won't let go.' And they did.

I saw George Bush being interviewed on Fox last night and he was discussing Iraq, the Israel and Hezbollah war, and he said '...what we are witnessing is a clash of....uh.. between terror and democracy." Huh? What? Isn't this an even deadlier faux paux? Blatantly misleading and confusing the public by refusing to name the enemy. Bush can't do it. Why? Because it would mean admitting his democracy lantern's flame is out. He won't and the West will suffer.

I think tarbaby is an apt description of Iraq. Romney is right and Bush is wrong. Bush is politically correct and Romney is not. Such is the upside down world we live in today


Thomas Alan said...

Gov. Romney was talking about the Big Dig. Not Iraq.

John Sobieski said...

Well that's a tarbary too. I thought he was referring to Iraq. Still like the guy.

The Anti-Jihadist said...

Question: What do the Big Dig and Iraq have in common?

Answer: They're both money pits with little obvious or intended results.