Saturday, August 26, 2006

MSM Begins Trashing John Esposito - Where Have They Been All These Years?

Better late than never is their only reprieve. At least The Washington Times gets it - John Esposito is Islam's favorite whore at their new whorehouse Center for Deceit and Conquest at their favorite madrassa/whore plaza Georgetown University. This man should be run out of town and into Mecca - they'll love him there. Throw sticks at him, I don't care. Just get out, you traitor.

Yeah, I've written a lot about this whore and her wiley ways. Truly a disgusting human being.

Wash Times - A professor's Islamic ties
By Joel Mowbray
August 25, 2006

Headline-grabbing stories about a British-based Muslim academic's public support for "martyrdom" last weekend missed a key detail: His mentor and frequent collaborator is a high-profile scholar who has been consulted repeatedly by the FBI, Professor John Esposito of Georgetown University.
Mr. Esposito has long courted controversy — most recently when the Georgetown-based center he founded in 1993 accepted $20 million last year from (and took the name of) a notorious Saudi prince. Yet, the professor has somehow been able to maintain a relatively high reputation in academic and government circles alike.
That Mr. Esposito is still largely respected owes to the subtlety of his apologism. He acknowledges that there is radicalism in Islam, and he generally avoids defending the likes of Hamas and Hezbollah. Even as he argues for engaging Islamists, he does so without overtly endorsing their worldview. But Mr. Esposito skillfully downplays the threat posed by radical Islam, and as demonstrated by his close affiliation with Azzam Tamimi, who told a massive crowd in the UK on Sunday that "dying for your beliefs is just," he willingly associates with avowed cheerleaders of Islamic terrorism.
Mr. Esposito's defenders — and there are many — claim that his critics conflate his practical advice that Islamists cannot simply be ignored with apologism for radical Islam. While such an answer may be appealing for those who believe in giving the benefit of the doubt, it simply doesn't square with the facts.
Although Mr. Esposito is less transparent than most apologists for radical Islam, he is more than a mere apologist. He defends supporters of Islamic terrorism. He even mentors them.
Mr. Esposito has lavished praise on two prominent advocates of Islamic terrorism: former University of South Florida professor (and convicted terrorist) Sami al-Arian, and al Jazeera phenomenon Sheikh Yusuf al-Qaradawi. ...

Gotta read the rest.
And this vile man advises our government. Scary. How many idiots do we have in State? TOO MANY!

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quisabelle said...

Strap one on him and his compadres and send them packing to the land of their dreams. Kapoom. Got what he wanted.
That's freedom for ya.