Thursday, August 10, 2006

Slavery of Christian children funds the Global Jihad

PI has a new banner tagline now. I think it succinctly sums up the unvarnished truth of Islam, the evil of the ages. What do our readers think?

Now you can add another 's' in Islam's values--slavery. Our so-called 'ally', the government of Pakistan, continues to turn a blind-eye to these Islamic atrocities and has been revealed for what they are, as an accomplice to evil.

EXPOSED - Sale of Pakistani Christian children as slaves is funding Islamic Militants

Gul Khan, a leading member of a militant Islamic organisation based in Pakistan, is funding its activities through the sale of Christian children into slavery.

The children, aged between 6 and 12, are abducted from their homes in remote Christian villages in the Punjab and incarcerated in appalling conditions, until being sold for approximately $1,700 each into the sex trade or a life of domestic servitude. While they are held they are beaten savagely, only fed once a day and ordered not to talk, play or pray.

The trade was exposed by two Christian missionaries (one Pakistani, the other American), who had seen photographs of boys for sale on the black market in Quetta, the capital of Baluchistan province. The missionaries constructed an elaborate and hazardous rescue plan, with the Pakistani posing as a Lahore businessman who wanted to buy boys to beg for him. Not only did they manage to buy back twenty boys and return them to their homes, but also they secretly filmed Khan accepting money for seventeen boys.


Khan is a senior member of Jamaat-ud Daawa (JUD), an organisation linked to Al-Qaeda. The US State Department has declared JUD to be a front for a terrorist group Lashkar-i-Toiba which is banned in both Pakistan and the UK. Yet JUD is popular in Pakistan for providing free medical care and education for the poor. After last year’s earthquake in Kashmir it was quick to give tents, blankets and food. At its base near Lahore JUD claims to have created a “pure Islamic environment” that is superior to western “depravity”. The base was funded by Osama bin Laden in the late 1990s.

JUD and Al-Qaeda jointly attempted to assassinate the Pakistani President, Pervez Musharraf, in 2003. JUD's leader, Hafez Muhamed Sayeed, was accused of inciting riots in Pakistan earlier this year in response to the publication of the Danish cartoons of the Islamic prophet Muhammed.

Although the evidence against Khan is overwhelming the police have indicated that the power of groups such as JUD is too great for them to tackle. So far no investigation has taken place.


“The revelation of this horrifying trade in Christian boys to fund Islamic terrorism is an extreme manifestation of the discrimination and oppression of Christians in Pakistan,” said Dr Patrick Sookhdeo the International Director of Barnabas Fund. “The classical teachings of Islam on the second class status of non-Muslims (called dhimmi) create an attitude of contempt towards Pakistan’s Christian minority which is seen in a whole raft of daily discrimination, injustice and humiliation. The situation is exacerbated by issues of caste and poverty. It is in this context that such horrors can take place. I am encouraged that the police did make some efforts in this case, but, as so often happens, they appear now to be intimidated themselves by the weight of the whole Islamist movement in Pakistan. I pray that the exposure of this slave trade to the international community will help bring an end to it.”

Dr Sookhdeo is the author of a historical study entitled “A People Betrayed: The Impact of Islamization on the Christian Community in Pakistan”. For details of how to purchase this book, please contact or telephone +44 1672 565037. (From within the UK telephone 01672 565037.)


fredistar said...

Although I have read this column from the syart, I have only just contributed a comment recently.
You have aptly used the words "Islamofacist" to describe the inhuman ghouls that masquerade their evil as a religion.
Today, I can hardly believe my ears, President Bush in his comments on todays hopefully foiled terror plot against US airlines used the words,---
"Islamic Facists" to describe these deluded monsters.
Along with luminaries such as Dan Pipes, Sobieski and the AJ, plus so many more, perhaps you have a newish reader, somewhere in Washington, who has finally got the message.
Keep on truckin'.

Christian Crusader said...

This is truly repulsive. The Christian community in Pakistan is treated like vermin, they have granades thrown in their churches, their women are abducted and raped and sometimes forced to convert or murdered.

Young boys are kidnapped on a regular basis, sold into slavery or forced to convert and sent to madrassas to become terrorists!

I know a former Muslim Pakistani girl who I have great talks with, she described the condition of Christians in Pakistan, how they are only allowed to be street sweeps, lowly servants and sewage workers. She told me how they are lynched in the street, how they live in fear of their lives every day!

I have a great idea, lets send all our Muslims back to Pakistan and rescue thier Christians who will integrate and fill our empty church buildings, they would also appreciate being here, unlike so many Muslims!

Always On Watch said...

How can the world stand by and allow this to go on? Children sold into sex trade!

I think I'm going to vomit. Literally.

John Sobieski said...

It truly is 7th century barbarism. So grotesque, so evil.