Saturday, August 19, 2006

Top 500 World Universities for 2006

A PRC Chinese think tank in Shanghai called the Institute of Higher Education has just released their findings for the top 500 universities in the world as of 2006. You can view and/or download their findings here.

Despite the origins of this think tank in a communist state, the findings seem to me to be very even handed. Let's look at this listing's top ten:

  1. Harvard (USA)
  2. Cambridge (UK)
  3. Stanford (USA)
  4. UC Berkeley (USA)
  5. MIT (USA)
  6. CalTech (USA)
  7. Columbia (USA)
  8. Princeton (USA)
  9. Univ. Chicago (USA)
  10. Oxford (UK)

The Anglosphere's domination of higher education is not just confined to the top ten. Here is a breakdown of the whole list by country:

  • USA: 167
  • UK: 43
  • Canada: 22
  • Australia: 19
  • New Zealand: 5

And the rest of the infidels do fairly well too, especially considering the small size of some the countries on the following list:

  • Europe (excl. UK): 164
  • Japan: 32
  • China (incl. HK): 15
  • South Korea: 11
  • Israel: 8
  • Singapore: 3

And the Islamic world? This one-sixth of humanity, over one billion people, manages to place only one university on the list (Cairo University, Egypt, ranks in at #414). Countries like Malaysia, Indonesia, Pakistan, Iran, Turkey, etc. cannot manage to place any schools anywhere on this list.

Indeed, an average US State (Oregon, pop 3.4 million) has more academic achievement (three Oregon schools on the list) than all of Dar-al-Islam. Israel (pop. 7 million) in particular is a center of excellence, averaging one world-class university for every 875,000 people.

This proves what most of us already knew. Islam ('moderate' or otherwise) destroys critical, rational thought--Islam is in fact the very antithesis of progress.


John Sobieski said...

Fascinating facts. Isn't it ironice that almost all those US premier universities are highly sympathetic to Muslims and bend over backward for the cult that would destroy them.

Anonymous said...

Stupid blog made by stupid people

Anonymous said...

And the most stupid thing is he gives comment to his own blog. what a phatetic looser

Anonymous said...

All that you said is not a prove that Islam is a bad religion or that Muslims are lazy people but there are other reasons that should be put into consideration that the Muslims are ruled by dictator regimes that are supported by the west and Europe and they do not have the same atmoshpire of freedom as you have. As well as, many Muslims has got the Noble prizes. Hence, it is not a problem of religion, due to urging Islam on all the good customs and kind behaviours.It can be problems of persons that can not express their religion well. I invite you to read about Islam and never leate Islam to the behavoiurs of the people who believe in it. Otherwise, we can say that any christian who commit a crime is because he is christian and his religion pushes him for more violence.

The Anti-Jihadist said...

whats pathetic is making anonymous comments that are devoid of logic.

Anonymous said...

I am Muslim, and my heart is full of a mix of sympathy and forgiveness for everyone who has never felt the peace of Islam in his heart coz Islam is a truth and an indisputable fact in our hearts. We simply, as Muslims, touched this truth. I would say that it is very hard to get that truth out of our hearts....
Also, I am dreaming of one peaceful world where Jewish, Muslims, and Christians all collaborate with each others to serve the humanity and devote their precious time to much more useful work that aims at helping others and incapable persons.....

s_maldita said...

I am not one of those islam.
I am a Catholic, a christian.
And i hate people who criticize other people without removing their own 'dirt' or even just checking if they have the right to.

Destroys critical, rational thought?
Well, don't you?

The Anti-Jihadist said...

Checking if we "have the right to"? What, do we need permission from some damn UN committee before we can start blogging?

Freedom of expression and speech are God-given rights, which cannot be taken away.

And no, we don't "destroy critical thought." We even leave up silly comments like yours, "Mr. Catholic."

Anonymous said...

i posted da above comment . . .
come on im waitin for ur reply ????

The Anti-Jihadist said...

well, mr potty mouth from pakistan, why dont you settle down, take your meds, take a few years of remedial english, and then try commenting again in some future decade?

Have a nice infidel day. Shalom.

Anonymous said...

Oye !!!! sobieski boy ya kinda seem ta knw wat yer sayin so wanna put up a logical conversation ????

Anonymous said...

A moslem should never do cursing. The God knows what is right and what is wrong. Just be patience, struggle peacefully and in the end our patience will be repaid.

Anonymous said...

haha . . . sure theres no use bein kind nowadays its eye 4 an eye

The Anti-Jihadist said...

Charming Muslim 'thoughts', aren't they.

The Anti-Jihadist said...

To the Muslim troll who keeps 'commenting' here at this post.

Any comments made at this post, by the troll, or anyone else with profanity, foul or inappropriate language will be deleted upon detection. As you can see, all comments left here with such language have been deleted.

If anyone is incapable of expressing their thoughts and opinions without resorting to profanity, then that person is not welcome here.

Anonymous said...

by the way kiddo... wat happened ta freedom of speech ?????

Anonymous said...

come on goody two shoes tell me
"Freedom of expression and speech are God-given rights, which cannot be taken away."

so then wat happened ???


Anonymous said...

C'mon Man..
What do you intend to do with this kind of blog? It didn't and won't help in creating peaceful world. Just stop offending the moslem. I think as the non-moslem, we must how to take care of this situation, which is getting worse. Stop offending, please. Let's create a peaceful world that all of us want to have.

Anonymous said...

its not like i support suicide bombing or anything but all im saying is that muslims cant be held infidels for all terrorist acts. altough i do agree that most terrorists are muslims and im not trying to justify what their doing; i believe that america , by attacking muslim countries is just aggrevating the problem rathert than finishing it. at the end of the day we too believe in peace. just because theryrs a grp of miscreants you cant blame the whole race...

and to the guy sayin the peace thing... the only reason i was being aggressive is cuz of the way that anti-jihadi guy bloggs

The Anti-Jihadist said...

This string is proving to be quite the flypaper for trolls.

Any other Mohammedan trolls out there?

Anonymous said...

man ur jst messed up ur a mother fuckin peace hatin infidel urself

Anonymous said...

1)Al-Jazari invented a variety of machines for raising water in 1206, as well as water mills and water wheels with cams on their axle used to operate automata in the 12th century
2) The Plate of Conjunctions, a computing instrument used to determine the time of day at which planetary conjunctions will occur, and for performing linear interpolation,invented by al-Kashi in the 15th century.
3)A mechanical planetary computer called the Plate of Zones, which could graphically solve a number of planetary problems, invented by al-Kashi in the 15th century. It could predict the true positions in longitude of the Sun and Moon, and the planets in terms of elliptical orbits; the latitudes of the Sun, Moon, and planets; and the ecliptic of the Sun. The instrument also incorporated an alhidade and ruler.

and one more thing muslims are increasing in number in many western universities (we thank the west for giving us the opportunity to practice our brain power)
islam gives lots of lessons on life and science (which has been recently discovered)
please if you want to start a blog make sure there are people which might be offended by your comments (i hope thats one of the teachings of christianity, if u are a true christian rather than a islamophobist)

Anonymous said...

srry in the last paragraph it should say
please if you want to start a blog make sure there are people that are not offended by your comments (i hope thats one of the teachings of christianity, if u are a true christian rather than a islamophobist)
if you cannot respect other religions then i doubt that you are a christian

Anonymous said...

Religion, as a whole is BUNK . That includes, but it not limited to Christianity, Islam and Judaism.

Also, Science did not just "start" around the Enlightenment period of the 16th Century onwards.. It started in Pagan Rome, Greece and Persia, way before Christianity or Islam took hostage of those countries and surrounding areas.

Religion separates people.

Democracy, Free Speech, and Secularism allows for rational thinking, logic and science & technology to prevail.

Although America in the past 20 years has made Rationalism take a back seat to Evangelical Christianity, they will find a way to dampen its effects, if not remove the root over time.

Long Live the Free World

And I'm not America. I'm Canadian who has NO belief in a personal deity.

beliefinisrael said...

The point is Israel has been there the shortest yet made the most of it. They have more advances than any Arab 'neighbor' and they have barely been there 60 years. They invented the cell phone, a digital way to diagnose breast cancer, instant messaging and about 8,000 other things in such a short span. And what do the Arabs that have been there for centuries have to show for? A stockpile of weapons to kill innocent civilians?

Anonymous said...

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