Friday, August 18, 2006

Wretchard's Fable

Posted recently by top-notch blogger "Wretchard" over at Belmont Club.

Let me tell a fable. It is precisely two days after nuclear weapons have destroyed New York, London and Sydney. And it is 24 hours after the President of the United States, after consulting with the Prime Ministers of Britain and Australia, has ordered a ten thousand warhead strike on the entire Muslim world, followed a second strike using tailored biological weapons.

At that very moment a famous Washington law firm calls the White House with an important message. An attorney for Osama Bin Laden has been instructed to deliver a video tape to the media upon the event of his death, which now appears certain. The entire situation room staff turns on the television and watches the familiar face, greyer and more lined, deliver a prepared speech in curiously triumphant tones.

"Brothers," he begins. "If you are listening to this then I am already dead and what was formerly known as the Muslim world has been entirely destroyed. I had forseen this response when I put into motion the plan to use our only three atomic weapons."

"Only three?" he continued. "Three was all we could afford. Yet with these few devices we had to ensure not only the destruction of your infidel civilization but the perpetual triumph of the uncorrupted and essential Islam". Looking directly at the camera Osama continued. "You have killed more than a billion people. Some of them were fighters. But most of them were children. Up until your magnificent thermonuclear warheads blossomed above their heads they were going to the market, laughing at their silly entertainments, playing games in fields. And you killed them. Killed them in a moment of fear; a moment which became inevitable because you were not men enough to fight Jihadis with your hands; and who therefore you destroyed with your unearthly weapons."

"Never again can such a people as you enter your churches, recite your prayers, read your literature, or pretend to nobility without knowing that it is all a lie. And the more you pray to your Jesus, to your Buddha, to your Yahweh the more hypocritical you will feel, until you give it up altogether. No, that door is closed to your forever by your own fear, cowardice and evil. The first of my goals, which is the destruction of your infidel civilization at its roots, I have already accomplished."

"And you, my brothers, for I may you call you that, are now my true spiritual heirs. More magnificent than those illiterate fighters I gathered in Afghanistan, who knew nothing of science and technology. And yet as evil -- now -- as any of my pupils have ever been. I have shown you your true selves. I have gathered you to my fold. Your are the new Ummah and you know it. Come to prayer. Come to Islam."


Theway2k said...

Sounds like the last words of the devil before Jesus has the angels chain him forever in hell.

Tobyahnah said...

Yes, it is true, The House of Yahweh says that Nuclear War officially begins September 12th, 2006
Full details are at:
See also:

Pastorius said...

What do you think the point of this is, AJ?

Pastorius said...

Another question, was this really posted by Wretchard? I can't find it over there. Can you provide a link to his post?

Pastorius said...

By the way, the reason for the first question is it seems to me this post is almost a nightmare prepared by a leftist created to dhimmify us all.

The Anti-Jihadist said...

Pastorius-- I found this posted by Wretchard in the comments at this link (about the 7th comment down, which is why i couldn't directly link to it):

I'm not sure what the point of this fable is, which is why I posted this--to get the ideas and viewpoints of others. Perhaps this fable's moral is that we should never underestimate the power of pure evil.

Pastorius said...

So, now what are we people of the West supposed to do, feel guilty about things we haven't even done yet?



Wretchard must have drank a little too much Shiraz, if you ask me.

Pastorius said...

I have now read the post (which I find to be brilliant, but I guess that is stating the obvious when it comes to Wretchard).

The comments section itself is a treasure trove. My God.

I am thankful to you for having directed my attention to this post.

Phil said...

"Sounds like the last words of the devil before Jesus has the angels" throw him into the the lake of fire. Yeah, sounds like the same sorry, twisted logic.

One the one hand we have the legitimate actions of Western and Israeli nations to defend their very existence. On the other, we have the separate and distinct morality and faith of the Western religious faiths.

I don't have any problem whatsoever differentiating or discriminating the two.

What I did find provoking was the inevitable consequences of the extreme naivete and unwillingness to fight this GWOT now - "because you were not men enough to fight Jihadis with your hands".

Of course it's not just the unwillingness to fight. There's a concerted effort from the left to miminize or completely politicize the GWOT. As far as many leftists are concerned, it's only recently become a problem because of the Bush administration's policies. If we'd just get out of Iraq (and every other ME country) and the Jews would just get out of Israel we could all live in peace.

Sadly, they and their cohorts in the MSM, leftist university professors and liberal churches seem to be winning that propaganda war to the detriment of Western civilization everywhere. Good riddance, as far as they're concerned.

But no, the assertions in Osama's last little message don't ring true to me at all. They wouldn't have such a grave effect. I'm not saying those actions wouldn't bother people, just as our bombing of Germany and Japan during WWII does today. But it wouldn't destroy the moral conscience of the Western religious mind for the same reasons.