Monday, September 18, 2006

And The Dhimmitude Devolvement Begins . . .

When does a Western nation reach another milestone in its devolvement into dhimmitude and slavery to Islam? Well, I do believe when the Churches of a Western country go on high alert for arson and murderous bomb attacks, a milestone has been reached. Yes, and each milestone reminds me of one of my favorite 'sayings' - when you are in a hole, quit digging.

Well the West continues to dig furiously in the broadest of ways. First, a Western country insists there is no valid history of Islam as a murderous aggressor. We were just as bad. Right? Second, 'lieing eyes syndrome' is pervasive. Third, they keep letting them in. The US just allowed 100,000 Muslim immigrants in this past year alone. Who knows how many come on visitor and student visas and never leave. Fourth, by refusing to recognize dhimmitude, they choose to not blame Islam for the protection the non-Muslims and their non-Muslim institutions, like a church. After all before the Muslims came, we were just as bad. Remember in the 50's and 60's when Christians were blowing up all non-Christian houses of worship.

Dig, dig, dig. Sing a song.

Dig, dig, dig.
Refuse to see,
our lives in jeopardy.

Police patrols at churches stepped up in Pope row
By John Steele and Jonathan Petre, Religion Correspondent

(Filed: 19/09/2006)

Police patrols have been increased around hundreds of churches and mosques because of fears that the Pope's comments about Islam could provoke violence.

Clergy in the London area have been visited by officers or have been asked to contact their local stations urgently to discuss security. They have been given numbers to call if their churches are attacked.

A Palestinian boy looks at the damage following an attack on the Roman Catholic church in Tulkarm
In what Scotland Yard described as a "reassurance" exercise, it decided at the weekend to act quickly to increase security around churches and mosques. ......


Thomas_the_kaffir said...

increase security around mosques? dont make me laugh!!!

i cant see many christans marching on the ilford or barking mosques, waving banners sayin "those who attack christianity (and her churches) should be beheaded" can you?

or these mosques being the target of arson attacks.

and bear in mind the ilford mosque address is in Victoria Road, why not call it "the Victoria Rd mosque" or the notorious Findsbury park mosque (in ST Thomas RD) being called the St Thomas's Rd mosque...

because as far as i can see they have no respect for the country they have brought the religion to

The Anti-Jihadist said...

The UK is on the road to suicide like the rest of Europe. Far as I know, it's illegal there to hold up US or Israeli flags, or anything remotely anti-jihad, in public, but it's perfectly ok to hold huge pro-terror rallies. Madness, sheer madness. Just what the hell are you Brits thinking?

Thomas_the_kaffir said...

its true "anti-jidahist"

a while ago in a small town in the midlands, i woman who collected caricature pigs that could be seen through the front of her house was forced by the local council to remove them because of the amount of complaints from muslims. and i thought we lived in a free country

this country is becoming a joke that is slowly decsending in dhimmitued >:-(

Mark said...


Aren't you just sick to death of all that's going on around you? The prevarications, the dhimmitude, the spinelessness, and the corruption?

I'm beginning to wonder whether the West can win this. I really am.

Mark said...

The Anti-Jihadist:

Just what the hell are you Brits thinking?

I wonder this, too. Fortunately, there are some sane Brits who know what's going on. Unfortunately, they are pretty powerless to stop the rot.