Sunday, September 03, 2006

The Arab Pride

Living in the U. A. E. isn’t much fun. You can either look at “the beautiful sand all around you” or you can go to the clubs and go out with the prostitutes. Well I’m not into the latter and I don’t appreciate the former, for some weird reason! Anyway, what I do is go around, talk to people, and observe their behavior toward the non-Muslims and stuff like that.

I used to have long hair, a more of a Pakistani look—when I used to talk to Arabs, they would have this attitude toward me like I am some kind of a slave who is begging them for mercy. But that attitude has changed since I cut my hair short. Now I look more like an Arab (a fact that I don’t really appreciate), when I approach somebody to talk, they have this smile on their face like I am one of their long lost brothers and they’re really happy I haven’t yet blown myself up.

They start talking to me in Arabic, but when I tell them, ‘I am not an Arab!’ the smile slowly disappears and then I am again reminded, “I am not wanted here.”

Well, you know, it is known here that that’s normal for Arabs, they’re a proud people and that to them, others aren’t nearly as good as them—that the rest of the world was actually created to serve them. Well, they can dream all they want—but the sad thing is, people here accept that fact and work for the Arabs without any objection to the way they’re treated.

But not every non-Arab is treated badly by the Arabs, if you’re making money for them, well they will even kiss your butt, you stop making money—you won’t be able to sit on your butt for a month.

Next time somebody complains to you about racism in the West, send them to the U. A. E. (or Saudi Arabia); I am sure it will change their mind forever. I, for the moment, will just roam around and have fun making fools out of those “special” Arabs.


John Sobieski said...

I won't hold my breath for the MSM to rush to the Middle East to do an expose on the racist and discriminatory hellhole guest workers and nonArabs in general experience. It wouldn't be PC at all.

Anonymous said...

"Arab Pride" omes across as similar Dutch Treat. Arrogance and (damn egotism)vanity cannot be true pride of the praiseworthy sort. You have to possess universally recogniseable moral exactitude to claim the real McCoy.

Among all other things, Misogyny alone in their midst debunked totally any such claim in this modern world.

Like it or not, Arabs don't score high in others' esteem except in the eyes of those co-religionist wannabes.


Rejean said...

Dear Avenging Apostate, you write so well.
Could you tell me on what they can base their sense of superiority?
If they were listening at other thing than that "full of shit al jazee something, they would discover how low they are under us, westerners.If they wouldn't have us to make what they are too stupid to do,they would eat camel steaks seasonned with sand for the rest of their life.
Fuck allah, fuck mohamed,fuck islam!

Anonymous said...


I don't understand why the MSM is so blind when it comes to the crimes committed by the Muslims. Political Correctness does not make sense to me.


Thanks for your comment and your kind thoughts about Islam, Allah and Mohammed.

The Muslim Arab pride comes from the fact that they BELIEVE they are descendants of Ishmael and since Mohammed was an Arab and according to them, the greatest prophet of them all, they feel they're superior to every other race in this world.

Anonymous said...

True to form, the PROUD Soddy Ayrab protects its own kind:

Saudis Stand Behind Woman Abuser.

The Saudis have a new cause celebre, Homaidan Al-Turki, convicted earlier this year in Colorado of keeping an Indonesian woman housekeeper in slavery-like bondage........


Anonymous said...

Your ignorance and low self esteem lead you to your conclusions which are equaled only by another moron (G.W.Bush). When a greedy pig of your kind comes to this land, self respect is rarely a concern for them. When someone generalizes a whole race as you have done, it says a lot about there lack of education. Accusing the Arabs of having a racist view means that you didn’t read between your own lines to see your own bigotry.

I pity little people like you…

European Kafir said...

@ anonym:

your anonymus post to is telling me all about you.
I DO PITY people like YOU!!!

no more comment needed here.

European Kafir

Anonymous said...


When someone generalizes a whole race as you have done, it says a lot about there lack of education.

Well, first off! I usually don't reply to ignorant comments like yours, but since you accused me of doing something I didn't, well here it is.

Education? Well did they teach you to read things in their context when you were in school? I think they didn't or else you would have the ability (that even a 7 year old child has) to read my post with open eyes and see the starting phrase "Living in the U. A. E.. Now my ignorant commentor, see that? It is a post about the U. A. E.

After reading your comment, I think you're either way too moronic to know about what goes on in the U. A. E. (or Saudi Arabia, another country I mentioned in my post, but you wouldn't know because you were too busy sticking your head up your ass) or you are another dhimmi ready to bend over so the Arabs can kick your ass.

Well, I pity YOU for that and for being a demented shithead for making assumptions without even reading my post.

Next time you think about calling people names, think of this comment first.

Have fun.

Anonymous said...

WRT that anonymous one, here's another example of Arab high esteem of self through abuse, viz, slavery of others in the US.

Saudi Prince’s Wife Charged With Enslaving 2 Women:

Bush Derangement Sybdrome(BDS) presented as as a mark of education. What would such a person do without the LLL to teach that sort of "education"?

"Greedy", Ah, that's the well known oil ticks' indolent ways.

"When one generalizes a whole race.....". What when a whole race regard others as infidels, and themselves the "best people" in their pedagogy? The chimney calls the kettle black over racism and crowns itself imperialistically.

"Accusing the Arabs of having a racist view..." More than a view, it's deeply cultural.

Which other race/culture upholds lying(taqiyyah) as a virtue?


Anonymous said...


Thanks for your comments. Leftist lunies have to learn a lot. Blaming the West for everything, I think, is sort of old now. They should come up with something new and creative but maybe they're not even capable of that.

But, let me make myself clear once more. My post is about my personal experience in the U. A. E. (and Saudi Arabia), I don't know how Arabs are in other countries and that's the reason I don't write about them.

If it is an Arab doing some crap, I won't hold back and zip my mouth just because he's an Arab, I will point toward him and say, 'Hey! That ARAB did that wrong...', I don't care if people want to label me a racist or a bigot. I am used to this kind of bullcrap and honestly, very tired of it too.

Anonymous said...

Halleluiah, Amen!!!
Fuck I’m at a KKK meeting.

To all you miserable sods, I hope you are cured soon.

P.S. If you don't like the UAE leave it you miserable fuck. Or you can't because you have no jobs in your country or because you are worthless and couldn't find a job or compete in your home town of hicks’ vile KKK land.

Go fuck your sister I hear you guys like to do that kinda shit.

The Anti-Jihadist said...

Whoa, major league troll! Maybe Mr Troll will sponsor Apostate's permanent vacation from the glorious UAE? Can he send $10000?

European Kafir said...


Thank you for your coming out!!! Your language is betraying you, you are a low-educated and stupid creature. Whenever you open your mouth you are polluting the air around you. So please go to UAE and do this just there! Cause there you won`t do any harm since you will be among your kind.

Apostate: carry on with you excellent posts!

Anonymous said...

Wow, with all these comments, I'm thinking I'm hitting all the right chords here. Muslims and leftists hate me. Could I ask for anything more?

What's funny though is that with all the information out there about me, they all end up accusing me of being a WHITE racist person (KKK reference). I don't know if I should laugh at that or break my monitor...well, I love my monitor too much!! Maybe I'll just call my KKK buddies to do that!(DUH!).

Racist? Well, I hate to repeat myself, so, read my previous comments in this thread.

And Anonymous, please don't share your fantasies here, what you do with your family is your business!

AJ and EK, thanks for your comments. If losers like Anon were to discourage me, I'd be a Muslim planning to blow myself up right now (OH MY! My KKK mind at work again!)

Anonymous said...

The KKK epoch has come and gone just as the one of Jenghis Khan and his grandson, Helugu Khan but the Jihad has continued for 1400 years. Ppl learned and evolved from their mistakes in history, ancient and recent, but some others are compulsively slotted for selfsame vomitville.

Accordingly then(as their present day jinny tales propaganda go), they have never lost any war. On the flipside, we must believe also that their religion is indisputeably a RoP. Or else!



Anonymous said...

A Caucasian man who is prejudiced against the people of another race is simply a WHITE man who hates others.

But a Muslim Arab who is prejudiced against people of all the other races in the world is simply "fighting for his rights and it's the Western people that made him do that."

Well if that argument stands then I put food in my ears, I hear through my mouth, I walk on my hands and I type with my toes!!!!

Anonymous said...

you can make your building the tallest building in the city by doing 1 of two things.. you can either knock down all the other buildings or you can build your building higher...
focus on yourselfs - learn from whoever you can whether they be arab,jew,american or chinese.
everybody is the same on the inside and has the same feelings and needs and fears the same and wants the same.

Anonymous said...

pride yourself on one thing - your own productivity - not on your ancestors, your family or anything like that. pride yourself on your ability to build and learn an interpret the world around you. take all things with a grain of salt. learn how the world truly works.

Anonymous said...

you are generalising about arabs being proud and racist. I am a UAE national arab and yes I could say most of us and arabs from the gulf region do consider themselves superior in some way. but most arabs from northern regions and Africa are some of the nicest people around from my experience. nothing like Emaratis and Saudis and Kuwaitis.