Thursday, September 21, 2006

(Even more) Big lies at the UN

Malaysian quiet jihadist Abdullah rolls out the Official Party Line at the Ummah Nations (UN) at Turtle Bay.

Be warned, you are now entering the Cognitive Dissonance Zone:

Calling for more honest dialogues, he said: “Any dialogue would certainly fail if it is already predetermined that certain states are ‘rogues’ or that certain countries are necessarily ‘evil’.”

He explained that Islam was not the source of intolerance between peoples of different faiths.

The “perverse words and evil deeds” of extremists from the fringes of Muslim societies must not be confused as a reflection of Islamic culture, he stressed.

“The demonisation of Islam must be stopped and Islamophobia must be removed,” he said.

The suppression of Palestine, the invasion of Afghanistan and the destruction of Lebanon, among others, were carried out in the name of the war against terrorism, he said, but the Muslim world would view these actions as a complicity to humiliate Muslim countries.

“The fact is that the sense of humiliation felt by the Muslim world is the root cause for the loss of trust between the Muslim world and the Judeo-Christian civilisation.”

OK, let's recap.

'You kuffirs have got to stop keeping us Muslims down', check.

'We're misunderstood and it's all your fault', check.

'Islam is tolerant, don't check the Koran on that, just trust me', check.

'Judge us by my words, not by our actions or deeds', check.

"A big lie, told often enough, is more believable than a small one." -A. Hitler

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John Sobieski said...

It is so absurd on its face. The only reason our leaders buy this BS is because they are too lazy to read a book about what the Koran really says and who Mo really was.