Thursday, September 28, 2006

From Switzerland - "US Deepened Islam-West Mistrust"- Tariq Ramadan

Tuesday 12 September 2006 4:57:08 pm
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BERN — The US administration has proved untrustworthy following the September 11 attacks and its response to the terror act has deepened a gap of mistrust between the Muslim world and the West, a prominent Swiss Muslim scholar said Tuesday, September 12.

EK: As usual... it`s not their fault that they only know the language of the sword

"I think the great majority of Muslim people around the world expressed their condemnation of what happened. The feeling is that it was not Islamic and was against our values," Tariq Ramadan told swissinfo in an interview.

EK: I don`t recall hearing the "great majority of Muslim people" condemning that crime. All I heard was them blaming it on the Jews.

"But there is a very deep lack of trust because of what happened afterwards at a global level," said Ramadan, who is currently working as a senior research fellow at St Anthony's College, Oxford University, and at the Lokahi Foundation in London.
Ramadan, who published more than 200 books on Islam, added that overall perception of the consequences of 9/11 is quite negative with Muslims in the United States and the West feeling under siege.

EK: " Muslims feeling under siege" in the USA and Europa... are they not free to RETURN to where they come from or where they feel welcome?

"Over the past five years there have been many people saying we need more mutual understanding, but since September 11 events around the world have conspired against this," he said.

EK: "Mutual understanding" to them means: us bending to Islamic rules.

"There is still this perception in the West that Islam is a potential threat, not only the extremists and radicals but Muslims in general," lamented Ramadan, who was appointed to a British government task force set up to combat radicalization and extremism in the wake of the London bombings.

EK: yes, I feel threatened by their constant terror attacks, their violence and their unwillingness to separate religion and politics.

He said anti-terror laws in the West and the US global war on terror with news about rendition flights and torture of terror suspects have added insult to injury.
The US Senate Office Of Research has said that the Arab Americans and the Muslim community have taken the brunt of the Patriot Act and other federal powers applied in the aftermath of the 9/11 attacks.
Amnesty International also repeatedly said that racial profiling by US law enforcement agencies had grown dramatically in the wake of the terrorist attacks.

EK: AI has always been showing blindness when it came to oppression, torture, killings, rape etc. in Islamic countries. Therefore I can`t take for serious any statement made by Amnesty International.

Ramadan himself experienced racial profiling when he was denied a US visa to teach Islamic philosophy and ethics at Indiana's Notre Dame University's Kroc Institute for International Peace Studies.

EK: I am sure every Islamic country is granting visas to whoever has expressed his/her feelings against Islam and invites all of us to teach Christian, Jewish, Hindu..etc. philosophy at any University..... not!

The US State Department revoked his visa in July 2004 on the recommendation of officials in the Department of Homeland Security.
A US federal judge criticized last April the Bush administration for being inconsistent in its handling the visa application of Ramadan.
Ramadan said the US administration has proved untrustworthy.
"The current US administration under [George W. Bush] is perceived as untrustworthy and merely acting in favor of specific interests."

EK: I am not GWB supporter at all... but I would always trust him more than any Muslim imam or politician....or most Muslims.

He continued: "Muslims hear the West talking about democracy and human rights, yet they see that intervention in Iraq and Afghanistan has not brought democracy and that people are not being treated in a dignified way."
Ramadan said Muslims and Arabs pinned high hopes on a unified Europe to counterweight the US hegemony, but woke up to a European Union following in the footsteps of Washington.
"Europe is seen as having the potential to be different but instead follows the lead set by the US," he said.

EK: If only the last statement was true, then I would feel happier to be European.

"After [their opposition to] the war in Iraq, there had been hope that European governments might show another face. But the war in Lebanon showed that little can be expected from Europe and that it is not courageous enough to take a stand on the Arab side."
Europe's heavyweights were reluctant to call for an immediate ceasefire in the latest Israeli war on Lebanon, echoing a US stance.
Thirty-three days of massive Israeli air strikes and bombardment killed up 1, 200 people, nearly all civilians, and left the country's hard-won infrastructure in tatters.
"Muslim countries believe Israel was effectively given the green light to kill civilians in Lebanon for more than five weeks," said Ramadan.

EK: I remember the over 3000 Katjusha rockets fired at Israeli civilians... and I remember the kidnapping of the 3 Israeli soldiers, I remember the constant suicide attacks coming from Gaza etc.... who gave them green light???

I DON`T remember Israel targeting civilians.

Ramadan, who was named by Time magazine as one of 100 innovators of the 21st Century for his work on creating an independent European Islam, said the West has to be "consistence" should it want to turn a new leaf with the Muslim world.

EK: Time magazine has "honored" many unworthy people before...

"You cannot say on the one hand that you are promoting democracy when on the other you are dealing with dictatorships," in the Middle East, he said.

EK: The only dictatorships we really have to "deal" with...are the ones of Islamic countries.

"Also this continuous discourse on the impossibility of integration is pushing Muslims to the margins of society. In Europe and the United States we still present Islam as something that is alien, as if we don't have shared values and cannot live together," he noted.

EK: Excuse me please, Mr. Ramadan, but I can`t find any "value" that I wish to share with you as long as you keep giving me proof that your "values" are based on violence.



defiant_infidel said...

Very well done. With saturated excrement articles like that, I also believe that a direct, point by point rebuttal is always the most thorough and effective response. Don't you wish it would be effective enough to penetrate a thick liberal skull or two... in any country?!

European Kafir said...


thank you for your comment. and YES i wished we could penetrate the skulls of certain people and show them what islam is about.

lets just hope that the day they will realize what islam is about.. and doing to us... it won`t be too late.

The Anti-Jihadist said...

Is this same supposed "moderate" Tariq Ramadhan who has been repeatedly denied a visa to enter the US?

Anonymous said...

Trust is not a one way street as mozzies expect of everything as well.


John Sobieski said...

For the record, Ramadan was denied the visa because he has been proven to be a jihadist sympathizer, not because the US is 'racist.' Taqiyyamasters need not apply.