Saturday, September 09, 2006

Iran-Malaysia marriage about to be consummated

Today in Kuala Lumpur, that ever-steamy capital city of Malaysia, I noted a number of newly-posted public banners and signs, advertising an upcoming event called the "Iran-Malaysia Expo", AKA "IMEX 06". It's scheduled to take place on 21-24 Sept 2006 in the brand-new KL Convention Centre in downtown KL. It doesn't get much more high-profile than that.

This expo will highlight the growing alliance between the two Islamic states and will demonstrate their increasing collaboration in a number of fields, including industry and advanced technologies. Here's the official spin on IMEX 06 and Malaysia's ever-growing friendship with the Iranian Islamic Reich:

IMEX 06 will be held for Iranian & Malaysian companies who are eager to gain access to the opportunities in both countries. The exhibition offers platform for facilitating trade of products and services, know-how and technology; and a collaboration, development and investment exchange between industry counterparts from each country. The event will also serve as an information, investment, policy, and education source for all parties on bilateral initiatives for industry partnerships.

Golly, isn't this all just swell? Maybe the Mad Jad can stop by the expo and pick up the last few components he needs to finish his Nukes for Allah.

The website for all this is here. The site is only half in English, with the rest in Farsi, but the photos speak volumes.


Cubed © said...

And maybe the Iraq-Iran marriage, too; Malaki just keeps cozying up to Iran, and apparently his connections are tighter than we have been told.

Of course, Chavez and Iran are getting all kissy-kissy, too!

Sharku said...

They are choosing up sides, making their plans. The only thing they are waiting on is for the "cowboy" to leave office. It is sad that we are losing the will to fight.

Anonymous said...

Malaki sees the "value" in letting the notoriously lying fox into the henhouse.