Friday, September 01, 2006

It's the religion, Stupid!

Watch President Bush speaking to military veterans in Salt Lake City in Utah

”The war we fight today is more than a military conflict. It is the decisive ideological struggle of the 21st Century. Despite their [the various “terrorist” groups'] differences, these groups form the outline of a single movement, a worldwide network of radicals that use terror to kill those who stand in the way of their totalitarian ideology. And the unifying feature of this movement, the link that spans sectarian divisions and local grievances, is the rigid conviction that free societies are a threat to their twisted view of Islam.” - President Bush

President Bush’s foreign policy with regard to “Islamic terrorists” has no foundation. It is like the house built on sand! If President Bush really thinks that this war against “Islamic terrorists” is going to be won by ignoring the cause of the problem we face, then he is deluding himself.

No war was ever won without identifying the enemy. A doctor cannot effect a cure for a sick man if he doesn’t identify the disease. He cannot beat the disease simply by treating the symptoms. In order for the doctor to beat the disease, he must first identify the disease itself. Similarly, if we are to win this war, we have to identify the root cause of the problems we face. We must ask ourselves where is all this hatred stemming from? What is at the root of the problem?

One has to be either ignorant, stupid, foolish, or just plain obstinate not to see that the root cause of our problems with “terrorists” is Islam itself. These are “Islamic terrorists”, and they are fired by their religion, Islam, to take over the rest of the world, and Islamize it. These “Islamic terrorists” are actually jihadis, and they are out to turn the “House of War”, or Dar ul Harb, into the “House of Islam”, or Dar ul Islam.

These jihadis don't have any “twisted view of Islam” at all! In fact, they have a very good understanding of their religion, and they intend to live by its tenets. YOU, Mr President, have a “twisted” view of Islam, not the jihadis! They know what they are doing, but do you know what you are doing? That is the question YOU need to ask YOURSELF!

What is happening in the world today is nothing much different from what has been happening in the world for the past 1400 years. Muslims have been busy Islamizing the world for about that long. But, of course, there have been quiet spells, because they haven’t always had the money to finance the jihad as they have today. When people are forced, through poverty, to dwell in tents as Bedouins, they have their next meal to think about; so they fight, if at all, amongst themselves. These days, however, they are awash with petrodollars; so they have plenty of money, billions in fact, to finance their jihadi activities. And, Mr President, you need look no further than your big chums in Saudi Arabia for evidence of the petrodollars being used around the world to finance and propagate their particularly pernicious brand of Islam – Wahhabism. Yet you continue to insist on cozying up to the Saudis, insisting that they are your friends and allies.

Then, on the other side of the Persian Gulf, we have the Iranians. They, too, are awash with cash to finance their Shiite version of Islam throughout the world. We have them financing such jihadi organizations as Hizbullah. And the Syrians help the Iranians along.

So we have a fight on a grand scale for supremacy in the world – Sunni and Shiite Islam. We in the West are allowing both forms of Islam to be propagated here at home, in the form of mosques (where hatred of the infidel and anti-Semitism are propagated), in the form of propagation centres proper, in the form of madrassahs, in the form of university chairs in what were once respectable Western universities, thus shutting up professors and getting them on side. The list goes on. Yet YOU, Mr President, insist that the version of Islam the jihadis are working hard to propagate throughout the world is a “twisted” one.

When you speak like this, you make yourself sound foolish, very foolish indeed. It also makes one think that people at the very top in government are being paid off by their Saudi masters for speaking highly of a faith that is out to destroy the West, destroy democracy, and destroy freedom.

When did you last read a history book, Mr President? Have you ever read anything about the crusades? Have you ever read anything about al-Andalus, and how it took the Spanish centuries to rid Spain of Islamic influence? Do you have any idea of what is really going on? Or are you just being shut up by your Saudi masters because you and your henchmen such as Cheney are in their pay?

Something sinister is going on here in the West! Something rotten!

You have talked so much about bringing democracy to the Middle East. Forget it! Middle Easterners, by and large, don’t want Western democracy. This is obvious to all but the blind. What they want is to follow the Islamic path, they want Islamic theocracy. So what you need to do is not spend your energy and the resources of the West on a vain attempt to bring democracy to them; rather you should be diverting your energy and the West’s resources to ensuring that Muslims don’t manage to bring their anti-democratic, pro-Islamic theocratic ideas here to the West! That is our real danger, Mr President. Keep Islam out of the West as far as is humanly possible! Stunt its growth here! Reverse any trends you can!

Islam has entered the West and has put down roots here. Sadly! They did the same in Egypt and Syria and Libya centuries ago. And look what happened to those countries! They are now Islamic. The same will happen to the West, because leaders like you steadfastly refuse either to see or to understand what is happening under our very noses.

Your speech to the military veterans in Salt Lake City was a tame one. It lacks conviction; so it is certainly not convincing. Further, until and unless you change your tired, worn-out tune, until you stop making lame excuses for the very belligerent religion of Islam, you will never win this war, and you will never carry the people, either in the US, Europe, Australasia, or any other part of the free world, with you. You are wasting your time. You have hyped up Iraq, probably to save your own face; but Iraq was never the real problem, Islam was, is, and ever will be.

No, Mr President, the jihadis do not have a “twisted” version of their faith, YOU do! When will you ever learn? Simply put, Mr President, and as the Democratic Party's one-time strategist, James Carville, might have said: It’s the religion, Stupid!

©Mark Alexander


KG said...

"Something sinister is going on here in the West! Something rotten!"
Absolutely. When State dept. employees can retire on the (very comfortable) Saudi dollar, when State cosy up to the Saudis and take their side against American citizens, we're all in deep trouble.
At first I thought the words of Bush, Rice and Powell were part of some realpolitik game I was too dumb to grasp. No more.
I firmly believe that they're selling out the West from right under our noses.
There is a time for war, real, red blooded war. That time is now and past now. Diplomacy has failed. Iraq will be a failure.
Time to stand, and to get rid of any politicians who aren't prepared to do so.

Mark said...


When State dept. employees can retire on the (very comfortable) Saudi dollar, when State cosy up to the Saudis and take their side against American citizens, we're all in deep trouble.

How disgusting!

I firmly believe that they're selling out the West from right under our noses.

So do I. Bush & Co are duplicitous. Why do you think Bush won't come out and state the obvious? Becasue there's too much money at stake, of course.

Anonymous said...

The rottenness comes from the acquired political correctness of the existing multicuturalist nonsense promoted by the LLL. Over time this creeps into what is the conservative establishment as well.

The US Foggy Bottom wrt the States Department's Immigration Service is one fat incompetent bureaucracy and has been so for a very long time. Condi is getting to be disappointing as well.

Fortunately, at least, it's not flip flop Kerry in the White House or another dishonest Clinton type donkey there. They can be far worse than this duplicitous.


Mark said...

Well, Anonymous, I, for one, am very disappointed in Bush, and I speak as a one-time fan of his.

He has NO UNDERSTANDING of what we are facing. How can he if he goes aaround talking of Islam as a "religion of peace"? Either he has no understanding, or he's a liar.

He is NEVER going to win this war for us, at least not until the enemy has been precisely identified.

Bush is trying to put treacle on a bitter pill, but in so doing, he is avoiding the issue. Unless the issue is addressed properly, there will be NO VICTORY!

Presidents don't come much worse than this sucker!

John Sobieski said...

Condi is an absolute disaster. Only Bolton I can respect. Bush is on the dole or is just too stupid to read a book.

Anonymous said...

It may have to take another AQ type outrage on US soil to shake the PC out of Bush's system. His stand on the Port issue was simply a great minus. Yes, Bolton got it right.


Anonymous said...

Murderous hate monger Ayatollah Katami gets a 2 weeks visa to the US from infamous Foggy Bottoms. That's an act of damn infamy from the later. Hard to believe it's not on the take.