Tuesday, September 12, 2006

Jihad, Another September 11th, Another Century

Today, I was thinking 'How much longer will this absurd pretending about who or what is our enemy go on?' 10 years? five? three? Certainly not one. I see a lot of pretending to go. You don't care what Bush says about the war on 'terror' because you know it is so stupid, so evasive, so vague, so misleading. But is he misleading himself as well? Apparently so. After all, he still BELIEVES in his torch of 'freedom and democracy' lighting the way for the wayward Islam. But Islam isn't wayward at all. In fact, as jihad goes, Islam is waxing large. In fact, we are keeping the path clear by letting more Muslims into the West. We can't destroy it, can we? It should be isolated and repulsed. We should have them fight among themselves, why aren't we plotting that? That makes sense.

No instead we are wallowing in pity, a fog of political correctness and absurd denial. Who are you going to believe, me or your lying eyes? We can't say it. I do. We can't think it. I do. It is time to ban Islam in America. No more Muslim immigrants. No more. This will come some day or we will perish.

I was making the rounds on the web, and at Lawremce Auster's website View From the Right, I came across the final paragraph of Paul Sella's exceptional article The Victory of September 11th regarding another war against Islam in 1565. This paragraph summarizes the truth that our leaders refuse to think, refuse to speak. It was so exceptional, Larry had cited it and I am repeating it here. We here at PI say it and nobody is going to shut us up.

On this day, when we remember the act of treachery and malevolence that finally made manifest to us this war, it is foolish to abstract it from its historical context. It is foolish to remember New York, September 11, 2001, and never once think about Vienna, September 11, 1683, or Malta, September 11, 1565; or even Constantinople, May 29, 1453 or Tours, October 7, 732. We might as well talk obsessively about Normandy and say nothing of Pearl Harbor or the Molotov-Ribbentrop Pact. We might as well fix our attention on Gettysburg and cultivate perfect innocence of Ft. Sumter or First Manassas. No, we must show more imagination than that. We must bring ourselves around to see that there are older and more implacable things on this earth than what our predilections tell us, and that the Jihad is one of the oldest and most implacable.

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Anonymous said...

The kings of old Europe new what to do with muslims. After Vienna was saved all those who accepted Islam were given the choice of reintegrating to Chritianity or they were expelled to muslim lands