Monday, September 18, 2006

Life Imitating Art - "The Camp of the Saints' Strikes Again

Asian migrants arrive at Tenerife

[Asian is code for Muslims, and the North African Muslims are invading in droves. Now the mostly Muslim refugees will demand under some 'universal human right' that they must be allowed to stay and live off the West.

Some of the Asians needed medical treatment Almost 200 migrants believed to be from Pakistan and Sri Lanka have reached Spain's Canary Islands by boat.
They were found to be tightly packed in the hold of the large steel vessel. {In Camp of the Saints, they were tightly packed from the bottom to the top, and in the many thousands on several ships. I think it was more than 50 thousand.}

Eighteen of them were allowed off the boat for medical reasons. Some said they had been without food or drink for five days. [Ditto. In Camp of the Saints, these packed huge ships anchored off the French coast were dumping hundreds of dead rotting bodies into the bay. It was so bad, the guv'mint had to have workers fulltime collecting the floating carcasses washing ashore. And the leftists...well, you can just imagine.}

Spain plans to repatriate the migrants, who are the first Asians among more than 24,000 migrants to arrive on the Canary Islands from Africa this year. [Canary Islands has a population of less than 2 million. The US has 300 million, and the equivalent refugees showing up by boat would be about 3 MILLION! Can you imagine! And while Europe burns, the EU elite fiddle.]

The boat was boarded by Spanish police on Thursday when it anchored 3km (two miles) south of Tenerife island.

There was no one on the bridge and the people who had acted as crew were hiding among the rest of the passengers [The same thing happened in Camp of the Saints.]

The steel-hulled vessel, described by an official as "half-fishing boat, half freighter", was escorted into the port of Santa Cruz on Friday.



The Asians were tightly packed into the hold of the boat. A regional official, Jose Segura, said the conditions aboard were "indescribable". [It just goes on and on.]

It is not clear where the migrants had started their sea journey and what their final destination was. The crew had mixed with the migrants on board. The boat was not flying a flag when the naval patrol went on board. [Yep.]

"There was no one on the bridge and the people who had acted as crew were hiding among the rest of the passengers," Mr Segura said.

Spain's El Pais newspaper says Pakistanis had flown to Dakar, the capital of Senegal, and were paying $500 (£266) each to Senegalese traffickers in the hope of continuing their journey by sea to Greece.

The Asians arrived as Spain resumed repatriation of Senegalese illegal migrants from the Canary Islands. The island authorities say the influx of Africans is a humanitarian crisis.

A special ministerial committee was set up to deal with the arrival of the Asian migrants. Deputy Prime Minister Maria Teresa Fernandez de la Vega said the government was going to negotiate a fast repatriation of the new arrivals. [right, right, to where?]


Anonymous said...

And by some peculiar coincidence,despite "The Camp Of The Saints" having been written in the 70s,the pope in the book is named Benedict xvi.

The Anti-Jihadist said...

By "negotiate", I strongly suspect the Spaniards are going to pay someone off to take this latest batch of "asians" off their hands. No doubt this is going to be a very lucrative racket, for somebody.

Anonymous said...

Camp of the Saints is hardly art.