Sunday, September 10, 2006

Mitch Romney Is the Closest to Understanding the Threat of Islam

One of the obvious conclusions from the Bush administration's 'war on terror' is that we need the next President to be able to read books critical of Islam and undertand the true ideology, the overwhelming theme of Islam - jihad against the kafir, their subjugation or murder, and the enslavement of the kafir to serve their Muslim masters. Bush recently got up the nerve to say 'Islamic fascist', but got slapped by his Saudi masters, and backed off. Now we are back to 'extremist ideology'. Have you ever heard of anything so absurd?

But one and only one of the Republican contenders gets it and really understands. That is Mitch Romney. In an article by Diana West, she quotes Romney regarding his opposition to using Mass. taxpayer money to protect Khatami - "State taxpayers should not be providing special treatment to an individual who supports violent jihad and the destruction of Israel." It is just another point in Romney's favor. He has made blunt statements about Islam that can give one hope that this muddled fog our government works under will lift if he becomes President.

Guiliani, another candidate, was on a Fox news show recently, and sadly he babbled about the 'root cause' of terrorism - you know, dictatorship, poverty, yada yada yada. Between that and his agreement with Bush that we NEED an amnesty destroyed my faith in him as my choice for Republican candidate for President.

Then you have Newt Gingrich. Clearly the man is finally reading the right books (Spencer, Trifklovic, Bostom, Bat Ye'or, Emerson, etc) and is getting closer to the truth.

McCain - clueless, a liberal in Republican drag

As for the Democrats, they are clueless and hopeless. Really, you look at all these candidates, and the only one who has apparently done his homework, after five years no less, is Mitch Romney.


Cubed © said...


The closer we get to the elections, the better all this will sift out. I missed the Giuliani misstep - I had hoped he was made of better stuff. When he refused the check from What'shisface, the Saudi "prince," I cheered.

Poor Bush - he has been wearing a blindfold from the beginning, and because of that, he has become overwhelmed by events he is only now beginning to understand. The hole he has dug for himself is too deep for him to climb out of before he leaves office.

As for McCain, I think something must have happened to him when he was in the Hanoi Hilton. That man just ain't right, as we used to say in the South.

I think Tom Tancredo "gets it" about Islam and the dangers to our sovereignty and our national security presented by the essentially non-existent border. Maybe, as we get closer to the elections, his voice will be heard.

I'm glad Newt is making progress; I wish all politicians were. I hate for our policy-makers to be such slow learners!

And Mitch - let's keep our fingers crossed! We can't afford any more mistakes! Let's hope that his understanding of the goal of jihad extends beyond Israel to the entire infidel world!

John Sobieski said...

We have no time for ANOTHER learning curve. This political correctness and multiculturalism must end.