Monday, September 11, 2006

Never, ever forget

Never, ever forget.

Fathers, sons, brothers, mothers, sisters. Americans. Guilty only of being infidels. Three thousand murdered by Muslims in cold blood.

The murder in Allah's name continues to this very day.

The blathering taqiyya masters are on CNN and the Beeb today, doing a full court press. False moderates and liars, all of them.

Islam kills. Jihad kills. Never, ever forget that.


European Kafir said...

as for me: i will never ever forget. this day will always be stuck in my mind.. and i will also never ever forget... who did it! may all who were behind this attack, or supported it suffer for the rest of their life.

my thoughts are going out to all the people who have lost loved ones and are with the victims of this horrid, evil and dastardly attack against humanity.


Anonymous said...


Always On Watch said...

Fathers, son, brothers, mothers, sisters.

And children as well! We don't hear much about the children who were murdered.

KG said...

I refused to post a "memorial" on my blog.
It wasn't a tragedy, it was an atrocity and I will never NEVER forgive the sick bastard ideology responsible for it.

Nilk said...

I will never forget, and I can't forgive, but I'll have that out with God when I pass on from here.

I watched the 2nd plane hit, a month after my mum died. 2 months after that I was pregnant.

My daughter is 4, and I watch her running free around the yard, or up and down the street, or in the park.

Bare legs and arms and head, huge smiles and demanding cuddles.

Then I look at how our freedoms are being eroded in an effort to appease a minority who would swathe her in order to 'preserve' her chastity and modesty from men who would be tempted by her, who believe that for her to be a proper woman she would need to have viable parts of her anatomy sliced off.

Every year, she grows more capable, and forward and fearless, and I grow more angry.

I will never forget, and never forgive.

God rest those who were butchered and are being butchered even now in the name of a false idol.