Saturday, September 23, 2006

Our Enemy Gathers . . . .

Check out this lovefest for Nasrallah. Our enemy gathers, they can taste the victory and the infidels will be humiliated and destroyed. Why are we letting Muslims into our country? Why?

Vast Lebanon Throng Hails Hezbollah Chief, Who Calls the Militia Stronger

BEIRUT, Lebanon, Sept. 22 — Hundreds of thousands of people stood Friday and chanted “God, God, protect Nasrallah.” It was the moment they had waited for: Hezbollah’s leader, Hassan Nasrallah, in person, declaring that his militia was stronger than ever and that no army in the world could force it to disarm.

Lynsey Addario for The New York Times
At the rally, the leader of Hezbollah, Hassan Nasrallah, declared that the militia had emerged stronger from its recent war with Israel. "Not a single army in the world will be able to dismantle our resistance," he said, and asserted that Hezbollah still had 20,000 missiles in its arsenal. It was Sheik Nasrallah's first public appearance since the war with Isarel started in July. More Photos »
This was Sheik Nasrallah’s first public appearance since the war with Israel started in July, and it was steeped in defiance: at Israel, the United States, Arab heads of state and those political forces in Lebanon aiming to clip Hezbollah’s political and military power. . . .


Nilk said...

"Not a single army in the world will be able to dismantle our resistance,"

I guess we'll just have to use two or more, in that case.

Of course, we can't expect any assistance from the UN, even though the cessation of hostilities came at their behest and with an order for hizballah to disarm.

Hands up all those who want to play.

The Anti-Jihadist said...

Nasrallah: Words of a Victor, Actions of Defeat

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While Hizballah leader Hassan Nasrallah throws his fist in the air at a public rally celebrating a “divine victory,” quite another picture of the private psyche of terrorist figurehead emerges.

The Washington Institute’s Ehud Yaari speaks surprisingly of Nasrallah’s Malaise [via Pajamas Media], privately dejected and depressed at his lost stature, both personally and with regard to the present and future diminishing strength of Hizballah.

Hassan Nasrallah is showing clear signs of “dejection, melancholy and depression,” according to the editors of the Lebanese daily al-Safir, who are counted among the most steadfast supporters of the leader of Hizballah. Alongside a tiresomely long interview with him, published on September 5, they note that the man radiates a sense of “disappointment and distress.”

It is no trifling matter that Nasrallah, who is always punctilious in demonstrating self-confidence and determination, comes across this way to those visiting him in his hideout. “I myself don’t even know where I am,” he told his interviewers. “They have moved me from one hiding place to another dozens of times.”

…There are already signs that Hizballah has started moving its military equipment from the South toward the Lebanese Biqa [or Bekaa Valley]. In other words, Nasrallah understands that the South has ceased to be “Hizballahstan” and he is conceding the role that he had taken upon himself in the past, to serve as the guardian of Lebanon’s border.

Read all of Yaari’s latest. It exposes a telling contrast between the private Nasrallah and the public Nasrallah, who screamed today at a Hizballah rally in Beirut, “No army in the world will be able to make us drop the weapons from our hands!”

More precisely, no army in the world has the political within its civilian leadership to disarm Hizballah. The IDF as a military force is perfectly capable of disarming Hizballah. Yet, the combination of UN-flagged and Lebanese troops have at least the ability to force Hizballah to hide their weapons in the ‘tool shed’ rather than brandish them on the streets. That Hizballah is heeding this negotiated demand is a sign of weakness when compared to their bellicose militant history.

So, while Nasrallah proclaims a “divine victory” over the Israeli armed forces in the south, Hizballahstan is moving north. These are not the actions of a victor.

-Authored by Steve at ThreatsWatch

eyesallaround said...

Good question. Why are we letting the vermin in? Because the "left" believes if we're just nice to people they'll be nice to us. Reminds of a dumb liberal AH "Timothy Treadwell" who thought if he was just nice to grizzly bears, they'd be nice to him... until one day one ate him:

hutchrun said...

The French have a phrase: nostalgie de la boue (longing for the mud).
Abasing themselves makes them happy.