Tuesday, September 19, 2006

The quiet jihadist and the dhimmi-in-chief

Malaysia's PM met Dubya today in New York for some quiet one-on-one time. The topic? Ahem, among other things, it was "the importance of respect between religions." Yeah, no kidding.

Hey Dubya, try coming here to Malaysia and building one of your evangelical churches that you're so fond of. To wit, it took one local Malaysian Christian group a lawsuit and 28 years to build their church, which ended up being put in an industrial park, of all places. That's not an unusual case. You can try to get official government permission for years and you might literally die waiting. Any chance your supposed 'friend' Abdullah there told you that little fact?

Doubt it.

When are we going to give up the fable, myth and mirage of Islam being respecting of anything other than itself? When are we going to stop worrying about keeping our so-called "Muslim Allies" happy?

Islam won't, I repeat, won't be truly happy until every human on this planet is a Muslim, a dhimmi or just dead.

Too bad Dubya the Dhimmi is seemingly incapable of learning (let alone acting on) this simple fact.


Thomas_the_kaffir said...

I live in a small suburb of london, not much happens here..

So imagine my disbelief that there are plans to bulid a mosque 4 miles from my home, i only hope it takes 28 years to get planing permission, and after they do, it gets built in the local retail park...

Anonymous said...

Dubya should overhaul his own State Dept. that sends wrong signals overseas and shoots American interest in the foot. Are they in Foggy Bottom on the take?

He should also peek closely at how the silent jihadi's educational syllabus at home is exactly like before going cosy cosy so blindly with him and such.


Always On Watch said...

GWB simply doesn't want to believe the truth about Islam. I think that, at Yale, he was brainwashed to believe that all religions speak to "the good in mankind."

Mark said...

Dubya, I'm sorry to say, has made matters ten times worse! That poor guy doesn't even know who his enemy is! Now that's saying something for the 'Commander-In-Chief'!