Tuesday, September 12, 2006

Speculative Fiction comes to PI

Our mission at Pedestrian Infidel is to alert the world--at least the freer parts of it--to the dangers that Islam presents to all humanity and to our civilisation. A powerful way of illustrating this danger to our way of life is speculative fiction, also called Science Fiction. So as of today, we've added yet another category to our ever-expanding PI sidebar--"Speculative Fiction". No, we're not going off half-cocked--there's a method to our madness.

What will a future world dominated or ruled by Islam (and the Caliphate so many Muslims crave to re-establish) look like, feel like, and be like? What would the practical consequences be for non Muslims who find themselves living under Islamic Rule? Interestingly enough, some of the people who are best qualified to write about and graphically portray this increasingly-likely scenario are sci-fi writers.

Thanks to years of cheaply-produced and ill-conceived sci-fi TV shows, sci-fi box office bombs, not to mention a certain US cable channel, the sci-fi realm gets a bit of a bum rap in the wider culture. The sci-fi genre is more than just spaceships and alien bodice rippers. On the contrary! Speculative fiction can indeed be an exceptional tool in the arsenal of the counter-jihad; we only have to make use of it. Well-written sci-fi--more accurately referred to as speculative fiction in this case--can show what is in store for all of us if Islam gets its way.

We invite you all to read an excellent piece of speculative fiction by the established sci-fi author Dan Simmons. Earlier this year he posted this excellent short piece I'll call "The Time Traveller", which is now linked in our new sidebar category. You need to read "The Time Traveller" in its entirety--I cannot recommend it strongly enough.

In the coming months, PI will add new links to other works of Speculative Fiction that focus on Islam.


WC said...

Hi Anti-Jihadist

Thought you might find my musings on a speculative history concerning Islam at the following posts of mine at the Gathering Storm.

World War III: 21 Days in August – Part 1

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Winds of War: Looking Back 30 Years from 9-11

Bubba's Pravda said...

You know, the MSM and Moonbat parade are willfully ignorant of the wrath that "pure" Islam is spreading across the globe. They refuse to see. I hear conservative leaders say that another attack is what is needed to embolden the American public. I unfortunately disagree. 9/11 was and is an immense tragedy. Something that goes beyond the very worst nightmares any American had on 9/10/01. Pain. Suffering. Rage.

The War on Terror had begun. But America's habits of watching football, reading magazines, and anything other than being engaged as a citizen quickly took back over. We lost focus as a nation. This problem of non-participation by John and Jane Q. Public is the very reason another attack would only galvanize the public a little while longer. Meanwhile, the Islamic "purists" keep planning, waiting, and acting. Over and Over.

The MSM is part of American thought. I wish I could have faith in America as a country to endure and fight. I CERTAINLY DO HAVE faith in our soldiers. But America is drifting slowly to the left. Even 9/11 has not redirected the nation as a whole. Unless there is a major change in the collective psyche, which is produced by what people focus on, which is predominately the MSM in all its forms, I cannot see a final victory.

We almost elected Gore. We almost elected Kerry. We are very close to electing Hillary. These politicians should not have a prayer if the public was awake and paying attention. But, we keep on keeping on.

We loose focus. The terrorists will never loose focus. Unless things change, I am afraid that when the vast majority of Americans wake up from the stupor they seem to be in, we will be in a very different world.

Bubba's Pravda

minuses said...

Veiled Venus
By Sher Khan
MohammadJamal al Din takes a deep reath before he finishes the last stitch. He is a tailor by profession and faced no problem making a burqa for this marble statue.The 61/2 ft tall sculptor was the most recognizable works of art from theancient world. The statue, with its elegantly twisted pose and missing armssymbolized the goddess of beauty and love. Former citizens of this country proudly named this beautiful lady,Venusde Milo. Current Islamic Government has decided to bring all statues of thiscountry in one place and blow them into pieces. Problem arose when Mullah officials noticed the graceful body of Venus is half-naked. They ordered Mohammad Jamal al Din to make a burqa and cover up the whole body ofVenusto ensure Muslims are not offended by seeing her unsheathed body while she is being moved.

The Anti-Jihadist said...

WC and Minuses, thanks for your links and contributions here.

Anonymous said...

Cox and Forkum always get it right - bullseye here :

Note that the identity of the shooter is still kept secret:
Shooting Rampage at Montreal College
Josh Pringle
Thursday, September 14, 2006

Montreal Police say an officer fatally shot a trenchcoat-clad shooter moments after he opened fire in a downtown college.

Witnesses say the 25-year-old man stormed Dawson College at 12:40 Wednesday afternoon and began coldly shooting students.

A young woman was killed and 19 others were injured in the shooting.........

Retake from : http://atlasshrugs2000.typepad.com/atlas_shrugs/
I don't know if you remember the massacre in Montreal seventeen years ago. On Nov. 21 1989 Marc Lepine entered a classroom in the École Polytechnique de Montréal. He told the men to leave and proceeded to kill the women - 14 women were killed, with an additional 12 men and women injured. This brought the gun control lobby to the forefront of Canadian consciousness. If we banned guns, things like this wouldn't happen.

What the media didn't tell us was that Marc Lepine's birth name was Gamil Gharbi, and that he was the son of an Algerian Muslim immigrant Liess Gharbi. His friends recounted that before the mass murder Marc Lepine became very religious (Islamic). He compiled a hit list of 19 high profile Quebec women he planned to kill. He hated "feminists".

That's what MSM PC does to make everyone dumber than dumb.