Tuesday, October 31, 2006

A Handy Islamic Guide to Halloween

Happy Halloween/Samhain to all you infidels and pagans out there!

The Pedestrian Infidel team urges everyone to celebrate this joyous occasion and to not let pass by this chance to thumb our Islamic enemies in the eye. By all means, we urge you to go to Halloween parties, visit the local haunted houses (the ones that raise money for decent infidel causes, of course), enter the costume contest at work, and hand out plenty of candy to the neighborhood kids.

In case you have a morbid curiosity as to the Islamic view of Halloween, have a look here. The fact that people actually think this way should frighten the crap out of anybody.

Monday, October 30, 2006

Malaysia, Truly Sharia

Everyone knows the hoary "Malaysia, Truly Asia" tourist slogan. It's meant to encourage planeloads of well-heeled infidels to come to Dar-al-Malaysia and spend their copious amounts of cash on vacations, retirement, etc. Expect the Campaign to get even more annoying in the next 10 months, as the country builds up for its 50th birthday next August.

Problem is, there are some very unpleasant things about living in the Melayu Islamic state. This retired married couple from the US, staying in a rented condo on the (supposed) tropical paradise island of Langkawi have recently learned that first-hand, to their everlasting chagrin.

MR RANDAL Barnhart, 62, and his wife Carole, 61, left wintry Alaska four years ago to sail around a much warmer South-east Asia, and were considering idyllic Langkawi as a second home.

That was until two weeks ago when Islamic religious officers stormed their rented condominium after midnight.The officers, who were not accompanied by police, suspected the Christian couple of being Muslims committing khalwat, which is the crime of close proximity between two people who are not married to each other.

The incident could dent Malaysia's efforts to market itself as a model of tolerance among majority-Muslim countries.

The Barnharts, who have divided their time between South-east Asia and their home town for the past four years, were sound asleep when they were awoken by someone beating on their front door and yelling in Malay.

'I said 'Who are you?' and 'Go away'. They kept beating on the door and yelled 'Islamic police',' Mr Barnhart, a retired paramedic, told The Straits Times in a telephone interview.

He said he opened the door and came face to face with six Malay men dressed in the uniform of the local religious council. The men demanded to know how many people were in the apartment and said: 'You are a Muslim. We are coming in.

'Mr Barnhart told them he and his wife were both American citizens and Christians, but they demanded instead to see his 'woman'. He would not allow them into his home, but eventually allowed them to see his 'white wife dressed in a sarong, legs and shoulders bare', who was standing behind him.

'They showed no respect. They demanded to see our marriage certificate. This is unbelievable stupidity and I told them so,' Mr Barnhart said.The officers left only after Mr Barnhart showed them his and his wife's passports.

Mrs Barnhart was so traumatised by the incident, said her husband, that she flew back to the United States last week to be with her son in Chicago. 'I am outraged. I want a written apology and compensation,' said Mr Barnhart. He has made a police report and filed a complaint with the US embassy in Malaysia.

Tourism Minister Tengku Adnan Tengku Mansor, who has been informed by the US embassy about the case, said he would meet Mr Barnhart soon after he got to the bottom of what happened.

The country's Islamic religious police have a reputation for being overzealous in conducting raids. Spot checks on hotels, nightspots and even private homes are relatively common as the religious officers try to catch Muslims engaged in immoral behaviour. Following complaints in recent years, the government has ordered that religious officers should be accompanied by policemen when conducting raids.But it is unclear why Mr Barnhart, who is not a Muslim, was targeted.

Ironically, Malaysia has been trying to attract foreigners to retire here under the 'Malaysia My Second Home' programme.'We were looking to buy a place here before this but that is now impossible,' said Mr Barnhart from the Langkawi Yacht Club where his vessel is berthed.

He said he would leave Langkawi for 'either Thailand or maybe Singapore' once repairs on his yacht were completed and his wife will join him after that.

Good luck getting that apology, let alone any compensation, Mr. Barnhart. Muslims don't apologise for their Sharia or for Islam, not ever, especially to infidels like yourself.

Khalwat is a 'crime' under the monstrously backwards and primitive Sharia, an abomination of a legal system if there ever was one. It should disappear forever, as should Sharia and the stupid morons who work in the JAKIM (Malaysian Islamic Affairs Department) at taxpayer expense.

Sunday, October 29, 2006

The Long, Lonely Struggle

The counter jihad struggle in Malaysia is a lonely one, against near-impossible odds. The Islamic government can swoop in at any time, and arrest or detain anyone at will with minimal pretext or none at all. One well-placed phone call can ruin a life.

The Mainstream media is often called, with cause, the “Treason Media” by our counter-jihad brothers and sisters in the free world. My friends, it is far worse here. The Malaysian MSM is openly and hopelessly co-opted by the Muslim-dominated Government into silence… or cowed into total compliance with the Party Line. Self censorship, thoroughly ingrained dhimmitude in non-Muslims, occasional (unofficial or otherwise) veiled threats from “Muslim Interest Groups”, intimidation, legal action, and the draconian Internal Security Act are a fearsome combination to be reckoned with.

The results of all these totalitarian tools, working in constant, cowardly concert, are impossible to miss-- resignation, apathy, intellectual stagnation, fear, tension, resentment and hostility, all boiling just beneath a deceptively calm surface. This being an Asian culture, face-saving and image are absolutely paramount. Nothing is allowed to threaten, no one is allowed to question, the Party Line.

So, why do what I do? Why risk everything for apparently nothing? Who is going to listen to us? The counter jihad message does not find fertile soil here...after all, Malaysian society is rather lacking in encouragement of critical thinking or skeptical inquiry. So, why indeed?

Here’s my reason. I cannot speak for others in the tiny counter jihad community here, but I can speak for myself. Simply put, I blog for the sake of Truth. As clichéd as that sounds, that is the core reason. I wish to fight back against corruption, injustice, oppression, murder, tyranny, and the evil that Islam brings to the world. Words are my weapons, my ammunition, in this fight.

So for me, every day that I am able to think and write in my struggle is a victory of sorts. I have not submitted….and I never, ever will.

Saturday, October 28, 2006

Penn & Teller take on the 9-11 Conspiracy Nutjobs

Have a look at this... In this excerpt from their TV show 'Bullshit!' (not avail. in Asia), Penn and Teller give the 9-11 "Truthers" the scorn and derision that they so richly deserve.

Friday, October 27, 2006

Runaway Nun Laments Her Chosen Hell

Karen Armstrong chose to be a nun. Now, as an uberdhimmi for Muslims lecturing the ignorant infidel masses, she distorts history and facts, and, of course, throws in some pity votes for her horrific experience as a nun. This bitter hag has found her ticket and it's Islam. Of course the veil controversy is all the blame of ..... colonialism!

My years in a habit taught me the paradox of veiling

If ministers really want a proper debate, they must learn that where the veil is forbidden, women hasten to wear it

Karen Armstrong
Thursday October 26, 2006
The Guardian

... Lord Cromer (General Counsel over Egypt late 19th/early 20th century) made the originally marginal practice of veiling problematic in the first place. When women are forbidden to wear the veil, they hasten in ever greater numbers to put it on.

and of course it's a symbol of defiance against the mean, nasty immoral West.

....The demand that they abandon the veil will exacerbate these fears, and make some women cling more fiercely to the garment that now symbolises their resistance to oppression.

According to Karen, the West is intolerant. There is no pause to ask, 'Why should the West accomodate this stupid hateful imperialistic cult? Why, multiculturalism, of course, where all cultures no matter how cruel, how asinine are equal to yours. Karen and JohnEspo have gone way beyond their country allegiance, they are part of that dystopia dream where whites are not a majority in any country. If you aren't part of it, you are racist, you are 'islamophobic.' These dhimmi 'scholars', I mock thee because that is all you are worthy of.

Thursday, October 26, 2006

'Pay the Jizya or We'll Burn France to the Ground

The Muslims have submitted their demands. Will the dhimmis plead for mercy? The French Intifada is ON! Sillipan whines, but after all he 'knows the Arab', remember he was raised among them during his childhood. My, my, my look what the elites have wrought for the poor French citizen. The country is poisoned and the river Seine will run with blood.

Tensions rise in the French suburbs a year after riots

Tensions continue to rise one day before the first anniversary of riots in France's suburbs. News agencies quoted police as saying youths set fire to three buses on the outskirts of Paris on Wednesday night. Passengers in Nanterre managed to escape but in Bagnolet a gun was held to the driver's head and passengers were ordered off the bus.

In Athis-Mons, three youths threw a Molotov cocktail into the aisle, after ordering people off the bus. And a private coach was also burned in Vénissieux, a suburb of Lyon. At his monthly press conference, the French Prime Minister called for strong and swift punishment.

Dominique de Villepin said: "There must be an immediate response to the events of last night -arrests and punishment making an example of those who are responsible for the attacks. We will not have "no go zones" in this country, where the law doesn't apply," the Prime Minister said. "We want the same rules to apply everywhere in this land and for people to have the same chances."

Bus routes targeted by the violence were suspended because of fears of attack. Some drivers refused to work. "What's happening now is a little like July the 14th," one said. "They're celebrating because they've discovered another day on which they can burn buses." Young people from the suburbs have presented a list of grievances to government. Poverty and discrimination were at the heart of last year's riots and a year on, despite the Prime Minister's comments, many say nothing has changed.

The Never-ending War against the Jews

Written by Ruth S. King
Thursday, October 19, 2006 (hat tip Wits0)

Author Rita Kramer once wrote that anti-Semitism is the bedrock culture of Europe, always stirring within the great wars that have shaken the continent. The alarming escalation of anti-Semitism on the continent today would certainly bear this out.

In the aftermath of World War II, anti-Semitism was subdued in most Western nations, whose citizens were appalled by the genocide that killed one third of world Jewry. This was the case even in England which was involved in a confrontation with Jewish fighters determined to liberate Palestine.

The Russians and the satellite communist nations showed no such inhibitions. Jews who survived the Holocaust to return to Hungary and Poland were met with pogroms. Stalin set into motion fake trials, purges, “disappearances,” deportations and executions of Jews, including members of his inner circle and staunch supporters of the Communist party. Only his providential death in 1953 aborted his planned deportation of all Jews to Siberia, a likely death sentence for most. Even so, the oppression of Jews continued. Secret police hounded Jews, restricting their movements, their right to worship and congregate, fining and imprisoning them.

In 1967, Israel’s lightening success in the Six Day War invigorated Zionism and inspired pioneering Soviet Jews to become refuseniks. Their numbers and determination grew with Israel’s (more difficult) victory in 1973 and they demanded the right to emigrate. American Jews, also more confident and secure after 1967, lobbied their legislators to support Soviet Jewry. The result was the Jackson-Vanik amendment to the Trade Act of 1974 which denied normal trade with states that imprisoned their populations. The rest is history. Subsequently, free of the yoke of Russia and dazzled by Israel's success, Eastern European countries made some efforts to restore Jewish communities and examine their own sordid history.

But now that the Western democracies are forced to confront Islamic terror, their Jewish citizens face an alarming surge of anti-Semitism. While most of it is fomented by Europe's large Moslem populations, the indifference and complicity of many non-Moslem citizens is startling.

The blame for this state of affairs is usually directed at Israel for its purported “occupation” of Arab lands. This is to reverse reality. In truth anti-Semitism escalated after the Oslo agreements, the Clinton/Rabin brokered swindle that made terrorism another form of statecraft. It grew exponentially with the continued pattern of surrender to terror culminating in the retreat from Gaza and Olmert’s offer of a “convergence” plan which would ineluctably thrust Israel back to the 1949 armistice line.

For a while anti-Semitism was cloaked in anti-Israel rhetoric. Dozens of leftist and “anti-war” political and communal organizations, academics, notably in the Middle East departments, the international media and, of course, the United Nations, all practiced this mode.

The Moslem world never bothered to cloak its anti-Semitism and is now full of hysterical hatred. We hear primitive anti-Jewish ranting from Iran’s president and the imams and mullahs whose vicious fulminations are so well documented by MEMRI, Daniel Pipes and the contributors to Jihad Watch. They embolden suicide bombers and Moslems worldwide, along with their cheerleaders in every corner of the world.

Even in Malaysia--with no Jewish population--the former Prime Minister Mahthir Mohamad called Jews an arrogant world power who gets others to fight its wars and issued a call to arms: “ It cannot be that there is no other way. 1.3 billion Muslims cannot be defeated by a few million Jews. There must be a way.” The “way” is mass murder and his view clearly resonates far beyond Malaysia.

In South Africa, once home to a large and successful Jewish population, editorials set the climate, describing Hezbollah and Hamas as “Islamic Liberation Groups”--while studiously ignoring suicide attacks against innocent Israelis.

The Jewish Times of Australia (August 16) reports: “The Parramatta Synagogue has been attacked for the second time in the space of two weeks with blocks of cement hurled at it in the attack overnight….In another incident two weeks ago, an attempt was made to set alight a Jewish youth movement centre at Bondi.”

From Corsica, September 1, 2006: “A small explosive device was found Friday morning outside the synagogue of Bastia on the French island of Corsica, police said. The synagogue, the sole on the island, was vandalised in 1998 by unknown people with prayer books torn up, silk scarves shredded and religious images defaced, windows broken and silver candlestick holders stolen…”

Argentina is infamous for two terrorist attacks, the first against Israel’s embassy in 1992, which killed two dozen people, and the second in 1994, against the Jewish Community Center, which killed 85 and injured more than two hundred. Recently hundreds participated in an anti-Israel rally carrying placards denouncing the Jewish state as “genocidal” and pledging support to Hezbollah. The rally, initiated by Moslems, attracted large groups of non-Moslems including students, members of the Workers’ Party and a sizable group of middle class housewives and professionals.

In Venezuela, the Jewish communal organizations are harassed by Hugo Chavez whose pro-Jihadist sentiments were highlighted during his visits to Teheran. Hezbollah is given support and training grounds while Jews are increasingly frightened, their institutions unprotected.

In France, Belgium, and throughout the European Union, anti-Semitic incidents are on an alarming rise, including beating, stalking, desecration of synagogues and murder. The Jewish communities in EU nations are urged to keep a “low profile.” The president of Spain dons a keffya in solidarity with the intifadists and Italy joins England, Portugal, Spain and Germany in refusing to allow El Al cargo planes carrying IDF equipment from U.S. military bases to Israel to land and refuel.

In England the rise in anti-Semitic incidents is so high that a commission has been established to investigate what Melanie Phillips calls “the hate fest against the Jewish people.” Early reports of the commission state that Moslems are eightfold more likely to hate Jews. But they find like-minded folks among rank and file Britons, in the media, in government where the mayor of London and assorted parliamentarians indulge in outrageous anti-Semitic rants, and in the universities where attacking Israel is part of the core curriculum.

In Oslo, a synagogue was bombed on September 17. The home of Nobel peace prizes has a large Moslem population, but the non-Moslems are only too eager to join in bashing Jews. Jostein Gaarder, prominent author of Sophie's World, wrote in Aftenposten, Norway's leading newspaper "We do no longer recognize the state of Israel....May spirit and word sweep away the apartheid walls of Israel. The state of Israel does not exist. It is now without defense, without skin."

A sign of the times: IDF officers have been given a memorandum warning that they may face arrest and charges of war crimes in Europe. Organizations in Europe have begun to compile cases against government officials as well, and they too are warned against visiting Europe. And here in the United States, our sunny corner of the Diaspora, there are more and more anti-Israel demonstrations. In Salt Lake City, Utah, the mayor permitted defense attorney Robert Breeze to hold a "Death to Israel" demonstration on September 6, despite protests from the Jewish community. On August 12, 2006 in Washington, D.C., San Francisco, San Diego, Los Angeles, and Seattle, anti-war rallies attracted thousands from Moslem communities and the socialist left. From their podiums one could hear a cacophony of anti-Jewish taunts, demanding an end to American support for “the Jewish Nazis and Kikes.” Similar hate fests are repeated on many campuses.

Even the political arena is different. Democratic candidates usually made the requisite bow to America’s “special relationship” with Israel. The landscape has changed. Connecticut’s Senator Joseph Lieberman, an orthodox Jew who was a vice presidential candidate in 2000, where his nomination at the Democratic Convention elicited cheering chants of “Joe and Hadassah,” is now called “Jew Lieberman” on a website promoting the Democrats.

And, last, mainline Protestant churches routinely promote boycotts of Israel and disinvestment from companies that do business with Israel. In fact, the major strong defenders of Israel are in the Evangelical community which represents forty percent of Republican voters in America.

Had enough? This is only the tip of the iceberg, but I’ll stop. And what is the reaction of the world’s Jews? Predictably, some Jewish organizations blame Israel. Recently the World Jewish Congress sent a mission to Israel to warn Olmert that Israel’s hard line policies in Lebanon had spurred the malignant recrudescence of Jew hatred. Other groups, like the English “Engage,” voice opposition to boycotts and violence against Jews, but keep the drum beating about the “occupation” and the suffering inflicted on Arabs, which only fuels the sentiments of their enemies. Jews continue to gravitate to the anti-war left and demonstrate a dangerous unwillingness to acknowledge the necessity for tough measures to find and control would-be terrorists on our soil.

What Jews fail so signally to recognize is that the most important cause of this resurgence of anti-Semitism is the perception of Israel in retreat. It is undeniable that a powerful and victorious Israel elevated the international prestige and confidence of the Jewish people everywhere. By contrast, an Israel which has lost its way and forfeited its claim to its legitimate and historic rights is viewed with contempt, encouraging and emboldening anti-Semites. Jew hatred is an opportunistic virus that attacks weakened organisms. Like those nations of Eastern Europe which hated Jews even after there were none left, the Arabs will hate Israel and the Jews even if they were all to leave or die. Only Israel’s determination to succeed, to prevail, to prosper and to win will sedate them and anti-Semites all over the world.

There is a war within the war on terror. It is a war against the Jewish people. The consequence of ignoring the link between a strong and secure Israel and the safety of all Jews will be a dark and cold winter for Jews throughout the Diaspora.

About the Writer: Ruth S. King is on the executive committee of Americans for a Safe Israel and a member of the editorial board of "Outpost" where she contributes a monthly column .

Wednesday, October 25, 2006

The Ghost of Patton

A Message from the Ghost of General Patton....


To those whining, panty-waisted, pathetic Maggots, it's time for a little refresher course on exactly why we Americans occasionally have to fight wars.

See if you can tear yourself away from your "reality" TV and Starbucks for a minute, pull your head out of your flabby ass -- and LISTEN UP!!

Abu Ghraib is not "torture" or an "atrocity". This is the kind of thing frat boys, sorority girls, and academy cadets do to newcomers. A little fun at someone else's expense. Certainly no reason to wring your hands or get your panties in a wad.

Got that Kennedy?

Islam a peaceful religion??? Millions of these sons-of-bitches are plotting as we speak to destroy our country and our way of life any way they can. Some of them are here among us now.
They don't want to convert you and don't want to rule you. You are a vile infestation of Allah's paradise. They don't give a shit how "progressive" you are, how peace-loving you are, or how much you sympathize with their cause.They want you dead, and think it is God's will for them to do it. And you think Bush and Cheney are your worst enemies?

Some think if we give them a hug or listen to them, then they'll like us... and if you agree? Then you are a dumb ass!

If they manage to get their hands on a nuke, chemical agents, or even some anthrax -- you will wish to God we had hunted them down and killed THEM while we had the chance.

Stop bitchin' about your damn Health Care, Social Security, Gas prices, and your measly 4.4% unemployment rate...and start worrying about you, and your family's, and your friends' asses.

How many more Americans must be beheaded before you stop blaming Bush for all your troubles -- You've fallen asleep AGAIN, maggots! And you may not get another chance! NOW GET OFF YOUR SORRY ASS - and pass this on to any and every person you give-a-damn about... if you ever gave a damn about anything.


Tuesday, October 24, 2006

New flag suggestion for Malaysia

The Malaysian flag, AKA "Jalur Gemilang" ('Stripe of Excellence' in Malay) needs to be dumped. It should be replaced by a Malaysian flag that better reflects the Malay Islamic State, Malaysia's apartheid system, Islamic intolerance, and lack of religious freedom.

I think the flag suggestion shown above is a much better fit for the country that, after all, is the chair of the Organization of the Islamic Caliphate (OIC).

Comments, anyone?

Monday, October 23, 2006

Can the West survive the MSM?

Good article on the Treason Media and speculation if Civilization can survive their treachery (hat tip Wits0):

It’s easy for Democrats, the far-left, not to mention media luminaries, to dismiss conservative concerns about a biased media, despite overwhelming evidence. Their agendas mostly benefit from it – at least short term.

However, if any care about the survival of the West – literally – as well as their own paychecks from a declining media economics due to alternative media and declining credibility, the equally deep concurrent problem of a lack of elemental professionalism and standards must be addressed.

The West’s enemies are emboldened and their program is dependant upon their ability to slant MSM coverage, and through it Western public opinion, governmental resolve and policies, by targeted propaganda.

There are too many specific instances to cite, most recently in the staged and phonied photos from Lebanon, or yesterday’s videotape of the Reuters cameraman enciting rock-throwers at the Israel security fence in Bil’in.

The stage is set by Western media trying to get by on the cheap, turning over coverage to local stringers, a problem I pointed out in Editor & Publisher last April, and the Washington Post covered yesterday about how few reporters are embedded in Iraq, the president of Military Reporters & Editors calling it “more than pathetic.”

Similarly pathetic, and only explainable by bias and lack of standards, is the widespread coverage of the incredible numbers of Iraqi deaths attributed to the U.S. presence in Iraq, and the MSM’s failure to equally broadcast the charge’s debunking and ludicrousness, although even fellow anti-war counters at Iraq Body Count discredit it and knowledgeable pollsters detail its “bogus” methodology.

Richard Landes writes in the current New Republic how such propaganda works (speaking of the Al Durah “blood libel” used to justify the pre-planned second intifada by Palestinians and to spread a message that “Israelis were the new Nazis.”):

But this image goes beyond blood libel and anti-Semitism, beyond blackening Israel's image and whitewashing Palestinian violence. Al Durah became the icon not only of the Intifada, but of global jihad. Within months of the incident, bin Laden came out with a recruiting video that featured extensive Pallywood footage and highlighted Al Durah. Months later, Pakistani jihadis killed Daniel Pearl, interweaving Al Durah's image into their tape of the execution.

In 2000, anyone told of Muslim plans to Islamicize the West laughed with scorn. It was the least of Western worries. Today, some have already given up Europe for lost; others see it in the balance; and others are finally awakening with shock to the radical shift in the balance of forces. And every aspect of l'affaire Al Durah is emblematic of why: from the Palestinian forces that staged it; to the Western mainstream press and the NGOs that presented it as news without asking hard questions (and that believed any subsequent Palestinian claims of Israelis killing children and resisted efforts at correction); to the Muslim world that turned it into an icon of hatred and a call to genocidal holy war; to the "leftist" revolutionaries who jumped on the jihad bandwagon in Durban, South Africa; to a public distressingly eager for "dirt" on Israel and unaware of the forces empowered by diffusing such poisons.

Some may think that the truth-telling by alternative media is a rising corrective, and this is so. But, it is far too little.

MSM must reform itself, quickly and thoroughly. It’s almost too late.

Saturday, October 21, 2006

Free Individuals in a Free Society

I was reading Edward Hudgin's article "The Battle for the Republican Soul", and while recalling various leadership over the past 40 years, he cited the 1980 Republican platform and this particular plank -.

Free Individuals in a Free Society

It has long been a fundamental conviction of the Republican Party that government should foster in our society a climate of maximum individual liberty and freedom of choice. Properly informed, our people as individuals or acting through instruments of popular consultation can make the right decisions affecting personal or general welfare, free of pervasive and heavy-handed intrusion by the central government into the decision-making process. This tenet is the genius of representative democracy.

As I read this, I couldn't believe it. How far the Republican Party has strayed, and under Bush, deceived the public by intent or sheer stupidity. Take the truth about Islam. Is it by intent or sheer stupidity? What about 'muliculturalism' and 'undocumented immigrants' and amnesties that aren't amnesties or out of control spending or intrusion into the media; after all, this Administration thanked the media for not showing the cartoons and told them it was a 'bad idea', causing those Muslims offense and the inevitable seething and violence. And this Administration panders to Muslim taqiyyamasters.

Yes, the Democrats are worse, they are truly the anarchists consumed with their righteousness, just like the Muslims. But the next Republican President must be smart, must read meaningful books, must understand Islam, must insist on integration of our immigrants and sealing our borders. Two more years.

Friday, October 20, 2006

The Eurabian Conspiracy

Gates of Vienna's Fjordman has posted an exhaustively researched piece on what can be aptly termed the "Eurabian Conspiracy." That's right, friends--the ever-closer union (I can't think of a better word for it) between Europe and Dar al Islam is no accident or johnny-come-lately. Rather, it is better described as the fruition of decades of planning at the highest levels of government.

This is a conspiracy theory that the Lamestream Media won't dare touch or even mention in passing. Unlike the Moonbat theories on 9-11 (which are at least acknowledged on CNN-Fox-etc, if not outright advocated), the Eurabian Conspiracy is much easier to prove and document. See for yourself. If you care about the future of Europe, or if you happen to reside there (or maybe even both), have a look at Fjordman's column.

Wednesday, October 18, 2006

Dumb and Dumber

Seems to me this is the choice facing America's voters this November. Dumb and dumber.

Exhibit 'A' for the Dumb (Republican) Party--George Dubya Bush, who had a swell time with the lovely Muslims at a recent Ramadhan dinner (AKA 'iftar') at the White House earlier this week:

Bush has hosted an iftar dinner annually for the last six years in the State Dining Room. This year, he opened with the traditional Ramadan greeting of "Ramadan Karim" and praised Islam for bringing "hope and comfort to more than a billion people around the world."


The courses were listed on menus decorated with the crescent moon and star that symbolizes Islam.

Well, there's Dubya's approach to Islam--argh! If you're done retching from John S's post from yesterday, I think we can all agree this approach is a terrible, terrible mistake. Islam is not going to become a friendly ideology, no matter how much we suck up to it! And remember, the Beltway Mahdi has been doing this sucking up for his entire tenure in office.

The other choice on the ballot is the Dumber (Democratic) Party. Here's exhibit 'A' for these lovely people, who are on the verge of electing the first CAIR Muslim to the Congress (info courtesy of the Gates of Vienna):
Now comes Keith Ellison, former member of the Nation of Islam, running for Minnesota’s Fifth District. This candidate is a piece of work.


Don't forget, Minnesota's Fifth Congressional District voted 71% for Kerry. They're likely to find Ellison much to their liking. So then it will be up to the Democrats in Washington to keep him in line, and to try to convince the rest of us that they are not really the party of treason and that their candidates really will make America a safer place.

It's profoundly depressing to see that very very few people in the realm of power actually 'get it' about Islam. A few of them are conservatives and an even smaller number of them are liberals. Sure, there many be a fair number of us counter jihad bloggers in this part of the blogosphere. But how many of us in the counter-jihad are actually on the ballot?

So, are you having some difficulty trying to figure out who to vote for this November? Are you voting for Dumb or Dumber?

Tuesday, October 17, 2006

Imam Al-Dubya Speaks At The White House

From Lawrence Auster's Website View from the Right. Have your barf bag ready before reading.:

The annual White House Muslim suck-up festival
Carl Simpson reports on the latest doings of his favorite religious figure:

Here are the words of the Honorable Imam al-Dubya, delivered tonight at the annual Ramadan festivities in the Dar al-Washington.
“Islam is a religion that brings hope and comfort to more than a billion people around the world. It has transcended racial and ethnic divisions.*

“It has given birth to a rich culture of learning and literature and science. And tonight we honor the traditions of a great faith by hosting the Iftaar here at the White House.”

The Mahdi from West Texas (pbuh) hath spoken!

* Islam is thus superior to America, since, according to both Imam al-Dubya and his First Caliphette, the Most Blessed al-Rice, America is still infused with the same racial hatreds that drove slavery, and Americans have a long way to go before they attain racial justice, while Islam, as al-Dubya has so graciously phrased it, has already transcended racial and ethnic divisions. MORE…

Posted by Lawrence Auster at 12:29 AM

Monday, October 16, 2006

A woman of value

Wafa Sultan: I want to beat Islamic prison

Syrian-American psychologist, whose interviews censuring fanatic Islam thrust upon the world stage, demands Arab world takes its head out of the sand; Tells Ynet she's not afraid of threats: 'This is my life's mission'

Yitzhak Benhorin
Published: 10.12.06, 16:22

WASHINGTON - Dr. Wafa Sultan recently became a legend. Her two interviews with al-Jazeera, in which she censured Islam and the way in which it inflicts ignorance and alienation on its followers, have made her into a phenomenon: an educated Muslim that demands that the Arab world take its head out of the sand.

In a recent interview , the only time I see tears creeping into Dr. Sultan's eyes is when she speaks of her family in a small village in western Syria, two or three hours from northern Beirut. In their eyes, she is a shameful stain on the family, which includes seven brothers and three sisters.

Her eldest brother claims that she received a million dollars from the Jews in order to denounce Islam. Her mother, age 74, refuses to speak to her on the telephone.

"I know I'm hurting them," she said. "They feel ashamed. I can understand that." Her sister in Qatar, who is married to a Palestinian, is more supportive. They speak once a week. Dr. Sultan spoke of how hard it was to be able to speak with friends in Syria , but not with her mother and brother.

Wafa lost her family, but won the world's acclaim, with a series of interviews, the most famous with al-Jazeera, in which she attacked fanatic Islam, and the alienation, misery and struggle against advancement that it imposes on its followers.

She is a short woman, but hugely endowed with vision and courage. Warm and free of pretense, she remains aware of the importance of her message. "I think that in 300 years, the name Wafa Sultan will be remembered as someone who helped Islam come out of the Middle Ages," she told Ynet.

Her own departure from the Middle Ages was triggered by the murder of her lecturer at the Halab Medical School in 1979. Members of the Muslim Brotherhood murdered eye doctor Prof. Yusef al Yusef because he was an Alawi (like the family of Syrian President Bashar Assad), yelling 'Allah Akbar', shooting into the air, and driving off on a motorcycle.

Dr. Sultan called this the turning point in her life. She started questioning her life and belief system, with her husband, whom she had met at the time. She stopped fasting and praying. Her husband wandered from embassy to embassy trying to get a visa. It took them ten years to get out of Syria.

Coming to America
When they left Syria, he was an agricultural engineer and she was a psychiatrist. When they arrived in the US in 1989 with two children (a third has been born since then) and 100 dollars, they didn't speak the language. They lived for a few months with friends and worked in every job available.

Sultan told of working as a cashier, gardening, doing everything necessary to survive. It took them years to get on their feet financially, when her engineer husband opened a garage. "Better a mechanic in America than an engineer in Syria," she said.

The garage wasn't the Sultans' only American venture. Within a week of arriving in America, Sultan started writing. She wrote articles for Arab-language newspapers in the Los Angeles area. Every editor stopped her at a certain point and wouldn't publish her thoughts, she said.

Eventually, a few weeks before September 11th, a friend suggested that she start her own website. Thus, anneqed.com was born: Meaning "the critic" in Arabic, it contains articles in Arabic and English.

Wafa received several warning phone calls from CAIR (Council on American-Islamic Relations). At first, she says, they were able to restrain her to a degree, but after September 11th, she knew she could not remain silent. "Today I'm a completely different person. Let them do what they want."

Interview that shocked Arab world
Wafa's website was read in the Middle East, as well. That's how she received her first appearance with al-Jazeera in July 2005. "They knew the influence of my articles and website…I believe they didn't think I'd be able to defend my views on live television."

Unfamiliar with al-Jazeera or the show on which she was interviewed, she didn't realize that her appearance would be as part of a debate. She was asked if there is a relationship between Islam and terror and then verbally attacked; despite being "ambushed", she was able to gain the upper hand and was invited for a second interview, with a more senior commentator.

The second interview became an internet hotspot. Since its broadcast on al-Jazeera, sections were translated by MEMRI (Middle East Media Research Institute) and distributed by various internet users. Millions of surfers in the Middle East and around the world say the interview that took place on February 21, 2006.

Dr, Sultan debated Egyptian professor of Islamic Studies Dr. Ibrahim Al-Khouli, who couldn't keep up with her, asking her again and again "so you're a heretic?" and stating that there was no point in debating with someone who insults the prophet Muhammad and the Quran.

Wafa Sultan said she has received death threats and estimates that someone will try to assassinate her, but she is not prepared to be frightened. "They weren't able to shut my mouth the first time. In February, I took them down again. They won't ever invite me again," she smiles.

Weeks after the interview, one of the announcers from the show published an article claiming that she'd been paid in order to criticize Islam. She answered him in a letter: "Your interview introduced me to the Americans and the international community. Even my neighbor didn't know who I was until you introduced us and now you blame me for being bought by the Americans?"

Penetrating Islamic world
Since then, she has been banned by the Arab media. However, she has managed to penetrate branches within the Muslim and Arab world. Many people enter her website and send her emails, both positive and threatening. In her opinion, any positive message is a good sign.

She believes that her mission - to "breach the walls of the prison of the Islamic world" – is difficult, but that she has succeeded in making a crack. Now it will be easier for others to come after her, she said.

Wafa told of an e-mail from a Moroccan mulla who said that he had bound her internet article into a book and told his 17 year old son that this was his new Quran. She receives e-mails from Lebanon, Jordan, Syria, Iraq, Egypt and even Saudi Arabia. She receives mails from Muslim women cheering her on. Sadly, they always use pseudonyms, because they are afraid.

Earlier this week, she received an e-mail from a 23 year old Syrian student who wrote that the government had blocked her website but not her e-mails and asked her to send them via e-mail. "I know that I have a large influence on the Arab world," she said proudly.

When reminded that producer Theo Van Gogh was murdered in Amsterdam for similar reasons, she responded: "I lived in fear for 32 years. 32 years of my life were stolen from me by radical Islam. Let them do what they want. I think they'll succeed one day. It's no big deal."

Possible trip to Israel
Dr. Sultan recounts that when she lived in Syria, she was taught to hate Israel , to think of Israelis as inhuman, a different kind of creature. When she was in California with her husband, she discovered that a shoe salesman was an Israeli Jew. Hysterical, she ran out of the shop barefoot.

When her husband asked her what was wrong with her she answered that the man was her enemy and that she hated him. It was the first time she had ever met an Israeli Jew face to face. "Slowly, I learned how wrong and stupid we were. You're humans no less than us," she said.

Dr. Sultan wants to visit Israel, hopefully soon. Monday, she will meet with the Israeli consulate in Los Angeles to advance the issue. This, needless to say, will only increase the hatred towards her from the radical branches of Islam across the world.

But she clarified: "I'm proud of myself. This is my mission in life. Nothing will stop me."

This is just a reminder: I think all of you know her. ...BRAVE WOMAN!!!

Saturday, October 14, 2006

Why Do Blacks Believe Islam Is Their True Religion?

I spend a lot of time at the Clerk's office of Charlotte/Mecklenburg County. Among handling death certificates, special proceedings, etc., that is also where you go to file a name change. A few weeks ago, an imam came in with about a dozen black men, new reverts to Islam. A new batch came a couple of weeks later. The imam has gotten more proficient at being prepared with all the paperwork compared to the first time. All the reverts are black. This begs the question, "Don't they know that blacks are looked down upon and discriminated against by Arab Muslims, the inventors and 'holders of the keys' to Islam?" In fact, the Arabs look down upon all non-Arabs, but on that bottom rung are blacks. Even Mo commented about his 'nappy headed slave.' From what I have been told, many of these blacks believe Islam is the 'true religion' of their African forefathers. How wrong and ignorant and misinformed can you be? First of all, other than the northern edge of Africa and at the time of their ancestors being sold into slavery, Islam was not dominant in their ancestral homeland. The greatest irony is that the 'wholesaleers' of slaves to the middlemen who brought them to the West were Muslims. That's right, just like in eastern Africa today, the native blacks are being enslaved and exterminated.

Islam is such a lie. Why can't our leaders see this? Islam should be stripped of those 'religious rights.' That veneer of monotheism that Mo created. Islam is nothing more than the worship of Mohammed. That is why Muslims were often desribed as Mohammedans. But the Muslims objected. They know if that stuck, the infidels would see that there is no Allah. It's Mo. Worship Mo, obey hateful evil Mo. Yet here are these young black men filing papers to change their name to Mo this or Mo that. Multiculturalism and the Left's 'hate America' propaganda is poisoning young people's minds. It's clever alright. Hate America, hate Christianity, promote Islam. Apparently many blacks are buying this wicked storyline. If they only knew...

Friday, October 13, 2006

Forbidden Truths (about Islam)

If it's Friday, it must be the weekly Day of Rage for the Religion of Perpetual Rage. I hope all you infidels can stay safe out there today and in the difficult times ahead.

Bearing that in mind, here's another gem of a read from the savants at StrategyPage. Namely, it's about certain Truths about Moslems and that unfriendly religion of theirs. A bit long but worth every word.

The war on terror is all about defending innocent people from Islamic terrorists. Or is it? In much of the Islamic world, the war on terror is seen as a smokescreen for all-out war on Islam by infidels (non-Moslems.) How did that happen? It's all got to do with paranoia, lies and incompetence in the Moslem, and particularly, the Arab, world.

Let's start with the basics. Like economics and being able to feed yourself. The Moslem world contains some of the most economically backward and inept nations on the planet. Despite all the oil wealth, economic growth in the Arab world is at the bottom of the list (just above sub-Saharan Africa, which has much less oil.) This is no accident. Islam has, over the centuries, evolved into a religion that discourages education, critical thinking and technical progress. Islam also has large sects, like the Wahabi in Saudi Arabia, that are violently intolerant of other religions (no other religion can have a house of worship in Saudi Arabia, for example), and openly preaches hatred, intolerance, and the use of violence, against infidels. Moslems tend to downplay all this, and blame their lack of performance on the machinations of infidels.

Islamic media tends towards the sensationalistic, paranoid and dogmatic. It's taken as a given, for example, that the September 11, 2001 attacks were a Jewish plot (even though al Qaeda has proudly admitted to it) and that the West is bent on destroying Islamic culture? What's to destroy? The Islamic world doesn't produce any new medicines, agricultural concepts or technology that benefits all of humanity. Even educated Arabs admit that something is wrong here. But these critics are in a minority, and are persecuted for such clear thinking if they become too vocal about it.

The Arabs are the authors of their own misfortunes. Take their inability to govern themselves. While the vast majority of wealthy and technically advanced nations are democracies, the vast majority of poverty stricken and suffering Islamic states are dictatorships. While this inability to create responsible, efficient governments is often blamed on cultural factors, Islam is a major component of all those cultures. Remember, "Islam" means "submission," and it's not just a cliché that Moslems will respond to a challenge with, "if God wills it." This drives Western technical experts and teachers, brought in to Arab countries to train and educate, nuts. Students simply have a difficult time accepting the fact that things will not take care of themselves. Machines have to be maintained, difficult problems have to be solved, work must be done. If it isn't, you get the backwardness and poverty so frequently encountered in Moslem nations.

This "God wills it" lassitude is most apparent in Arab nations with lots of oil wealth. Rather than take all those billions in oil revenue and build an economy, most of it has just been spent on consumption, and avoiding any real attempts to deal with social and economic problems. And why not? Islam, strict Islam, forbids the use of basic economic tools like interest and risk management (which is often condemned as "gambling.") "God's will", indeed.

Diplomacy is more difficult as well. While haggling is considered good manners in the Arab market place, when it comes to larger matters, bargaining gives way to inflexibility. Consider the case of Israel. For about the fourteenth time since the Jews first took control of eastern coast of the Mediterranean over 3,000 years ago, there was a change of management in that area when the state of Israel was established in 1947. This led to a series of bad decisions, by Arab governments, that is setting records for failure. Although the UN tried to broker the creation of Israel, Arab nations misjudged their own power and told Arabs in Israel to flee their homes, so that the Arab armies could come in and kill all the Jews. When that didn't work, the Arabs refused to absorb the 600,000 Arab refugees, and continues to treat (actually, mistreat) them as refugees. At the same time, the Arabs expelled 600,000 Jews who had been living among them for centuries. Most of these Jews went to Israel and become Israelis, and prospered.

In 1967 and 1973, Arab nations again believed that they could gang up on Israel and destroy it. Same result as in 1947. After the 1973 war, Egypt and Jordan made peace with Israel, and have benefited greatly from it. But consider, if the Arabs had not fled Israel in 1947, Arabs would now be the majority in a democracy. If the Arabs had not attacked in 1967, the West Bank, Jerusalem and Gaza would be run by Arabs today. What a difference a little clear thinking can make.

Yet Arabs get away with calling themselves victims. They blame it all on "European colonialism." But a look at the record shows that to be absurd. Turks occupied the Arab lands for centuries before the Arabs were liberated by Europeans a century ago. A generation later, these Arabs were established as self-governing nations. And what did they do? They quickly evolved into dictatorships, where it was Arabs oppressing Arabs. The West bought their oil, and anything else of value they had (which wasn't much), and sold them things they could not (see above) build themselves. This gave rise to accusations that the West cheated the Arabs. Actually, it was Arabs cheating Arabs, as the Arab government officials often demanded bribes from Western salesmen. The West didn't just seize Arab oil as the price rose. The West paid its bills, and got accused of making everything go wrong.

Moslems proclaim they are the religion of peace, yet all over the world, wherever Moslems and infidels live close together, it is Moslems who do the attacking. This is no secret, but Moslems just ignore it, and insist they are victims. It's been this way for a long time. For example, the war on the Bosnians (Moslems), by their Christian neighbors in the 1990s was mainly about past Moslem oppression. As recently as World War II, the Nazis recruited Bosnians into SS units, to go kill Christian guerillas, and civilians. Several divisions of Bosnian SS troops were raised. That was nothing new. The Bosnians, who were Christians who converted to Islam over the centuries for tax breaks and jobs, did the same dirty work for the Turks (who controlled the Balkans into the late 19th century.) Or how about Chechnya. In the 1990s, the Russians pulled out, after getting beat up by independent minded Chechens. Rather than leave well enough alone, a faction of the Chechens, who were all Moslems, got into the Wahabi form of Islam, and began invading southern Russia, the better to found an Islamic republic in the area. That's what the Russians have been fighting for the last decade. Who's oppressing who?

In Darfur, (Arab) Moslems are killing (black African) Moslems, and the Arab world looks the other way and declares any Western attempt at intervention, to stop the killing, as "Western Imperialism." Or what about Iraq. Most of the deaths there, in the last three years, have been the result of the Sunni Arab minority attempting to take back control from the Shia Arab and Kurd majority. But it is never described that way in the Arab media (which is controlled by the mainline Sunni sect of Islam). It's infidels making war on Islam.

All this is complicated by a fundamental difference between the U.S. and Europe on how all this should be interpreted. Many Europeans believe that the Moslems are misunderstood innocents and that, if we just leave them alone, things will work themselves out. Many Americans were willing to go along with that, until September 11, 2001. Now many Americans understand that there is more than a simple misunderstanding going on here. But the truths of the situation have become too unpleasant to admit. History, and facts on the ground are being ignored. Moslems cannot control the religious fanatics among them. U.S. troops serving in Iraq and Afghanistan see that first hand. Many people dismiss the testimony of troops coming back from Iraq and Afghanistan. The troops know what they are seeing, and know that it is a war that must be, and can be, won. That's why the reenlistment rates are so much higher among troops who have been over there. The troops know that there are many Moslems who want to enter the 21st century. But those Moslems who are intolerant and bent on murder have to be dealt with first. You can't wish them away.

Thursday, October 12, 2006

The Anti Jihadist's first video at YouTube

See my first video uploaded to YouTube before it gets banned (again)! Big hat tip and thanks to Crusader18 for his assistance.

Wednesday, October 11, 2006

Is there Halloween in Malaysia?

Short answer? No, not really. Halloween, if it can be found at all here, is barely visible to the naked eye.

Halloween is something of a non-event in this country. While the stores in much of the western world are without a doubt by now ensconced in Halloween candy, décor, costumes, pumpkins, and all manner of things Halloween, in Malaysia there is nary a sign of it. It is decidedly odd to not see any advertising or preparations for trick-or-treaters, haunted houses, or costume parties.

What's the reason for this? Well, being the proud Islamophobe that I am, I strongly suspect something called "Islam" has something to do with it. Halloween and all its activities are quite ‘pagan’, and hence, its mere existence offends the local Jihadists. They could be counted upon to vehemently object if such a pagan/Infidel celebration was allowed to get too ‘high profile’ here in Dar-al-Islam.

The holiday here that everyone seems to be eagerly anticipating is instead ‘Hari Raya’, a multiple-day holiday to celebrate the end of the Ramadan month of religiously-inspired fasting and self-flagellation. It comes about two weeks from now, and it rates, on the local scale of things, even higher than Christmas. It involves an orgy of eating, hanging out with friends and family, and the like. Sort of like a multiple-day Thanksgiving with an Islamic bent. Apparently, Hari Raya celebrations, which take place in Islamic/Malay households, are supposed to be open to everyone, including us non-fasting Infidels. To be honest, I’m perfectly happy with a bowl of pretzels and a fridge full of soda (or better yet, beer), but don’t go searching for those items at a Hari Raya shindig...you might starve in the process!

Tuesday, October 10, 2006

Survey finds Turkey longing for Caliphate

Yes, I know that public opinion surveys are often problematic even under the most favorable of circumstances. And conducting such polls in Muslim countries is even more so, considering the fact that Islamic states absolutely do not allow the freedom to answer poll questions openly, honestly or completely (even for supposedly "anonymous" polls).

Nevertheless, I think this one poll called "Transatlantic Trends" taken earlier this year by the US NGO German Marshall Fund may be on to something.

Note this key finding:

The survey’s most striking finding is the degree to which Turks now question their ties to the United States and Europe, and have warmed to Iran, their neighbor to the east.

Any one want to guess why the Turks are falling in love with Iran and not with their infidel "friends and neighbors"? Dare I say that maybe Islam has something to do with it? Oh no, I must be a Islamophobe for thinking that!

The remainder of this survey's findings can be found here.

Monday, October 09, 2006

The Mind of a Barbarian

Way back in Molesting Mo’s time, the Muslims were still pissed at their loss to the Byzantine army in the aftermath of the battle of Mu’tah. Their pride of being members of the One True Religion didn’t allow them to accept that defeat.

So to save face, Mohammed started getting ready for another battle; yet another battle in the long line of battles that Muslims have fought against the Infidels. This time, however, Mohammed said that the Byzantine army was invading and planning to take over the Muslim world, including Medina. Evidently, Allah himself must have told Mohammed this choice piece of intel. This was to become known as the battle of Tabuk, dubbed “the Tabuk expedition”.

But this “battle” never took place. An army of 30,000 Muslim jihadists marched to Tabuk unopposed, with no Byzantine “invasion” army in sight. They came back celebrating yet another great victory over the infidels (wow, where have I heard that before?)

Before the march took place, there was a draft to recruit soldiers. Some Muslims didn’t want to participate in the Jihad, so they made excuses as to why they shouldn’t go. Allah and his “messenger” didn’t like that too much, so he said the following about them,

“Those who were left behind rejoiced in tarrying behind the Messenger of Allah and were averse to struggling with their possessions and their selves in the way of Allah. They said, ‘Go not Forth in the heat.’ Say. ‘The Fire of Jahannam is hotter did they but understand!’” (Sura 9. 81)
When Mohammed came back from Tabuk, he pretended he knew that those guys were lying so he chose three Muslims who’d been really good jihadists before. He decided to punish them as a test and a warning for all other Muslims who didn’t join in the murderous jihad. The punishment he decided for them was that no one should talk to them for 50 days. Here’s an account written from a Muslim perspective:

“Among those who had stayed behind at the time of this expedition were Ka'b ibn Malik, Murarah ibn ar-Rabi' and Hilal ibn Umayyah. They were among the first Muslims and had been thoroughly tested in Islam... The situation was only part of the Divine wisdom, so they would really examine themselves and be a lesson for all Muslims in the future. Such failings are usually because of procrastination, weak will and over-reliance on means.

The Messenger of Allah forbade anyone to speak to them. All the Muslims obeyed him and people avoided them. They had to endure that trial for fifty days. Ka'b ibn Malik would attend prayers with the Muslims and visit the markets but everyone ignored him. But his suffering only increased his faith in Islam…A revelation
(read Sura 9. 117-118) came from Allah to illustrate how their example would hold for all time. They had not deserted their faith but had found refuge and safety with Allah.”
Source (written from a Muslim’s point of view): The Tabuk Expedition.

I remember this story being told us in school, at home, in the mosque and on the street. Along with the battles of Badr, Uhud and the Trench (Khundaq), this story is one of the most well-known stories in the Islamic world.

It has one simple lesson to it: You say no to murdering in the name of Allah, you’re doomed.

This is one of the reasons I am never awestruck when a Muslim so easily blows himself up (or herself up) with that sickening smile of satisfaction on his face. Waging Jihad is a duty and avoiding it means you’re going to hell.

How could a people who hold nothing more dearly than Islam and their murderous Allah ignore that command? How can they keep on loving life, children, parents or siblings when all their god wants from them is the killing of others? How can Muslims refuse to wage Jihad if choosing the path of peace means they are going to hell?

When the shortest way to paradise is Jihad, I don’t wonder why Muslims commit so much violence. When all the world is for is to spread the religion of Islam, I am not baffled why they murder in cold-blood. For it is a part of their life, a part of their death and a part of their afterlife. Without violent Jihad, a Muslim’s life is incomplete.

How can a people so corrupt and brainwashed be trusted, be taught, be enlightened? All they believe is what Mohammed said,

“I have been sent with the shortest expressions bearing the widest meanings, and I have been made victorious with terror (cast in the hearts of the enemy), and while I was sleeping, the keys of the treasures of the world were brought to me and put in my hand.” Sahih Bukhari, Volume 4, Book 52, Number 220.
And the rest to them is from Satan.

A man who said he was the greatest prophet but believed he was no less than a god, that anyone who disagreed with him committed a sin worthy of death—a man who taught his followers to be just like him, proud and barbaric—I’d expect his followers to do what they are doing right now, kill others and die.

Sad part is, they are not going to get what they kill others for—neither paradise nor virgins!

Sunday, October 08, 2006

’R’ is for Repatriation

The West is on a dangerous course. It has embarked on a dichotomous journey. It is on the road to self-destruction.

There are two mutually exclusive forces at play here: On the one hand, there are the liberals who are trying to be more open to other cultures, and who are trying to destroy the very institutions upon which the West has thrived for so long; and on the other, we have a frightfully conservative force at work in the form of Islam, whose adherents are trying to take us back to mediæval times, take us back to a bygone age.

The one side, the liberal side, for example, is trying to give gays rights, and destroy the institution of marriage; the other, the conservative, Islamic side, a growing force in our society, will try and undo all the liberal policies ever passed. Normal conservatives in the Western sense of the world will look like the screaming liberals of today in years to come, for their brand of conservatism is as nothing in comparison with the ultra conservative, ‘orthodox’ Islamic values that will be foisted upon our unsuspecting people when Islam grows ever more in strength here in the West.

We are on a road that leads to no good place. This journey is one which will end in tears.

It should be increasingly obvious to all thinking people that we have allowed a people to immigrate to the West who, by and large, have no intention of integrating into Western societies, and who wish to change the nature of Western societies into their own, pre-conceived notion of how a society should be – a society which conforms to the extremely strict codes of behaviour as set out in the Shari’ah.

Ask yourself how these two forces can be reconciled! Of course, they cannot be. The one is modern and forward-thinking; the other is 1400 years old, and belongs to the Dark Ages. Nobody, however intelligent, however resourceful, is going to be able to bring about such a reconciliation of such competing forces. And the longer this problem is allowed to fester, the more difficult it will become to solve.

Already we have seen demonstrators out in the streets in their droves demanding that anyone who insults Islam be beheaded! Already we have seen calls for the introduction of Shari’ah law here in the UK and in Europe. Already we know that the ultimate goal of Muslims in the United States is to introduce it there, too; and to replace the Constitution with an Islamic one. Omar M Ahmad, the then Chairman of the Council on American-Islamic Relations (CAIR), stated the following as far back as 1988:

”Islam isn’t in America to be equal to any other faith, but to become dominant. The Qur’an … should be the highest authority in America, and Islam the only accepted religion on earth.”

That says it all!

The French author, Michelle Houellebecq, in an interview given to the French literary magazine Lire, said the following: ”The dumbest religion, after all, is Islam. When you read the Koran, you’re shattered. The Bible at least is beautifully written because the Jews have a heck of a literary talent.”

Michelle Houellebecq might well have had it right about Islam; but aren’t we Westerners the dumbest people of all to allow these Muslim immigrants to come here to the West and live off the fat of the land and tell us that they are going to take us over, tell us that their religion is going to become dominant, tell us that Shari’ah law is going to be introduced at the earliest convenience, and so on?

I mean: How stupid and tolerant can we be?

Look, it’s really quite simple. Islam brooks no compromise: It is their way or no way. This is quite, quite clear now to all sensible, aware people. Clearly, these people have no appetite for assimilation, and they are not going to change.

What they want to do is to bring Islam to every corner of the world, and they are on a mission to achieve this. We have to decide whether we want to live their backward way, or whether we want to fight for our liberty and democracy, concepts anathema to Muslims all over the globe. We cannot have it all ways, we cannot, as they say, have our cake and eat it too.

Tough decisions are never easy to take. It takes a person of determination and resolve to take them. But when faced with this dilemma, it is only tough decisions that will do. Or are we going to slip and slide, through inaction, down the road to dhimmitude, or ultimate surrender to Islam. Are we going to submit to Allah, are we going to pay the jizyah, or the tax on infidels, or are we going to allow our fellow citizens to be killed. For those are so clearly the only three options once Islam takes hold.

Moreover, imagine what sort of society we shall be forced to live in. Adulteresses will be stoned to death, beheadings will take place in the public square, thieves will have their hands and feet cut off alternately, and homosexuals will be hanged in the street, or thrown off the local minaret! If you don’t believe me, take a trip to Saudi Arabia or Iran. In those countries, you will see just what happens to such people.

We have gone badly wrong. We have allowed into our societies people quite unwilling to assimilate. Interestingly, these backward people are convinced of their own superiority! Isn’t that an interesting phenomenon?

If we value our Judeo-Christian culture, if we value our freedoms, if we value our democracies, if we value our civilized way of life, if indeed we value our civilization, then we have but one option, for there truly is only one way to solve this intractable problem. We have to start thinking about the repatriation of these difficult people.

We start by repatriating the illegal, Muslim immigrants, and those who preach hatred and the destruction of our civilization. That will be a good start. We really do not have to put up with this nonsense any longer. Enough is enough!

The repatriation can take place in a humane manner; we don’t need to be cruel. We can even give these people money to resettle somewhere else. But believe me, repatriation is the only sensible option at this stage. We cannot afford to play fast and loose with our children’s future. We have a duty to our children to leave them our Western civilization as free and whole as we inherited it. To do anything else would be a dereliction of our duty.

Repatriation is not an option of the far right only. This is not a question of left and right politics anyway. This is a fight for the survival of the West. We must step up to the plate. We must behave with strength, resolve, and determination. Only when we do so will we silence these people. For make no mistake about it, Muslims understand one thing, and one thing only: Strength!

©Mark Alexander*

*All rights reserved

Fighting the Jihad at Youtube

I joined this group at YouTube this weekend, a conservative/counter jihad group founded by pundit and columnist Michelle Malkin. If you haven't yet done so, do join our group--we need your support. We need to oppose our enemies in the greatest numbers possible.

The Dhimmwits and Jihadists may think they have the edge, but cyberspace is an important battlefield in this war. We cannot and must not concede anywhere.

Saturday, October 07, 2006

The Latest Islamic Invasion of Europe--Conclusion

Part Five/Conclusion--In this almost hopeless situation, there is hope!

Irish guest blogger Leon wraps up his five-part series with this post.

I honestly think the only solution is for people like you and I to try to enlighten others about this dangerous situation, and for us to be brave and speak out. As a Christian, I think the best solution is for people to trust in the Judeo-Christian God, and to get to know Him and the Truth in the Holy Bible. At least that’s my thought on the subject, and you are free to disagree with me.

However, in many European countries, there are small right wing parties that are also starting to recognize the darkness of Islam, and are all too aware of the aims of Muslims. These secular European political parties believe that the only solution is to send all the Muslims in Europe back to wherever they came from, such as Pakistan, Algeria, Turkey, etc.

I never thought I’d say it, but these right wing Europeans may be on to something. Mass deportations may be the only solution. If they have any property then the local government can compensate them, but not many of the would-be deportees have much in the way of property. Most of them live in government housing or housing projects. European governments are generous to a fault, so perhaps, after the mass deportations are complete, the EU could afford to be magnanimous. Europe could develop an aid scheme to help these deportees settle back in their own countries. As a Muslim-free Europe, we could try to help Muslim nations economically and in other humanitarian ways, and try to develop friendly diplomatic relations with them, and try to make the world a better place working together as friendly nations.

But what’s happening now is never going to work, because the Islamic mind doesn’t want to coexist or integrate with native Europeans. The Muslim mind is just immersed in the teachings of ‘allah’ their god and mohammed from the Koran which says:

  • "fight those who believe not in allah nor the last day”. surah 9:29
  • "believers (Muslims) fight the unbelievers (Christians, Jews, pagans) near you, and let them find severity in you”. surah 9:123
  • "So, fight them till all opposition ends and the only religion is Islam.” surah 8:39

Having neighbours and people living amongst us with that kind of indoctrination just cannot work, because once their numbers increase they will try to subjugate non Muslims to Islam and the results will be bloodshed in the cities of Europe.

The only solution is to offer Muslims the choice to renounce Islam and become European Christians, Jews, secular humanists, or pagans--or for the Muslims to keep their religion and be prompted shipped back to their countries of origin. And this is highly unlikely to happen because we are living in such a politically correct Europe.

Well, I am not worried about myself! I’m saved by God/Jesus, my personal Saviour, and promised by Him that I will enter the Kingdom of heaven when I die. This is because I trust in Him for the forgiveness of my sins. I just pray for you dear reader that you will do the same, so that your hope is in the God of hope.

  • "And you will know that I Am Yahweh; those who hope in Me will not be disappointed.” Isaiah 49:23
  • "Do you suppose that I Am here to bring peace on earth? No, I tell you, but rather division.” Luke 12:51
  • "And it will come to pass that whoever calls on the Name of the Lord will be saved.” Acts 2:21

Friday, October 06, 2006

The Latest Islamic Invasion of Europe--Part Four

Part Four-- The Truth brings Enlightenment and Freedom

Guest blogger Leon continues his five part series.

It’s difficult sometimes for people like me to convince others to come to the light and receive the knowledge of the Truth about what’s happening. Actually Plato said it best when he said something like this: “It’s a difficult and sometimes lonely life for the one who gets enlightened”.

I know it’s scary at first for people to look at what’s happening in Europe in regards to the Islamic threat, just like the light and different colours and new things from the real world briefly hurt and confused the man in Plato’s cave. But once a person knows what’s really happening, they will be free from the deception of Political Correctness, free of the lies of Islam.

Actually someone much greater than Plato once said, “…you shall know the Truth and the Truth shall make you free.” And I totally agree with that! Because now that I know the Truth about the evil of the Koran and Islam – I will never get deceived by it or by Muslims. I just want to make it clear to you ISLAM IS EVIL.

Now, having said that, I also want to make it clear that in my estimation from what I have learnt in the last few years about the Muslim religion, and from my experience from interaction with Muslims – I would estimate that 75% of Muslims are decent and even kind people that just want to live a normal life. I genuinely feel compassion for these people because they are living in such dark deception, and have been virtually their whole lives.

But for about 25% of Muslims who have the jihad mindset (whether wanting to spread Islam by violence or political and social means) it’s a totally different story. I base my 25% figure on two recent surveys carried out in Britain after the 7/7 London Muslim terrorists bombings in 2005. One survey was carried out by Sky News and the other by Channel Four, both major media outlets in the UK. Each of the surveys revealed that almost 25% of British Muslims sympathized/supported the Muslim terrorists that carried out those demonic attacks on innocent Europeans. In Egypt, a party called the Muslim Brotherhood (an extreme Islamic party that supports terrorism) is involved in government and consistently receives 20% of the vote or more. Amongst Palestinians, the majority of them support extremist Muslim terrorist groups such as Hamas and Hisbollah, whose main objective is the destruction of Israel.

So we are not just talking about a handful of Muslims that are extreme – we are talking about one in four, and remember, Islam is the world’s fastest growing and biggest religion. I assert this because most western nations that were about 90% Christian a hundred years ago are almost all less than 50% Christian today. This “de-Christianization” process affects all sects of the Faith in Europe, including Catholics, Protestants, Orthodox, and Independent Evangelical Churches. This decline leaves, according to my research, about 1 billion people who are still active and believing ’Christians’.

Islam, on the other hand, has an estimated 1.4 billion people which is almost ¼ of the world population. That would mean there are roughly 300 million Islamic extremists in the Muslim world. And let’s never forget - whenever Muslims are in conflict with the so-called “infidels” (non-Muslims) – the 75% so-called “moderate” Muslims always side with the extreme co-religionists.

“Moderate” Muslims never renounce Islam, never side with the local population or become Christians, Jews, or secular humanists. Moderate Muslims themselves may become jihadists at any time, through perhaps a personal setback (loss of a job or divorce, for instance) or in some other kind of personal “Islamic spiritual revival”. Moderates can even be swayed to join the Dark Side through the influence of international events. Remember Mr. Atta, one of the jihadi pilots on 9-11? He claimed to be (in part) motivated to become a Jihadist by the signing of the Oslo Accords, of all things. So “moderate Muslims” also serve as a recruiting and fundraising pool for the jihadists. The moderates’ silence on terrorism, Islamic intimidation and violence makes them effectively an accomplice to the extremists and the jihad they wage so relentlessly.

Today in the world, approximately 90% of the terrorist groups are Muslim and about 90% of the wars in the world today are caused by Muslims. We see this in the Balkans, Chechnya, Israel, southern Lebanon, Kashmir, southern Thailand, southern Philippines, and many other ex-Soviet and African countries.

Islam’s Jihad is global, and so is its ambitions.

Thursday, October 05, 2006

The Latest Islamic Invasion of Europe--Part Three

Part Three--Educated, Politically Correct, and Gullible Europeans

Guest blogger Leon from Eire continues his five-part series.

Many Europeans and I are trying to alert our fellow Europeans about the danger of Islam, but the majority of Europeans prefer to stay in the dark cave of ignorance and their comfort zone. Why? Because the knowledge of the gradual Islamic conquest of Europe frightens them too much. Much better to pretend such unpleasantness doesn’t exist!

The majority of Europeans come from families or ancestors who have been secular / neo-pagan for two to five generations, their Christian past long since forgotten. This means they have no spiritual awareness in general—not only are they ignorant of this dimension, it makes them vulnerable to converting (or ‘reverting’) to Islam! Furthermore, they have absolutely no understanding of Islam and the Muslim mindset.

So many Europeans have the attitude that, “if we give the Muslims an education and McDonald’s and Coca-Cola, they will eventually ignore their religion and become like us”. There is absolutely no evidence to support this fanciful notion and a great deal to oppose it. Muslims will never assimilate to the western culture as so many Europeans fondly hope for. This is because Muslims have never, in history, migrated to a different nation, renounced their religion, and became non-Muslims. I don’t know the statistics, but if that has happened, it’s a statistically insignificant number, perhaps less than 1% (and that’s optimistic considering what I have learnt). Muslims are always Muslims and Muslims first and foremost!

I genuinely feel sorry for these neo-pagan Europeans, and the like-minded secular politicians that (in theory) represent and govern for them. They are all so deceived they actually think if we are nice to the Muslims they will be nice to us in return, or through reasonable discussion we will all be able to coexist happily and the Muslims won’t impose their religion on themselves or on the rest of us all. What a joke!

I am sure we all clearly remember last year’s riots in France, all started because two young criminally-minded Muslims got themselves accidentally killed while being chased by the police. For about two weeks, young Muslims all over France went on a rampage, destroying buildings, cars, churches, and even attacked the police, who were powerless. Most French cities at that time resembled the Gaza Strip!

When the riots were over, or more correctly, when the rioters exhausted themselves, the French government came to the incredible conclusion that the best thing to do was to pour millions of euros more into education for these Muslim “youths”. What were they thinking?! Did they actually think the Muslims would give up Islam if these ‘youths’ got a better education? Of course not! Muslims despise non-Islamic governments and societies, no matter how much education you give them. Muslims are not going to reject ‘allah’ and mohammed nor renounce the Koran no matter how much money is poured into their schooling.

As a matter of fact, there are millions of western educated Muslims who have not turned their backs on their religion. Quite the contrary. Remember someone named Mohammed Atta? That Muslim got some of his western university education in Hamburg, Germany. Later, some of his other western educated Muslim friends joined Mr. Atta in destroying the World Trade Center in New York. Rather than making Muslims friends of the west, education often just makes Muslims more dangerous enemies!

Europeans are so politically correct, that if a person like me (or anyone else) ever does openly criticizes Islam, I would be automatically tagged as ‘intolerant’. It would be out of the question to suggest teaching Muslims about Christ or Judeo-Christian values. These are all the things that would give them a genuinely new attitude based on the peace and love of the Judeo-Christian God, and might even make these Muslims truly assimilated citizens of Europe. But even discussing such an idea is ‘intolerant’, ‘Islamophobic’, or even ‘racist’. Hence, one of the few ways out of this mess is politically impossible!

Wednesday, October 04, 2006

The Latest Islamic Invasion of Europe--Part Two

Part Two--The New Subtle Jihad

Here is the second installment of guest blogger Leon's five-part series.

Muslims have developed a brilliant tactic to conquer Europe—immigration, also known as the demographic Jihad!

Immigrant Muslims in Europe, their descendents, and their relatives and many children, strain European economies and government budgets by cashing in on Europe’s generous welfare benefits, like free medical care, free education, subsidized housing, and on and on. And do these migrants contribute anything back to their hosts? Well, consider this--most European Muslims are under- or unemployed, unskilled, and only poorly speak a European language, that is, if they speak any European language at all. To make matters worse, most Europeans only have 1 or 2 children, but the average Muslim family has about 5-6 children.

Most European countries are now about 5% or 10% Muslim, and this figure is rapidly increasing. For example, take the country that is in many ways the founding member of the EU – France. France has a population of roughly 60 million, of which over 6 million are now (in 2006) Muslims, a penetration rate of 10%. Recent surveys revealed that approximately 10 million French currently claim to be active and believing ‘Christians’. However, because Islam is increasing so rapidly, it is estimated that by 2025 France will be approximately 25% Muslim – which will mean that Islam will soon be the biggest religion in France. That’s less than twenty years away!

And you can be sure that when the Islamic population is a enough large minority in a particular nation, the Muslims will start to impose their religion on the Christians and pagans in that nation. Inevitably, conflict breaks out. Just look what happened (and is happening) in Bosnia, Kosovo, and eastern Macedonia, countries within Europe!

Like the denizens of Plato’s Cave, the vast majority of Europeans are blithely ignoring the Truth--the Islamic conquest of European nations by the Muslims. Others who do notice are just too afraid to speak out, because some influential Europeans who have spoken out against Islam were murdered--murdered by Muslim sympathizers, or by Muslims themselves. Many European newspapers refused to print the cartoons of mohammed (lower case intentional) because they were afraid of retaliation from Muslims.

Pro-Israel March in Bern, Switzerland

This article was published on September 30th, 2006 by “20-Minuten”, one of the most widely-read daily newspapers in Switzerland.

3000 participate in Pro-Israel March in Swiss Capital

About 3000 Swiss Christians participated in a pro-Israel demonstration on the “Bundesplatz“ (‘Federal Square’, a large open public space in front of the Swiss Parliament building) in Bern, expressing their friendship with Israel. Because the demonstration was held on Shabbat (the Jewish Sabbath), there were no Israelis or Jewish people present.

In a resolution, the demonstrators presented to the parliament and the Swiss Federal council, the group asked this Swiss Government to stand up for the right for Israel to exist. The demonstration was organized by a group called “Arbeitsgemeinschaft Israel-Schweiz” (‘Israel-Swiss Organization’), an umbrella organization consisting of about of twenty smaller Christian groups. Following their motto “Christians are showing flags”, the group marched through Bern prominently flying Swiss and Israeli flags.

Criticising Calmy-Rey

In his speech to the demonstrators, member of the Swiss parliament Christian Waber (EDU party) criticized the Swiss people because they had stopped caring about the state of Israel. He said that ever since Switzerland became a member of the UN, the Swiss seemed to have become more hostile to the Jewish state, even choosing to fly the “the melting pot banner” of the UN in place of the flag of Israel. Waber also blamed the media for their one-way reporting and consistent anti-Israeli bias.

Waber found few nice words to say about the Swiss Foreign Minister Micheline Calmy-Rey. During the recent war in Lebanon “she had been dancing an ‘anti-Israeli’ dance, a dance of self-importance”.

The demonstrators also participated in a round of prayers, songs, sounds of the famous Swiss alpenhorns, and various other speeches from delegates of other Christian groups that were present. At the end of the event, a resolution was adopted for the attention of the Swiss Parliament and Swiss Federal council, which calls for Swiss politicians to claim Israel’s right of existence in a “clear and distinct” way. Pointing at Hamas, this resolution also demands that the Swiss government not accept any terrorist organisations as valid representatives of any kind. The resolution states quite clearly that “Switzerland should also not accept any anti-Semitic actions, statements or positions.”

No Jewish organisations participating

There was neither any Jewish or Israeli groups participating in the demonstration, due to the fact that the event was held on a Saturday, the Jewish Sabbath. However, the Israeli ambassador expressed his delight about the demonstration, in the following statement:

I am so very happy to learn that there seem to be some people left (in Switzerland) who seem to not agree with official Swiss politics. I did not know in advance about this demonstration; it’s amazing how many people went there, in spite of the lack of publicity. I remember the Anti-Israel protest during the Lebanon war, only two months ago, when a big call for people was made ahead of it… and there were less participants… and most of them … were Muslims.

There is still hope... it looks.

Tuesday, October 03, 2006

The Latest Islamic Invasion of Europe--Part One

Part One-- Plato's Cave

Guest blogger Leon from Ireland has authored a five-part series on the Islamification of Europe. One part will be posted per day for the next five days.


If ever the saying “the Truth hurts” could be applied to a situation, it is certainly appropriate concerning the rise of Islam in Europe.

Plato once told a story about how people react to the Truth, which easily relates to how many (probably most) Europeans react to Islam’s emerging supremacy on their continent. Plato’s fable goes like this:

There was once a certain group of people in a dark cave in chains facing a wall all of their lives… but there was a fire continually lighting behind them at the entrance of the cave which they never saw, but they could see the shadows of people and objects reflecting on the wall in front of them which was caused by the fire and reflections of the people and objects at the entrance of the cave…so the only thing that they knew (and which was the only reality to them) was the darkness and the reflections on the wall caused by the fire behind them and the little bit of light shining from the

One day one of the people discovered their chains were not really held tightly to the floor of the cave, so it was easy for everyone to break free. So this one person freed himself of his chains, stood up, turned around, and walked past the fire and slowly made his way to the entrance of the cave…but because he never seen the bright light in the open caused by the sun…it hurt him as he got closer to the cave entrance.

When he reached the entrance of the cave and looked at the outside world with his own eyes for the very first time, the light was almost painful for a few seconds. He was fearfully overwhelmed seeing all the spectacular colours-- the blue sky, the white and grey clouds, the green fields, the yellow bush’s, the red roses, etc. And then there were all of the objects he was seeing and had never witnessed before, such as people, trees, animals and birds, all new, fascinating and terrifying in their

At first, out of fear and confusion, he was just about to run back into the cave (his comfort zone) to the only world he knew and the surroundings he was accustomed to. But, gradually his eyes and senses started to adjust to the new world outside, and he was filled with joy and wonder because of his new and much better world, and he was totally enlightened by the new things he started to learn.

Soon afterwards, he remembered his people that were still in the dark cave, whose only reality was the shadows on the wall. So he went back to them, greatly enlightened, to tell them the Truth about the real world, and how to escape from the darkness of their world in the cave.

But when he told the people their chains were loose and that they could break out of the cave, and that they could become enlightened like him by knowing about the world outside the cave – they reacted extremely bizarrely. Some of them got angry because they were comfortable in the cave, the only world they knew. Others laughed at the enlightened one and said he was hopelessly exaggerating about the knowledge he had, because it was too much for them to cope with, and they would prefer not to know.

The majority of the people in the cave just didn’t want to hear about the Truth of the real world outside, but eventually the enlightened one convinced a few people to follow him out of the cave so that they could get enlightened by the Truth of the reality outside. But as they got closer to the entrance, the light of the Truth was just too difficult and frightening for them to continue. So most of them turned back and went back to the darkness rather than stepping out into the light and receiving the Truth that would set them free.

The moral of this story is … I have become enlightened, much like the brave soul from the cave of Plato’s fable. I am a European Christian, but I have read the Koran and I have investigated Islam for the last seven years--its history, and its present day ‘social’, political, terrorist movements, and demographic increases. I have also spoken to dozens of Muslims from almost every Islamic country in the world, and European Muslims as well.

All of this exposure to Islam makes me often feel like the man whom Plato spoke about that escaped the dark cave and became enlightened. I can now clearly see that Muslims are gradually conquering European nations. For centuries, Muslim armies, following Mohammed’s edicts to make the whole world Islamic (by the sword if necessary) have attempted to conquer Europe. Each time (in 732 and 1683) Christian armies prevented them from doing so. But these days, there are no Christian armies to defend Europe, because most European countries are less than 50% Christian now. Why? Because European Christians have stopped believing in their own religion.

Monday, October 02, 2006

"Pouring Oil On The Fire" - Can I Help?

Palestinian group threatens to kill Hamas leaders
Reuters ^ | 10-20-06 | Nidal al-Mughrabi

Posted on 10/02/2006 5:29:55 PM PDT by SJackson at Free Republic

GAZA, Oct 3 (Reuters) - The al-Aqsa Martyrs Brigades, an armed wing of Palestinian President Mahmoud Abbas's Fatah faction, threatened for the first time on Tuesday to kill Hamas leaders, including exiled political chief Khaled Meshaal.

The threat marked an escalation in the power struggle between Fatah and the ruling Hamas movement after two days of internal fighting in the Gaza Strip and the occupied West Bank in which 12 Palestinians were killed and more than 100 wounded.

In a statement sent to Reuters, the al-Aqsa Martyrs Brigades said it held Meshaal, Palestinian Interior Minister Saeed Seyam and senior Interior Ministry official Youssef al-Zahar responsible for the deaths.

"We in al-Aqsa announce, with all might and frankness, the ruling of the people in the homeland and in the diaspora, to execute the head of the sedition, Khaled Meshaal, Saeed Seyam and Youssef al-Zahar, and we will execute this ruling so those filthy people can be made an example," the statement said.

Meshaal is based in Damascus, while Seyam and al-Zahar are in the Gaza Strip.

Hamas legislator Mushir al-Masri said al-Aqsa was "pouring oil on the fire" between the rival groups.

He said Hamas would "not show mercy" if any of its leaders were targeted by what he called "the leaders of the internal coup".

A spokesman for the al-Aqsa Martyrs Brigades in Gaza declined to say whether the statement represented the views of the entire group or certain factions.

The spokesman described the statement as a "natural response" after Seyam ordered his forces to take to the streets of Gaza on Sunday to confront striking policemen demanding overdue salaries. Clashes between rival Hamas and Fatah forces quickly erupted and spread.

Abbas has been locked in an increasingly bitter power struggle with Prime Minister Ismail Haniyeh of Hamas over stalled efforts to form a unity government after Hamas defeated Fatah in elections in January.

Tension has been fuelled by the government's inability to pay full salaries to its workers, many of them from Fatah, as a result of a Western aid embargo designed to push Hamas to recognise Israel, renounce violence and abide by interim deals.

A top aide to Abbas said on Monday the president was seriously considering the possibility of forming an emergency government, an administration of technocrats or calling early elections to end the crisis with Hamas.