Thursday, October 12, 2006

The Anti Jihadist's first video at YouTube

See my first video uploaded to YouTube before it gets banned (again)! Big hat tip and thanks to Crusader18 for his assistance.


Right Wing said...

YouTube/Google are obviously against free speech. Unless it's pro Islam. I am giving your video a standing ovation right now!
BTW: what website did you find the sharia with a line through it (pic). I'd like to know so I can add it to my sidebar.

The Anti-Jihadist said...

The video was concocted by Mr. Crusader18, whose blog is in our blogroll. Feel free to head over to his site and ask him.

Right Wing said...

Not sure who Crusader18 is but am heading there now. Thanks!

John Sobieski said...

I dont' get it. Porn, Islam propaganda, Christian parodies, that's all fine. But don't you dare make fun of Islam.

hutchrun said...

It is time to pressure the Useless Nations (UN) to put out the correct protocols with regards to beheading. e.g. how long the blade should be etc.
And this should be part of the Geneva War conventions.
This will go a long way in appeasing the Mossies and level the ground with non-muslims.
The Beheader`s Code is essential in the context of current day liberalism.

Always On Watch said...

Wow! Talk about making the points!


Mark said...

Excellent video! Islam is a weak religion founded on sand! It's like the house that was built on sand. And we all know what happened to that house!

Muslims are cry babies. They get their way just like the spoilt child gets his way - by running to mammy and daddy to get them to tell his siblings to stop.

Well, I've got news for Muslims. We are not going to stop either. If this continues, we shall drive ALL Muslims that subscribe to this insanity OUT of the West. We will NOT tolerate this BS. Our weak politicians might; but we, the people, we the electorate, WILL NOT.

Their ridiculous and childish 'religion', more correctly called a geo-political ideology clothed in a deity, is just that: CHILDISH! If they choose to believe that nonsense of Muhammad, let them; but for Christ's sake (and I use that term in no pejorative sense), we WILL NOT believe it. We don't have sawdust, or is it sand, for brains!