Monday, October 23, 2006

Can the West survive the MSM?

Good article on the Treason Media and speculation if Civilization can survive their treachery (hat tip Wits0):

It’s easy for Democrats, the far-left, not to mention media luminaries, to dismiss conservative concerns about a biased media, despite overwhelming evidence. Their agendas mostly benefit from it – at least short term.

However, if any care about the survival of the West – literally – as well as their own paychecks from a declining media economics due to alternative media and declining credibility, the equally deep concurrent problem of a lack of elemental professionalism and standards must be addressed.

The West’s enemies are emboldened and their program is dependant upon their ability to slant MSM coverage, and through it Western public opinion, governmental resolve and policies, by targeted propaganda.

There are too many specific instances to cite, most recently in the staged and phonied photos from Lebanon, or yesterday’s videotape of the Reuters cameraman enciting rock-throwers at the Israel security fence in Bil’in.

The stage is set by Western media trying to get by on the cheap, turning over coverage to local stringers, a problem I pointed out in Editor & Publisher last April, and the Washington Post covered yesterday about how few reporters are embedded in Iraq, the president of Military Reporters & Editors calling it “more than pathetic.”

Similarly pathetic, and only explainable by bias and lack of standards, is the widespread coverage of the incredible numbers of Iraqi deaths attributed to the U.S. presence in Iraq, and the MSM’s failure to equally broadcast the charge’s debunking and ludicrousness, although even fellow anti-war counters at Iraq Body Count discredit it and knowledgeable pollsters detail its “bogus” methodology.

Richard Landes writes in the current New Republic how such propaganda works (speaking of the Al Durah “blood libel” used to justify the pre-planned second intifada by Palestinians and to spread a message that “Israelis were the new Nazis.”):

But this image goes beyond blood libel and anti-Semitism, beyond blackening Israel's image and whitewashing Palestinian violence. Al Durah became the icon not only of the Intifada, but of global jihad. Within months of the incident, bin Laden came out with a recruiting video that featured extensive Pallywood footage and highlighted Al Durah. Months later, Pakistani jihadis killed Daniel Pearl, interweaving Al Durah's image into their tape of the execution.

In 2000, anyone told of Muslim plans to Islamicize the West laughed with scorn. It was the least of Western worries. Today, some have already given up Europe for lost; others see it in the balance; and others are finally awakening with shock to the radical shift in the balance of forces. And every aspect of l'affaire Al Durah is emblematic of why: from the Palestinian forces that staged it; to the Western mainstream press and the NGOs that presented it as news without asking hard questions (and that believed any subsequent Palestinian claims of Israelis killing children and resisted efforts at correction); to the Muslim world that turned it into an icon of hatred and a call to genocidal holy war; to the "leftist" revolutionaries who jumped on the jihad bandwagon in Durban, South Africa; to a public distressingly eager for "dirt" on Israel and unaware of the forces empowered by diffusing such poisons.

Some may think that the truth-telling by alternative media is a rising corrective, and this is so. But, it is far too little.

MSM must reform itself, quickly and thoroughly. It’s almost too late.

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John Sobieski said...

You're right it is far too little. The blogs simply do not have the readers of these MSM fishwrap and national broadcasters.