Friday, October 20, 2006

The Eurabian Conspiracy

Gates of Vienna's Fjordman has posted an exhaustively researched piece on what can be aptly termed the "Eurabian Conspiracy." That's right, friends--the ever-closer union (I can't think of a better word for it) between Europe and Dar al Islam is no accident or johnny-come-lately. Rather, it is better described as the fruition of decades of planning at the highest levels of government.

This is a conspiracy theory that the Lamestream Media won't dare touch or even mention in passing. Unlike the Moonbat theories on 9-11 (which are at least acknowledged on CNN-Fox-etc, if not outright advocated), the Eurabian Conspiracy is much easier to prove and document. See for yourself. If you care about the future of Europe, or if you happen to reside there (or maybe even both), have a look at Fjordman's column.

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Bubba's Pravda said...

Can the World turn from its current course? The Islamic influence in the West, Europe and the US, is growing daily. From higher birth rates and continuing immigration, we are witnessing a metamorphosis in our societies in the West. The evidence is all around us and in the news. Islam is here to stay and grow. The more it grows, the more influence on our culture it will have. The passport for further submission of society is the willingness of society's liberal proclivity to further appease people they would not usually appease.

If a Christian wanted a separate prayer room in the Queen's palace, it would never be granted. If a Christian demanded that they must be allowed to wear a hood in order to please God, corporate board rooms would laugh. If a Christian cab driver refused to carry blind people with sight-seeing dogs, he would be fired. If a Christian working for the US federal government demanded separate washroom facilities because his co-workers were messy, he would be counseled and disciplined for intolerance. If the Southern Baptist association complained about advertisements that made fun of the KKK, they would be burned in effigy in the MSM.

Well. Guess what? The Queen gave a room to a Muslim for prayer. The Muslims sue to wear the hijab at work and win. They are supported by the EEOC. Muslim cab drivers refuse to carry seeing-eye dogs and people carrying alcohol and the airport authorities are allowing them to do this. If any cab driver refuses a fare, he is sent to the back of the line which is very long. But to accommodate the intolerant Muslims, the airport authority in Minneapolis set up a color coded light system to identify Muslim cab drivers to the heathen US citizens. Never mind that the cab driver population is 75% Muslim. So if you are blind or carrying duty free alcohol in Minneapolis, you are potentially able to use 25% of the cabs available. The Muslims in the FBI translation department in DC have lobbied for separate washroom facilities. The supervisors have refused so far. That's it. No sensitivity training for the intolerant Muslims. CAIR routinely vilifies the US business that use "jihad" and "beheading" in advertising saying that it is insensitive to Muslims.

Why does the West appease these intolerant Muslims? Fear. There is no other answer.

It is growing everyday. Islam. I am utterly frustrated with everyday citizens that have no idea what is happening in our midst. Blogging is a great way to express one's thoughts, but no action comes from it. I want to educate people to the threat that we face. But the MSM, and even my own President, present the problem as intolerant Americans or Europeans. This is completely backwards.

People in the West have had a sustained peace for so long, that there is a complete lack of imagination regarding the clash of civilizations that we are experiencing. The problem, I fear, is the majority will not realize the problem until it is too late.

So my question: What can we do to organize and truly raise awareness?

Bubba's Pravda