Saturday, October 21, 2006

Free Individuals in a Free Society

I was reading Edward Hudgin's article "The Battle for the Republican Soul", and while recalling various leadership over the past 40 years, he cited the 1980 Republican platform and this particular plank -.

Free Individuals in a Free Society

It has long been a fundamental conviction of the Republican Party that government should foster in our society a climate of maximum individual liberty and freedom of choice. Properly informed, our people as individuals or acting through instruments of popular consultation can make the right decisions affecting personal or general welfare, free of pervasive and heavy-handed intrusion by the central government into the decision-making process. This tenet is the genius of representative democracy.

As I read this, I couldn't believe it. How far the Republican Party has strayed, and under Bush, deceived the public by intent or sheer stupidity. Take the truth about Islam. Is it by intent or sheer stupidity? What about 'muliculturalism' and 'undocumented immigrants' and amnesties that aren't amnesties or out of control spending or intrusion into the media; after all, this Administration thanked the media for not showing the cartoons and told them it was a 'bad idea', causing those Muslims offense and the inevitable seething and violence. And this Administration panders to Muslim taqiyyamasters.

Yes, the Democrats are worse, they are truly the anarchists consumed with their righteousness, just like the Muslims. But the next Republican President must be smart, must read meaningful books, must understand Islam, must insist on integration of our immigrants and sealing our borders. Two more years.


Anonymous said...

True, the anarchist and self absorped Donks are far worse since LLB days and they have gained access even to e.g., Asia, through such periodicals like Newsweek and Time whose views became more and more idiotarians and if not, convoluted and confusing in favor of the Left. Hence the self-righteous, tyrant enabling "multiculturalism" took deeper roots elsewhere too, as a fad, at least. But it's faux morality, fully exploited and abused by islamofascists and cheered on by self loathing Leftists/Liberals.

BBC World Service was once a respectable presenter of uncensored news - it was better than VOA. No more. Wise and discerning use of the Net since its timely appearance saved the day. During the closing days of WW2, ppl in Asia under Japanese occupation literally risked their neck just so as to surrepitiously listen to BBC with hidden radios.

Leftism is no less than a pathology ; the fall of the USSR and Communism showed that it's so as it has not diminished its indulgently vile, mindless and self serving cacophany.

I think Dubya's Dumbness is not necessarily the result of not reading books but a willful kowtowing to political correctness that has seeped everywhere for so long as the in-thing.


Anonymous said...

Excerpt from Dr.Sanity's blog:

"Observe how easily Islam has been able to subvert key Western values--such as freedom of speech and expression--with a degree of invincibility and outraged virtue, capitalizing on a tactical opportunity that they have never before had in history. And worse of all, many on the political left--particularly the remnants of utopian socialism-- are aiding and abetting the Islamofascists.

With that in mind, is it at all surprising that Islam is able to take maximum advantage of this Achilles heel within Western culture and use the vulnerability to optimize their own religious, political, psychological, and military objectives?

Multiculturalism and political correctness are two of the fundamental pseudo-intellectual, quasi-religious tenets-- along with a third: radical environmentalism--that have been widely disseminated by intellectuals unable to abandon socialism even after its crushing failures in the 20th century. These tenets have been slowly, but relentlessly absorbed at all levels of Western culture in the last decade or so--but primarily since the end of the Cold War.

All three have been incorporated into most K-12 curricula and all other learning environments. They have been at the forefront of attempts by leading academics and academic institutions to rewrite most of history and undo thousands of years of Western cultural advancement. And further, as the culture has been completely saturated with this toxic brew, any attempt to question the tenets' validity or to contest their value is met with hysterical accusations of racism, sexism, homophobia, Islamophobia, imperialism, bigotry, or--worse of all --intolerance or insensitivity.

It just so happens, that these tenets represent three of the four pillars that are the foundation of an evolving epistemological, ethical and political strategy that the socialist remnants in the world have developed and are using to prevent their ideology from entering the dustbin of history.

And, what is most interesting is that, even as they encourage and enable Islam with the first three pillars; the Islamofascists are aiding and abetting them by using the fourth pillar- Terrorism. We can think of the four pillars as the reason for both the socialist revival (particularly in the western hemisphere recently) and the rapid advancement of the Islamic Jihad.

You will have to go there to see the transformation of the traditional leftist/Marxist thought of the 20th century into the even more vapid postmodern philosophy of the lunatic left, which now permeates many aspects of our culture." u/q


Anonymous said...

The BBC has spent thousands of pounds of licence payers' money trying to block the release of a report which is believed to be highly critical of its Middle East coverage.

The corporation is mounting a landmark High Court action to prevent the release of The Balen Report under the Freedom of Information Act, despite the fact that BBC reporters often use the Act to pursue their journalism.....


John Sobieski said...

We are living in a bizarre era, when the MSM, such as the BBC, has become allied with the West's arch enemy Islam. They protect Islam, they nurture the fifth column within our countries,and they actively seek to silence their critics.